6 important factors of website page rank not

360 browser for the love Shanghai search engine also felt the pressure of market competition, with the frequent updates of fluctuation love Shanghai algorithm, stationmaster of a lot of websites accompanied by the website ranking no problem; then on these site is what the problem is and how to solve it. 6 important factors in today’s Hangzhou Shanghai dragon summed up the website page rank no, completely solve the website page rank no problem.

With the

3. "new website ranking" of the web page rank without

What is the name of the "new"

2. website revision of the web page rank without

. "New website ranking" of the web page rank no we can through the high quality chain.

for the website of the web page rank no revision, we can consider in the replacement of a domain name to the original site to do a 301 orientation to the new site; or open a two level domain name to the content of the original transplant to the two level domain name, and then in the upgrade version of the new page as a new do the new included.

algorithm of the web page rank no error, we refer to the official data of the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform illustrated. November 26th -12 month 2 days a week received a total of 1439 cases of invalid webmaster complaints, complaints accounted for 76%, effective problem 24%. This part of the problem has been analyzed to determine whether it is included and display errors due to the impact caused by the problem of website strategy. Some in-depth analysis to determine for fire has now returned to normal, some of the remaining problems need to be solved by the way of upgrading the retrieval strategy in the near future, will gradually return to their normal state.

algorithm of the web page rank no false friends, you can make a complaint some necessary; if the complaint has no effect of friends can wait for the update to search strategy to solve.

If the

site for revision, will cause the website page rank not, this phenomenon is not the way to see the fresh (such as: URL transform, program replacement, replacement, the core content of website website template replacement).

For For the love of Shanghai

"refers to the website ranking, website ranking had not suddenly have the ranking, over time and no phenomenon. Because of adding 360, strengthen domestic search engine market competition, Shanghai has also spread love, recently also love Shanghai home fast algorithm upgrade, update the fluctuation is faster. This is the love of a new Shanghai algorithm algorithm, which is love Shanghai in order to meet the needs of more customers, it will release some not previously ranked sites, and then see your site has not meet the needs of customers, the user choose, when your rank did not meet the requirements of users that will fall off.

For the love of Shanghai

1. love Shanghai algorithm misjudgment of the resulting website page rank without

Five simple analysis allows you to Links more quality

analysis of

a lot of websites to improve their website ranking, to rush into danger through the links to purchase, increase website one-way links. For one-way import links can quickly improve the ranking weight is not what secret. And some new online purchase link, if a large number of import must soon enter assessment period, so I do not recommend a new station on the line to buy links, should be at least one or two months to the normal operation of the. Today I share my analysis of the purchase link if there is a quality of experience, is to make a summary of it:

, the number of other links derived from a

we all know even their own judgment whether the site is good, from the analysis included snapshot, PR, for PR, if not for Google optimization ranking, so negligible, because PR fell in love with the sea at all for nothing, love Shanghai has its own weight, PR is effective for Google. And the website snapshot and the website included quantity is different, for the analysis of link quality webmaster, many are in accordance with the number and speed of the new and old, included snapshot to determine the surface. Besides the purchase link is in the same way, with the method to determine their website link quality to judge the quality of each website is as effective. So, no matter what.

buy links, should first analyze outbound links each other, according to the same principle of cake, cake more people, there is less and less. Site link too, if outbound links each other too much, so he bought was not much into, this is not as good as their promotion more. If the outbound links each other much, natural price is relatively high, this is a natural phenomenon. A website of the outbound links should not exceed thirty, such as the weight of a website is 8, and exported 80, then the weights are assigned to only 1/10, but this is according to the ordinary arithmetic to calculate, but also the same meaning. So, the chain is derived more or less, there is a correlation with the quality of the purchase link.

two, from each other’s website weightThe weight of

this thing is mainly for the love of Shanghai, while the majority of domestic users are using search engine love Shanghai, so webmaster for weight or compare value, weight also determines the quality of the website links, after all, a link quality is not high, it is difficult to get high weight, this is a kind of law there is a standard parameter in the algorithm. The love of Shanghai. Anyway, the other site weights in the purchase link, should be paid special attention, two prices like a weight 5 is a weight of 7, but the export link the former than the latter, nature would prefer the former. The reason you can refer to the first description. So, the weights also affect whether or not to buy their own link quality is really, this not to be deceived.

analysis of

three, from each other’s website snapshot, included, PR

analysis of

Taobao registration activities should be a concrete analysis of concrete problemsAdvertisement and a


I suggest that at this time to brand development, such as lemon green tea, Korean clothing, homes and other Amoy brand, sales have not been their focus of development, expanding brand influence is the focus. This aspect mainly lies in enhances the brand the exposure rate, this needs the more abundant fund and the plan ability. Registration activities at this stage >


extension refers to the shop to maintain sales volume and flow rate to a certain extent, and reputation in the above 2 drill. In this period, most shops will face a more embarrassing problem, is to make money or to the pursuit of sales and shop sales? Capital operation does not come, the pursuit of profit may lead to impact the reputation and stock is not good. The recommendations focus on customers and shop open culture and old customers, at the same time increase the store coupons, free postage paid card. Increase efforts to increase traffic, increase participation in activities, as much as possible to participate in Juhuasuan, daily specials and other large flow of activities

shop extension:

from the standard of pay per view, advertising and joint report is according to the effect of marketing advertising model, pay per click, if no hits, ads will show free. And can be adjusted in real time to avoid the waste of advertising, advertising costs. United against the price of 0.2 yuan /IP.

shop starts:

for start-up of small shop, management ability, operation ability, capital and other conditions are basically at a disadvantage at this stage, should make good use of low cost or free resources flow introduction, not a small amount and not for. The starting stage is mainly to accumulate the underlying popularity at a lower cost.

report www.adsky is a new product of Hangzhou expo-plast network advertisement under the name, is the city of the precise orientation of advertising, in accordance with the click, the ad with the match results released to the media on the website of cooperation. Use the report, can be made in one or more advertising models and targeted advertising targeted advertising, keyword oriented city in the matching of delivery, so joint report also called multidimensional targeted advertising. Among them, the multidimensional orientation mainly refers to three aspects, namely geographical orientation, time orientation and directional keywords. Advertisers can be produced by this three directional combination of text and image ads.

at the same time, and has a joint report of NarrowAD city orientation, keywords orientation, budget control function. City is a kind of IP directional orientation according to the technology, enterprise advertisement narrowed down to the city, so as to achieve local delivery. Keywords directional association is a kind of advertising technology, make the advertisement content and pages by keywords.

each can grow online shop, can not be separated from participate in Taobao activities, import flow, thereby increasing sales. In different stages of the development of online shop should be reasonable to participate in activities according to their own circumstances, in order to allow the healthy development of the shop. If you look at the Juhuasuan shop just jealous, even if the registration is successful, so a huge flow of activities, small shop it? Supply, customer service response capability, peak traffic planning, these problems are generally unable to handle it well. Below the blue sky Pavilion divides the shop to develop the stage, analyzes how the small and medium-sized seller how better chooses suits own activity!

this period refers to the shopkeeper in the shop has a very good experience, operations, management, customer service and other work have good experience. This period is often the bottleneck for most sellers, and most sellers are basically satisfied with this step and are satisfied with the development of the store. This is why large sellers and small sellers have drawn boundaries. Satisfied with the development of the store, rather than seek a better breakthrough, only in the changing speed of the electricity supplier market to be flooded.

recommended resources: Juhuasuan, daily specials, diamond booth, collection treasure, trial center,

To determine a flagship product

launch event, as far as possible to create a steady flow of the explosion to late selection, please refer to the skills lantianting just write an article about how to determine women’s taobao shop explosion of baby

with the development of Internet advertising, the pattern is more and more rich. At present, the online advertising market is mainly for large well-known enterprises, brand advertising for targeted advertising for small and medium sized enterprises and for the enterprise network advertising alliance. In directional advertising, in addition to the shlf1314 and sh419 engine advertising, advertising and advertising alliance is currently two has a strong sense of innovation and selling advertising model.

reports and advertising are produced by the polymerization of the long tail effect of great site resources, NarrowAD called a keyword to narrow and directional platform, which is linked to the effect of a multidimensional oriented marketing platform. The similarity is directional, and the difference is the key and multidimensional. According to the joint report is more need of enterprises, the directional dimensions expand to more places. Comparing the two, can be found in the common and the advantages and disadvantages.

in the delivery of media resources, special network advertisement as the joint report provides rich media resources, large, medium and small portal site, there are more than 17000 cooperation. NarrowAD has more than 3000 mainstream news media resources. Rich media resources, makes the dissemination of joint report are very wide and narrow divisions.

steady development period:

www.narrowad is a network of targeted advertising, through the analysis of web content, identify the location of users, according to advertising requirements and settings, will have the advertising put into more than 3000 websites before the target customers. This new network advertising model is more effective in saving the cost of advertising, enhance the efficiency of advertising. NarrowAD therefore called the narrow and tell the key platform, can be locked around, and business articles related to lock the target area, lock the interested users.

recommended resources: free category activities, Amoy pictorial, mobile phone Taobao activities, game activities, through train, Taobao,

Give the inflatable doll a soul, what does the artificial Intelligent Company wantPart-time students

said, "the name of deep intelligence" or the use of RNN recurrent neural network to learn the "moral" more than 5000 word content, one of the 7 names automatically generated.


every Friday, Guo Xianghao founder of deep intelligence will organize a small seminar, as the team is full of Polytechnic male, that male hormones are too strong, so they will be at the meeting, please find a doll sits.

explained before, first said that the Wangzhuan novice friends to explain what is Wangzhuan

in November 2016 from the vice president of green smart position, created the deep intelligence, using reinforcement learning techniques to make the virtual game game player and intelligent customer service, the future will replace the game plan, like Alpha Go can self game, through the game between machine independent game plan. At present, deep wisdom has received 10 million of the investment in angel rounds.

, Guo Xianghao, a veteran of the game industry, has a real pain in the industry


how to evaluate Guo Xianghao? He is the artificial intelligence expert at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 1998 Natural Language Processing NLP PhD direction Curve Wrecker, "moral" fans, senior game fans, he is like a cartoon science strange uncle, not tall body slightly thin, deep look when you make sense the grass in your heart.


uses artificial intelligence to recreate a "western world"

next year, we’ll be able to replace game planning with artificial intelligence, allowing the machine to make a game of its own." Talking about it, he worked very hard.

according to my college graduates, when you ask them what you’ve learned in the past four years, many people say "no learning", "learning a bit of fur", "I don’t know what I’ve learned", and so on. Sad, university four years, life how precious time personally four years of University, you mix worse, you have to do something at least. Even those students who study computer science, I asked them if you have your own website? Have your own domain name? Do you know SEO? You know sh419, NetEase, Sohu, who is the boss? Actually shook his head like rattle. All they know is cs Warcraft, through the line of fire, or what movies, TV shows. However, if the University part-time do Wangzhuan, will not only help you understand the knowledge of network marketing, network optimization, online business, construction sites and other basic, you can learn more through Wangzhuan network communication, communication engineering and software programming, now senior social hot hot industry knowledge, when their own after four years out of school. You definitely need not run every talent market, then the enterprise will naturally take the initiative to find you on the web, you become famous, you are afraid of their unemployment?

network: those who make money Wangzhuan and get through the Internet can be referred to as your personal income.

"she accompanies us in the process of starting a business, and we want her to run with us for a long, long time, and eventually get the soul through artificial intelligence."." Guo Xianghao explained.

went to college as you all know, the university time is very abundant, if your major is not particularly picky, every day may be a few lessons on the right, sometimes a few days not in class. Most of the comrades either went out for a walk called spring outing, Qiu You, either went to the Internet bar to play games or watched movies, or managed to soak MM. A lot of time was wasted, if four years of College extracurricular time every day you can take 2 hours, even for an hour, I’m sure four years later you are absolutely Wangzhuan leader. If I can return to the University, I started to do part-time wangzhuan. I started junior

, your brain hole is too big! No, he has bigger hole in the brain —

if you can’t be in the student organization leaders in the school don’t waste time on it, boring, even when no what benefits, gave the teacher as a "puppet"; if you own a house not immediately after graduation, do not love, not reality, graduation most of the MM for various reasons and you goodbye. Only nets >

, NO1, university time is the most abundant.

, and for game practitioners, a game is often three months on-line, tight schedule, heavy task, there is no time to study.

Uncle ? is not very unbelievable? "

traditional game industry has been criticized may be "low"". Although it’s really profitable, many practitioners are more willing to discuss how to make more money than the fun itself.

I would like to a rookie qualification now told at that time plenty of students in the University, why I suggest you do wangzhuan. Master, this can be over the old, if there is a higher opinion please enlighten, following written purely personal feeling:

He left

NO3, can work online.

with the passage of time, the game has become a traditional industry, free in the "science and technology change industry" edge, more physical strength, who can work overtime, a game to do quickly, who will win.

NO2, Wangzhuan is a technology.

this year, there will be more genuine virtual game player in the game open service, and live to play the game, he might also like people occasionally swearing, like an online version of the "western world",

part-time students do Wangzhuan three birds:

I’m not in the club I’m playing de poly throws why more attractive to investors than the table clubI

Du Yue is the first Chinese to win the WSOP gold bracelet, and he is also the former vice president of Renren, Ivy capital partner and Tencent, chief consultant of Dezhou every day.

then began to re design the page as the first video ads before the user can apply for the size of the 255*235 player, but now can only apply for 300*271, although already occupied by the serious place this page, I do not say. It took hours to get back to the new home page and added ads to the first video. I was full of hope for the first video, but today when I went backstage to see it, I suddenly found out that my bank address was wrongly filled. Of course, I didn’t have the right to modify it. I quickly contacted the customer service staff, and they also answered my question for the first time, but the result was very unsatisfactory to me.

"in venture capital circles, if you need to schedule something after dinner and let the boss think you’re still working, it’s basically a jump."."

is also in April 6th Hainan Ecological Software Park, developed by Carnegie Mellon University, Dezhou poker AI program Libratus on cold masters 6 and China de zhidui on the master for 5 days, a total of 36000 hand game. "Dragon team" leader is Du Yue, and other members and venture capital circle origin is quite deep. Xu Zhaojun is a little bit, pops founder, responsible for the campus network, Shanda online operation; Zhang Huai long served as CTO and CIO positions in IT company; Wang Tianjian is in the fight network founder……

One of the commonalities between

, Germany is 2 cards on the game player and his 5 public brand portfolio, select 5 cards to make a maximum card game.

so popular among investors that even the main members of the "dragon team" are mostly from VC circles?

March 26th, the Dream Fund Foundation in Hainan eco Software Park held a venture capital circle of Dezhou poker competition. To play cards did not account for half of the venture capital circle, but also enough to set up a large group of countries.

from now on, you can see how important human nature is, I hope the first video can be improved later. Otherwise, it is a failure.

WSOP is the most authoritative event in the World Poker competition. In addition to the huge bonuses, the champion also receives a gold bracelet as a symbol of honor.

is investment

, among investors, investors and entrepreneurs, is the best pastime outside the boardroom bargaining.

go is between the opponent >

Why is


although the problem is caused by me, but your requirements are too harsh, there is no humanity at all. I’ve seen other advertising sites, for example, to other people’s network of soft information is wrong, as long as you contact customer service, said clearly before your account and your personal information, they will modify the verification. So far, there’s nothing to do. Take the first video and continue using my more concise pages.

made a few sites, there has been no advertising is now in a broadcast station do www.izhibo.cn, due to the live site a lot of energy, so still hope to have some income, do mom is almost no income, GG don’t need to say. Just in the football webmaster exchange group, heard a friend said that the first video advertising is not bad, and then a few days ago to apply for a while, the result went to see yesterday also passed.

venture capital circle has German bashing bureau every week, of course, the players also include a variety of cross-border talent, Wang Feng and Wang Yuelun are lovers. The attack occurred in the de Bureau board game and friends vacant home, opened the small hotel rooms will be, as long as there is a table in a suitcase, please bring props can begin. Even if you haven’t played, you’ll be familiar with the rules in 10 minutes.

chat and eat less blows feeling; to take a bath to drink tea, and afraid to meet Chaoyang people; go to the suburbs or urban golf, really efficiency is too low, so Beijing block; "about the ball" or "about running", also have to put on pants, sneakers, Beijing haze for so many days.

customer service said that the information in order to protect the interests of the webmaster, can not be modified. Of course, if you need special changes, you can submit a written application, you should apply for the reasons for change, all personal information, personal signatures, identity cards and other copies sent to them by fax machine. I’m dizzy, I’m a student, where do I go to the fax machine? There’s no fax machine around our neighborhood, the copy office, the printing press, and so on. It’s a relatively backward place. Do I skip classes for a fax machine and go downtown? After I’ve been asking the customer service many times, they still say sorry, maybe you can ask a few more.

"vote" and "luck" are both the pursuit of maximum value

Du Yue, the angel Wu Shichun, venture capital plum Qingshan Zhang Ye, et al are Tomlinson ener Angel Fund tournament guest.

"I’m not at the poly club, I’m playing,"

Try to do Wangzhuan in developing countriesEntertainment sites and other small areas of the future d

from here, the moonlight in his 04 years abroad will earn dollars, do is English website, at that time, he is also very early Oh, now 09 years, many people choose English English Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, in fact easier said than done, you think English understand network master more, do not think so easy website ranking, but also bring a lot of traffic, so hard hard year, can only get less income, like a swarm of bees to do something is not good, so I’m going to do English website to make money project did not think, actually it is not impossible, but in doing need to deepen one, do is the website with its own product line, so that they can earn more money.

today I’m reading an article Moonlight blog website, found a super good Wangzhuan project, should not many people think, estimation is also the latest Wangzhuan project, he wrote "home page" image is letter which said: "today I found a home mirror M station abroad was sealed and I have nothing to say, those netguard who took our tax money, the day you eat the rice isn’t what other meaningful things to do? You take people’s money is to disturb the people on the Internet?" according to moonlight blog.

computers in developing countries are increasing, and computer knowledge is not very high among people who browse online.

has several advantages, and we can act on this 09 years of the latest online money making project, looking for foreign money, earn more points.

the prospects for developing countries are very good.

    the Duke www.zhougongjiemeng and the development of small entertainment website. I summed up some of the key points in developing small entertainment websites.

  traffic flow: must be professional, such as Duke dream like this, how to flow. First search, currently searching for 2000 IP sources per day

second class exchange links, links to websites is had not bad. More professional flow. It takes time and effort.This is also the first with


third. User stickiness. Be a professional domain website. Fully grasp the location of the user. Users focus on areas that enhance interaction to improve traffic.

future small site area in the future, more stable and professional. A comprehensive portal, is very competitive, but easy to break, a company, it is impossible to do everything. And not to mention the surface, in the latest news and depth of field is not good to expand. |

so, this is the latest Wangzhuan? No, I say is not, after all, not many people can have their own products, so we need to say is a divergent thinking, since the moon in the 04 years since he did the foreign market, we can also do ah, we do not. Do, do the Japanese, Korean, do African languages, language and so on, we will not speak these ah, did not mean to say, how to do? Can do weather ah, ha ha… Really?. I believe that this latest Wangzhuan project has its advantages:

developing countries do not have as many SEO talent, but less competition.

I think

The actual share entrepreneurship, to create enterprise cultureStarting a business is like finding s

I: entrepreneurship is good, but why choose milk tea shop, and why would you like to find me together?

spark the spark of enterprise culture is a very critical step in the beginning of the establishment of entrepreneurial companies. But how to continue the sparks of fire of corporate culture, is a company from the business team to dozens of people and even the very important process of hundreds of thousands of people in the expansion of a daily training work. Up to the leadership office, down to the mail room, as well as offices throughout the country and around the world, corporate culture training is required.

! |

West BPV described the corporate culture for the moderate "tension" and "relax", which is a relaxation. "How does this sound culture work?" I think if you need to accomplish a task, you must form a mindset of letting go and doing your best." "But if you’re going to be creative, innovative, and constructive, you need to be free, smiling and relaxing," West says."

I said, "if this is not clear, then I may not be able to support you.". Besides, I don’t want to start a business."

even if you are not instilling corporate culture every day, you can’t reinforce it just as you like or think it over.

actually, I’m a very careful person. Before doing one thing, I always have to pay attention to everything and what may appear


Min Min: because I love milk tea. Every time I go to the tea shop, people are full. It must be a good business. I’m looking for you because you’ve been working for several years. You must be rich, and you’re learning news, and you can be responsible for the publicity of the stores. I am an accountant, I can charge the accounts of the store, and then recruit a few attendants and milk tea master."

Christopher Hann

in the field of business, success is not only a pile of dazzling sales data, but rather some deeper philosophy: what is your enterprise’s lifeline? You want to pass what value to customers and employees? The excellent enterprise road, began in the establishment and embracing the positive, highly efficient enterprise culture.

min min……

Abstract: a good initial venture team can not exceed three people, this is the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi the wise remark of an experienced person. Entrepreneurship is not a person can be completed, a person difficult not to call the shots, a person’s decision is often biased, it is difficult to make relatively correct decisions, influencing the development of the company.

min, who has been away from home for more than a year since last December, has been trying to find a new job many times during the period, but the mood of the boring work atmosphere and the self righteous boss have no interest. Near the end of the year, Xiaomin was glad that he didn’t have to be busy with the KPI exam. However, he felt his purse, maybe sometimes it was not good to be wronged,


"you can see how employees interact when you visit Zappos."." "You’ll find employees very happy and revel in their work," says Foley. >

left without saying goodbye.

, but Mandy did it,

Min Min: "this is not anxious, there will be a road ahead of the station, step by step."."

although many people are clamoring for work all day long, so tired and tough, I want to start a business. But when you want to ask him to do a line, have to which step he said, after all, that means out has become accustomed to the rhythm of life and work will be relatively concentrated, into a full of unknown state, or very flustered.

me: "do you think about the location of the shop, the rental price, the style of the decoration, the features of the shop, the means of publicity?"

, obviously, Mandy and I are not alone. That night, I lost sleep. Dealings with the wrong person will not lead to a happy ending.

today, anyone who says corporate culture does not have a shoe business Zappos nodded, this enterprise with a high level of customer service and proactive brand awareness and reputation in the industry, known as "the home of Zappos core values". According to the Zappos Insights manager Christa Foley said, because of its corporate culture sought after, in order to meet the needs of the public to experience the urgent desire of the Zappos enterprise culture, Zappos will be its new headquarters located in the former Las Vegas city hall open daily 4 times visit. It is reported that about 120 people a day free of charge.

Min Min: I don’t like being pushed by others. I want to buy famous brand bags by myself. There’s only one way to start the business.

doesn’t know who gave Min Min the idea.

5 years ago, Mike West founded BPV Capital Management company, and he led the joint venture investment companies to go by like the wind speed expansion. In 2013 alone, the company’s workforce in Tennessee, Knoxville, reached 38 people, almost doubling. As we explored the mysteries of rapid growth to West, he first referred to hard work and innovation. Later, however, he pointed out the important role of the corporate culture that began at the beginning of his creation.

the day before yesterday, I received a call from Xiaomin and asked me if I was willing to invest in her tea shop. Graduated a year, staying at home for a year, "Mandy was so rich?".

In fact, in many ways Wangzhuan another may have a new discoveryDon’t use entrepreneurship as an exc

1 freshman. Just entered the university is very fresh, more disciplined, basically can do not skip classes, not late, do not leave early, completed the task assigned by the teacher, even perfunctory.

foreign network project, early flattening the boundaries, such as a GDI 2688.ws project, the simple point that you buy an international domain name in there, and you will have global domain name system, in fact, the Godaddy class can also apply to his agent, but at least a year to pay $99. This domain name is not a lot of stuff which stationmaster ah, Chinese blogging, engage in e-commerce, open shop so much, don’t you think nobody wants? This is a 5 layer distributor system, in fact the direct selling is a really good stuff, or direct sales to US $billions a year? As long as you know how to use the multiplication system, and try to do, the results will make you surprised myself, if you have a direct.

first, let’s take a look at our growth experiences, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, University, and graduate school. Before high school, we were basically bound, from the teachers, and from the family, so there were two kinds of kids in this period, rebellious and obedient. Rebellious because of too many constraints, the heart has become rebellious heart, some people may be more outgoing personality; boys are relatively more introverted, submissive if you count it. Whether it’s poppet or rebellion, things can change a lot in high school. Most of the students in high school are far from home on at least half an hour, need to take the bus, and then bound to live on campus, from the family will instantly become very few, moreover, high school teachers will not be as severe as junior middle school primary school, high school teachers feel that students have grown up, have their own mind and self-discipline, not necessary to force students to do what. This will lead to what? Self indulgence! There is a constraint for nearly 8 years, live in fresh and made new friends excited, will make this part of the students self class slack, reading novels, playing all day, turn off the lights at night playing mobile phone chat, dating and so on. This will inevitably lead to the decline in academic performance, to the high school arts classes, if the prodigal son does not turn back, the entrance exam is relatively hung I am also a part of T_T. If you have been admitted to a University of three, then this part of the student’s life will be completely different from that of the first class University as far as I know.

we always expect miracles, always think that the article is not enough, SEO is not good enough, the number of spam is not enough, the soft written level… Then again and again, day after day… The result? Not necessarily better.


the turning point in life, there will be two in the early, one is the college entrance examination, and the other is the university four years of confidence. I mentioned above, because the high school did not work hard and went to the three stream university, this part of the students will be different from the first class students. In fact, this is inevitable! Three flow of university teachers than the 1/10 class, the school atmosphere is not a level, often there will not learn, just bully people of course also have a first-class university, but rarely. Next, this is my article about the place, not to venture as an excuse! Whether it is a first-class university or university or three, do not want to venture as an excuse! Especially in this part of the students on the three universities, your own starting point on the far, to those the first-class university students to catch up, we must put more effort and energy. Many college students have been like this for four years:

In fact, there are many good

one thing I began to reflect on, I bought a foreign host, know the host is a Affiliates program, is to buy others host through your links, you have a commission, but the Commission is very high, some $65, or $150. Know is know, nor how to do, there is a foreign forum, made a signature links, later forgotten, one day received host mail, said the people who buy the host through the link, I can get 100 dollars, was very surprised, MD, do Adsense do half a year less than 100 knives, this point a 100 knife. So the processing, also made a introduction of foreign host station, and results have been received nearly a thousand knives, a small fortune, funny is a foreign host actually with a buy, send me three times to check, it is unexpected, it seems it is kind of foreigner, I know poor, multiple points, only domestic black buckle, who did not have received more than 35 fighting experience? Haha! At home but also a lot of people do, not long ago looked like Wang Tong also made such a recommendation to stop foreign host, such a high commission should be very attractive! I am not too focused, do this, and get the results, there is little money, not rich, alas, a big disadvantage of life, sometimes I wish you were "paranoid".

one, growth experience,

two, a turning point in life,

this article, I am from a university student’s point of view, I am now graduating from senior college, so I still have more right to speak.

I’m not just talking about what the Wangzhuan master, my own Wangzhuan real experiences and feelings. I feel it is more and more difficult for stationmaster to make money now, sh419 stands K every day, shlf1314 Adsense unit price is always low, cannot lower again, alliance code is put a period of time, always do not see reaction. Moreover, traffic is always in our hearts forever heart, a program to a IP looks really sad.

Application of Taobao API in small Taobao guest website35 Internet elephant dance

in early 2003, 35 Internet launched the first set of spam filtering system based on intelligent behavior recognition and artificial intelligence, sounding the war horn to spam, and has since become one of the major manufacturers of domestic anti spam.

business applications demand, security, stability and quality of service has become the focus of the most attention of enterprises. 35, the Internet has formed a variety of online, instant service, telephone service, door-to-door services, such as multi-level, all-round service model.

excellent service quality


company in 2006, the first domestic development of multi line access enterprise post office, through the multi line technology to solve interoperability problems for customers. Based on 64 bit platform hedgehog two generation virtual host, 35 business G post, G host…… A series of innovative ideas of products and services, never stop the pace of innovation, so that 35 maintain a strong vitality.

in 2004, through the joint efforts with SUN and AMD, the company launched the first 64 intelligent anti spam systems in China, filling the gap of 64 applications in china.

with the popularization and application of the Internet, enterprises begin to pay attention to the importance of the internet. According to the latest survey data, 80% of enterprises are beginning to recognize e-mail as a business activity information transmission tool, a large number of enterprises have built their own web site or web page. A large number of enterprises are also actively carrying out the reform of enterprise information.

35 Internet as early as the initial stage of entrepreneurship, it is fully aware of the importance of technological innovation. Over the years, with the sensitivity of the Internet industry, 35 Internet has been in the forefront of industry innovation.

continuous innovation capability,

2007, 35 Internet has launched the first 35 business G mail, support single user 3.5G mailbox capacity and hundreds of megabytes of accessories, not only has the same super intelligent spam filtering function, and more considerate design business office online.

Taobao API program generated pages are still relatively easy to be included in the search engine, which is one of its advantages. I would like to explain a question about the small Taobao guest website using the Taobao API program and the large Taobao guest website. For example, as a commodity generation ", large guest website can be search and browse 10 times a day, and the small guest site of this page may be only 1. The 10 visit may have 1 or more purchases, and the 1 visit is hard to say. So, I want to say Taobao API program for small station of the effect is not great, may be just on the surface increases the amount collected. In fact, the most important thing is the optimization of the site, the site optimized, the chances of being searched increased, resulting in the purchase of the probability will increase accordingly.

how does this elephant support its huge body? It’s dancing,

nearly 1 years, with the rise of Taobao guest website, Taobao API website program is very prosperous, free of charge, have fees; have pure public welfare, with the back door. In short, now any one even if super novice webmaster to do Taobao guest website, will choose a Taobao API program as the site of the foundation. Today I’d like to talk about a small problem with the Taobao API program in the small and medium-sized Taobao site.

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therefore, the novice webmaster must pay more attention to the optimization of the website, not the choice of Taobao API program and the amount of the website. In addition, even less traffic but also to grasp, as mentioned above, even if a web page is a search on the web page, we can try to add some other information for visitors to choose, such as store ranking, shopping guide and Taobao search box etc..

after eleven years of development, 35 Internet has thousands of employees, 7 branches, nearly 10000 agents at home and abroad. In the 35 interconnected, spacious, bright 7×, 24 service center, the busy workforce serves millions of customers from all over the world.

with the popularity of the Internet, Internet application services ASP market competition, service quality, the standard is not a product of uneven in quality standard for this emerging market has been questioned. When the same industry have transformation, open up new areas, 35 Internet insist on down, and in the ten years journey grow step by step, forming a service structure to meet the small and medium-sized business network application services.

Personally Taobao shopping, think of enterprise network marketingDaycare in Sheffield

through communication, send a message to a seller, TA for a long time to reply to the author business really busy right?, and I want to know the specific circumstances of the suit, the seller asked the author to take clothes to work. I want to say: Although photographed clothes can cancel the order, but you need to have this kind of service attitude to deal with your customers? Another seller is relatively good, I quickly replied, and have all the problems, such as: the patient reply to the author of the product quality, delivery and so on, at last I chose this shop.

, a platform for e-commerce service providers integrated with B2B and C2C, Taobao, a large number of individuals and enterprise users, will choose it to promote and sell its own products. Small left to buy a few pieces of product in Taobao yesterday, but in the transaction process, deeply felt: if the enterprise to carry out enterprise network marketing by Taobao, there are a lot of things is still worth noting, following the author will explain the process of shopping on their own, there is something which gradually analysis should pay attention to.

two, companies do not take advantage of a single page, fully display product

in Taobao, each product page is very important to make full use of the single page, with sufficient information, can reduce user consultation time; such as business to sell a set of clothes, TA detailed product information on the page: cloth, dress code number, delivery etc..


in the Taobao shopping platform, usually in their own fancy love products, and then to the specific matters of sellers consultation of products and services; the bad is the only two sets of clothes in the Taobao store, respectively. Specific to the seller consultation, completely by two reception service:

I found that enterprises in order to improve the conversion rate, some of the product page placed very beautiful pictures to attract and retain users. I have been a beautiful picture to attract, then orders, clothes to hand, physical and pictures have a certain gap, but the quality of clothes is very bad a lot of lint, clothes a little dirty, not ironed, no packaging wrap, it was really a cold snack. Although it can be returned, but forget it, the postage back and forth or dozens of…


three, what businesses need is integrity, good service and reputation

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

but when I browse some businesses, I find that there are only a few files and pictures, and the following information is the navigation information of other products. This approach will only distract users attention and conversion rate, the user can not fully understand the specific situation of products, potential customers consultation time longer; also let I feel even more of these shops "professional" — because of what you want to allow the user to buy which products

I want


, most people in the world know Marshall Space Center, because it created a lot of Engineering miracle. Perhaps every person who has seen space launches has such a feeling that the machines, equipment, systems, and processes involved in the orbit and related work must be extremely complex. 40 years later, the national space enterprise can still do wonders.

does – most of the time. We worked together for a long time, has been in the middle of the testing phase, the entire project is almost complete, while everyone’s temper is like the July Red Peppers Hot, all these years of mutual support now began to accuse each other.

In addition to

one, seller service attitude is poor, ignore the potential customers consulting,