Nova Scotias Books Accurate and Fair

first_imgNova Scotia’s budget and other financial documents present anaccurate and fair picture of the province’s financial position,deputy finance minister Howard Windsor said today, Dec. 3. Mr. Windsor and senior officials of the provincial finance department appeared before the legislature’s public accountscommittee to review various accounting changes undertaken overthe past few years. Those changes, according to the provincial auditor general, have “allowed Nova Scotia to move from the bottom of the pack (among) provincial governments, to that of a leader,” in terms offinancial reporting. Despite that high praise, the auditor general issued a reportrecently that took issue with some of the province’s recentaccounting decisions. At the public accounts committee meeting, the finance departmentofficials answered each of those concerns. They relate to theimpact of census changes on provincial revenues and thedisclosure of the impact of retirement health benefits andpension asset values. The province did not alter its revenue projections in the 2003-04 budget to account for an anticipated census adjustment, assuggested by the auditor general, for a number of reasons. In preparing the budget, the department had raw data from the2001 census but experience suggested raw data was unreliable.There were significant changes from the raw data to the finalcensus numbers following the 1996 census. Census numbers impactprimarily on equalization, and there are more than 200 variablesin the equalization calculation used by Ottawa. To isolate onevariable — census — and change revenue projections based onthat one variable, would lead to “purely speculative” revenuechanges, the deputy minister said. Such speculation would not meet the standard of certaintyestablished by the auditor general himself for the province’srevenue assumptions. “As it turns out, had we pulled that raw data into our revenue projections at budget time, as the auditor general is nowsuggesting, it would have pretty much ruined the province’sfinances for this year,” said Mr. Windsor. The department ran its revenue projection models using the rawdata, as suggested by the auditor general. The result was a $73million over-estimate of revenues. Had the province acted uponthat faulty information in last spring’s budget, the governmentwould now be looking at either a budget deficit of $73 million,or additional spending cuts of the same magnitude. The auditor general’s report was also critical of the provincefor not fully disclosing changes in the way it accounts forpension assets — so-called smoothing — despite the fact that atthe time of the budget a bulletin was issued drawing attention tothe change. Noting that the change is in keeping with Generally AcceptedAccounting Principles (GAAP), the deputy minister conceded thatmore could have been done to highlight it. “There is a flood of information released with the budget, and wedo try to walk the line between full disclosure and the absoluteboredom threshold of Nova Scotians.” The third issue, also a question of disclosure, or moreaccurately the timing of disclosure, concerns the cost of healthbenefits for retired public servants. Provincial Controller Kevin Malloy noted that the liability forthose benefits has existed for about 30 years, and thedisagreement with the auditor general was over when to “book” theliability as now required by GAAP. He said that in October 2002, the former deputy minister of finance wrote to the auditor general explaining the province’sintention to make that accounting change in the 2004-05 budget.The department did not become aware that the timing of theaccounting change was a serious issue for the auditor generaluntil June of this year. Mr. Malloy said when the auditor general made the case thatretirement health benefits be included in the 2002-03 financialstatements, the government agreed. The 2002-03 statements werereleased last month and included the change, which increased thenet direct debt by $493 million. Finance Minister Peter Christie said his focus is dealing withtoday’s budgetary challenges and preparing a budget for nextspring, rather than reviewing previous budgets.last_img read more

Transportation of Liquor Addressed in Legislation

first_img Responsible drivers in Nova Scotia will not be prosecuted forhaving unopened liquor in any area of a motor vehicle. The change is the result of amendments to the Liquor Control Actintroduced today, April 19, by Ernest Fage, Minister responsiblefor the Liquor Control Act. “We wanted to clarify this piece of legislation to ensure thatthe real issue is addressed, and that is the issue of havingopened liquor in the passenger compartment of a vehicle,” saidMr. Fage. “Sealed, unopened liquor is allowed in any area of avehicle.” As a result of the changes, previously opened liquor, which hasbeen recapped or recorked, may be transported in the trunk oranother part of a vehicle designed for carrying baggage or goods;behind the rear seat of vehicles that do not have a trunk (suchas vans, hatch-backs); or in an exterior compartment, such as thebed of a truck. Further, liquor may be transported under alicence or permit that is issued under the act. The changes also outline how liquor is to be transported on amotorcycle, off-highway vehicle and other recreational vehicles.Specifically, the Act will now allow previously opened liquor tobe transported in a baggage compartment or otherwise inaccessiblearea. The opened liquor cannot be readily accessible to the driver orpassengers. Cases where liquor is open — the cap or cork is removed — in amotor vehicle will continue to be prosecuted. Additional changes to the Act include permitting thetransportation of liquor to any location where a person ispermitted to have or consume liquor. Previously, liquor couldonly be transported to a place of residence. N.S. LIQUOR CORP.–Transportation of Liquor Addressed inLegislationlast_img read more

Amended Fire Safety Regulations Proposed

first_imgNova Scotians are being asked to comment on proposed amendments to Nova Scotia’s fire safety regulations. The proposed amendments will take effect Tuesday, Oct. 31, and are necessary to ensure that the province adopts the 2005 National Fire Code. The deadline for comments is Monday, Sept. 25. “Adopting the National Fire Code is in the best interests of public safety,” said Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour. “The new code will make fire safety requirements more flexible and easier to implement by helping users understand the reasons behind the requirements.” The 2005 National Fire Code is the first objective-based fire code in Canada. The code allows for more flexibility in achieving fire safety in Nova Scotia. It is a sister document to the National Building and Plumbing Code of Canada, which takes effect in Nova Scotia on Friday, Sept. 1. Although Nova Scotia is adopting the national code, the province will be able to add to the provincial regulations at any time to further enhance public safety. The proposed changes can be viewed on the Department of Environment and Labour website at .last_img read more

Province Awards Two RoadPaving Contracts in HRM

first_imgThe province has awarded two road-paving contracts in Halifax Regional Municipality valued at $4,652,310. The first contract, for $4,341,600, is to repave Highway 107 from west of the Exit 19 overpass at Porters Lake for 8.4 kilometres to the Exit 21 overpass, including the ramps at Exit 19 and 20, and the connector road between Highway 107 and Trunk 7 at Exit 20. In addition, it includes repaving of East Jeddore Road from the intersection of Bakers Point Road for 3.8 kilometres to the end of pavement. The second contract, for $310,710, is to repave Conrads Road at Queensland Beach from the intersection of Trunk 3 for about 0.4 kilometres. Both contracts were awarded to Dexter Construction Co. Ltd. “Both of these contracts will be beneficial to local residents and visitors alike,” said Murray Scott, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. “Highway 107 is the key to the scenic wonders of the Eastern Shore, while Queensland Beach is one of the busiest in Nova Scotia.” These projects are part of government’s commitment to better roads and infrastructure. The department’s highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

Province HRM Invest in Hybrid Bus Technology

first_imgPublic transit is even better for the environment with two new hybrid buses on the roads in Halifax Regional Municipality. The vehicles were unveiled today, March 2, by Bill Estabrooks, Minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia, and Peter Kelly, Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality. “Hybrid technology has the potential to save money and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions for urban transit operators across the province,” said Mr. Estabrooks. “Bus riders will enjoy a quieter and more comfortable commute, and everyone will benefit from cleaner air.” The total cost is $2.4 million. Conserve Nova Scotia contributed $600,000 to Metro Transit’s investment. “Our transit fleet has been progressive in testing a number of alternative fuels and emission reducing products over the years,” said Mayor Kelly. “The buses will initially be used in the downtown core on Route 1 Spring Garden and Route 10 Dalhousie. “This will maximize benefit to both passengers and citizens alike, since each articulated hybrid bus replaces at least 80 cars in rush hour.” These hybrids are equipped with 2010 emission compliant diesel engines and are expected to use 25 to 30 per cent less fuel while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 30 per cent. Together, the two vehicles could save more than 49,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. “We are thrilled the province and the municipality are working together to increase the sustainability of the public transit system,” said Jen Powley, sustainable transportation co-ordinator at the Ecology Action Centre. “It’s up to us as individuals to take advantage of these options to reduce our carbon footprint.” Metro Transit will evaluate the fuel usage and operating costs over the next 18 months. More information is available at www.GetOnBoardHRM.calast_img read more

Back to Balance Summary Report Released

first_imgMany Nova Scotians agree government should take a cautious approach when returning the finances back to balance, said a summary report released today, March 30, by Finance Minister Graham Steele. The report summarizes the ideas put forth by 1,495 Nova Scotians during public sessions held in more than 20 communities from January to March. When asked how quickly government should balance the budget, 56 per cent of participants indicated three to five years as a realistic time frame. “The report indicates groups were clear from the start that the gap would be very difficult to close in a short time frame without creating hardship for many Nova Scotians or damaging the economy,” said Mr. Steele. “I am really happy with the response to our Back to Balance initiative,” said Mr. Steele. “Based on these consultations and everything we have heard in the past two months, we are ready to take on the hard work and make the tough decisions necessary to get our finances back to balance.” The purpose of the public sessions was to discuss Nova Scotia’s financial challenge and give citizens an opportunity to define the values and priorities they want to see reflected in the province’s multi-year plan to return to a sustainable financial path. The report, prepared by facilitator Fourth Wave Strategies Inc., outlines the process, the questions addressed, and the broad themes of responses. “This was never just a pre-budget consultation, although the April 6 budget will be the first time people see tangible results from the process,” said Mr. Steele. “That is why I encourage everyone to listen to or read the budget speech. This year, we’re providing more options to hear or see the budget than ever before.” Nova Scotians can watch the minister deliver the budget address live on Legislative Television, EastLink TV or via webcast at . The budget documents will be available at the same address, along with a video summary. Nova Scotians can also, for the first time, follow the budget address on Twitter(nsgov). Back to Balance sessions were held in Whitney Pier, Port Hawkesbury, Antigonish, Stellarton, Amherst, Truro, Wolfville, Kentville, Digby, Yarmouth, Liverpool, Bridgewater, Tantallon, Lower Sackville, Halifax, Dartmouth, Eastern Passage, and Sheet Harbour. Another public session was held in French, linking Acadian communities by video-conference. In addition to the public Back to Balance sessions, Mr. Steele held about a dozen other sessions with business and union leaders, chambers of commerce, and aboriginal leaders. The complete Back to Balance summary report is available online at read more

Amendments to Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act

first_imgNova Scotia’s lakes and rivers will be better protected through amendments to legislation introduced today, Nov. 4, by Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Sterling Belliveau. Proposed changes to the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act are designed to clarify and simplify the act. The amendments will also protect against the non-authorized introduction of fish into provincial waters. “We know that Nova Scotians expect our marine and freshwater resources to be well-managed,” said Mr. Belliveau. “This legislation helps us to do exactly that for present and future generations.” The Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act outlines a structure for sustainable development of Nova Scotia’s coastal resources. It has been in effect since 1997.last_img read more

Exercise Caution in Flooding Cleanup

first_img After the water recedes, homeowners are encouraged to check on-site septic systems and contact the local environment office if it is not working. Homeowners should also ensure oil tanks are secure. Anyone in need of financial assistance to meet basic needs can apply for income assistance by contacting the local Community Services office. Requests are assessed on an individual basis to determine need. If a person is not eligible, staff can advise of other community supports that may help. Mr. Landry applauded the efforts of local responders. “I want to commend all of the municipal and provincial support staff, as well as the emergency first responders, for their professional and compassionate handling of this event. They planned well and were prepared,” he said. In the coming days, information on the extent of the damages caused by the storm will be gathered. For more details on flood clean up and safety, visit . The province is urging residents to make safety the priority as waters recede, roads are repaired, bridges inspected and clean-up efforts continue today, Sept. 11, in Colchester County. “Monday was a tough day for Truro residents. I saw that for myself,” said Ross Landry, Minister for Emergency Management. “As the premier said this morning, the province will meet soon with municipal officials and experts to develop an action plan that addresses the growing issue of flooding in central Nova Scotia.” There have been no new reports today of flooding in the Truro area, and many roads reopening. Residents are advised to check road conditions before travelling. “Please be careful today and continue to help each other as everyone works to clean up properties and communities,” said Mr. Landry. All provincial beaches, day-use and camping parks will reopen by 8 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12, with two exceptions. The Shubenacadie wildlife Park will reopen at its regular 9 a.m. time, and McNabs Island Provincial Park will be inspected by Department of Natural Resources staff. Updates will be provided at . EMO is reminding homeowners and residents: To contact insurance agents as soon as possible if there has been damage. Make a list and photograph or videotape all damages and items that had to be discarded Keep a record of flood-related activity, such as time spent cleaning, and keep copies of all invoices and receipts Do not use flooded appliances, electrical outlets, switch boxes or fuse/breaker panels until they have been checked by local utilities. Arrange for qualified workers to reconnect gas, pump or electrical supplies Leave and contact the gas company immediately if there is a smell of gas Rinse away contamination inside the home and dispose of the rinse water Clean and dry out the house and salvageable possessions as quickly as possible Household items contaminated by sewage, or that have been wet for a long time, have to be bagged, tagged and discarded according to local regulations Some food that has come into contact with flood water must be discarded. Canned food can be cleaned. First, remove labels, then clean cans using a mixture of one tablespoon of bleach to one litre of water. Then label clean cans with a marker. Throw out any cans that are bulging, damaged or opened. Homeowners with private wells for drinking water should test the supply and not drink the water until they are certain it is safe to drink. Test kits are available at the Department of Environment district offices. The department is working with municipalities to have test kits available at municipal offices.last_img read more

Louisbourg Comes to Government House

first_imgPeople will have a chance to listen to unique insights about the Fortress of Louisbourg at the next event at Government House in Halifax, on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m. A.J.B. Johnston, author and former Parks Canada historian at the Fortress of Louisbourg, will share his knowledge of the fortress and insights into the people and events that helped shape the history of Nova Scotia. Mr. Johnston’s presentation, Louisbourg and the Twists of Time, is part of the Lieutenant Governor’s Evenings at Government House free public event series, which celebrates civic and cultural excellence in the province. “As North America’s largest historic reconstruction project, the Fortress of Louisbourg is a treasure trove for anyone with an interest in history,” said Lt.-Gov. J.J. Grant. “I invite everyone to join Mrs. Grant and me for this fascinating evening at Government House.” Visit or call 424-7001 for more information.last_img read more

Municipal Campaign School for Women

first_imgWomen interested in running in the 2016 municipal elections are invited to attend a women’s campaign school on Oct. 17. The daylong event will feature presentations by past and present politicians and candidates, as well as information on campaign fundraising and social media. “I attended a campaign school before seeking office in 2013. It was a very supportive environment and I took away a lot of valuable information,” said Joanne Bernard, Minister responsible for the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. “I encourage any woman who is thinking of participating in a campaign – as a volunteer or candidate – to attend.” The campaign school is offered at no charge and bursaries are available for women who need child care. Participants need to register. The deadline has been extended to Oct. 9. Contact Status of Women at or visit to download registration forms.last_img read more

Dr Stan Kutcher to Meet with Members of Cape Breton Community

first_imgMental health expert Dr. Stan Kutcher will travel to Cape Breton Monday, June 26, to look into mental health needs for young people in the community. He will talk with families, schools, and the community and determine what initiatives can help address mental health concerns on the island. Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey and Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Zach Churchill reached out to Dr. Kutcher after several teen suicides in the area. “My colleagues and I, along with all Nova Scotians, mourn with the families of Cape Breton,” said Mr. Delorey. “We need to take immediate steps so we have asked Dr. Kutcher to go to Cape Breton to look into this very serious situation. “Government is committed to strengthening mental health and wellness services in Nova Scotia and we are eager to hear what Dr. Kutcher learns from his time in the community.” Dr. Kutcher specializes in youth mental health and suicide, and is co-chair of the Minister’s Mental Health Advisory Panel. “We need to better understand the particular needs of those in the community so we can best help the young people who live there,” said Dr. Kutcher. “The conversations I will have over the next few days will give us some of that insight.” Dr. Kutcher will report back to the ministers in the coming weeks.last_img read more

Boston Tree Marks Halifax Explosions 100th Anniversary

first_imgIn the 100th anniversary year of the Halifax Explosion, Nova Scotia’s annual Christmas tree gift to Boston is coming from Cape Breton. The tree is given as part of the annual thank you to Boston for the help the city sent Nova Scotia after the 1917 devastation of north-end Halifax. Bob and Marion Campbell and their family from Blues Mills in Inverness Co., are this year’s tree donors. “This annual tradition represents our ongoing gratitude to Boston for their assistance in our time of great need, a century ago,” said Margaret Miller, Minister of Natural Resources. “I thank the Campbell family for their generous donation of their beautiful tree which will become our provincial Christmas gift to Boston in this special anniversary year.” The 16-metre (53 feet) white spruce will be celebrated at a public cutting ceremony beginning at the Campbell’s property at 10:30 on Wednesday, Nov. 15. This is the first private donation of a Boston tree from Cape Breton. Last year’s tree was taken from Crown land in the same county. In 1917, Boston sent medical personnel and supplies when nearly 2,000 people were killed and hundreds more left injured and homeless by the historic Halifax Explosion. “This tree represents something very special to our province and its relationship with Boston,” said Mr. Campbell. “We have been blessed to have a tree worthy of donation in recognition of the speedy and compassionate response by the people of Boston to the Halifax explosion. “Our family is thrilled to be part of the Nova Scotia tradition of honouring Boston’s relief efforts especially on the 100th anniversary of this tragic event.” Several hundred school children will attend the tree-cutting ceremony from the Whycocomagh Education Centre, the We’koqma’q Mi’kmaw School, and the Inverness Education Centre. The minister will be joined by Chief Rod Googoo and Tiny Cremo of Waycobah First Nation, television meteorologist Cindy Day and Santa Claus. There will be a performance of traditional Mi’kmaw drumming by We’koqma’qewiskwa, a drum group from the Waycobah First Nation. Cape Breton fiddler Kyle MacDonald will also perform. After the ceremony, the tree will be trucked to Halifax. At the Grand Parade, 1790 Argyle St., at Halifax City Hall, there will be a final public farewell at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 17. The province will then transport the tree 1,117 kilometres to Boston. For more information and important dates regarding the Tree for Boston, visit . and follow Tree for Boston on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.last_img read more

BJP urges Baijal to intervene as AAP govt stops funding to 28

first_imgNEW DELHI: Delhi BJP leader Vijender Gupta urged Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal to direct the AAP government to withdraw its directive to stop the funding of 28 DU colleges, fully or partly funded by it. Gupta, leader of opposition in the Delhi assembly, met Baijal along with a delegation of National Democratic Teachers Front (NDTF).The delegation submitted a memorandum to the LG requesting him to direct deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia to withdraw his letter dated April 16 to the Secretary, Higher Education stating that no funds should be given to the 28 colleges till they form their governing bodies. Gupta claimed that the LG assured them that he would take up the matter with the Delhi government to resolve the impasse at the earliest. Also Read – Cylinder blast kills mother and daughter in Karawal NagarFollowing Sisodia’s letter to the Delhi University vice-chancellor, on 23 April, the varsity wrote to the Directorate of Higher Education asking it to finalise the names to be nominated for the governing bodies of the colleges. Responding to the letter, Sisodia said the university should have sent at least 400 names to the panel instead of just 188. He also asked whether the names were cleared by the varsity’s executive council and advised that the term of the existing governing bodies be extended. A total of 12 colleges of the varsity including the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College and the Maharaja Agrasen College are fully-funded by the Delhi government. On Thursday, a DU official said that the Delhi government has to first shortlist the names and send them back to the varsity which will then be vetted by the University’s EC.last_img read more

ONGC seeks private partners to raise 64 small fields output

first_imgNew Delhi: State-run Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) Friday invited bids from private companies for handing over operations of 64 small and marginal oil and gas fields with a view to raising production. The 64 fields have been clustered into 17 contract areas that will be bid out to companies offering the highest oil and gas output on top of a pre-decided baseline production, the company said in a statement.These 64 fields hold a cumulative 300 million tonnes of oil and oil equivalent natural gas reserves, it said. The oil ministry has been unhappy with the near stagnant oil and gas production and believes giving out the discovered fields to private firms would help raise output as they can bring in technology and capital. It has been tasked by the Prime Minister to cut dependence on oil imports by 10 per cent by 2022 from the over 77 per cent dependence in 2014-15. But the dependence has only increased and is now over 83 per cent. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in SepThe bidding under the production enhancement contract (PEC) follows the government decision of last year to give state-owned ONGC and Oil India freedom to induct private and foreign partners in oilfields to raise output. Initially, the oil ministry’s upstream technical advisory body the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons in 2017 had identified 15 fields — 11 of ONGC and four of OIL — that could be sold to foreign and private companies. The move could not go through because of tough resistance from the state-owned firms. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to CustomsThen again in October last year, the ministry wanted ONGC to concentrate on large fields as they contribute to 95 per cent of its production and leave out the rest for private firms. The government has been unhappy with ONGC over its stagnant oil and gas production and inducting partners in small and marginal fields is a way of raising output that was agreed to in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue last year. ONGC has now invited bids from private firms which could raise output beyond a pre-agreed baseline. Incremental production will be shared between the private company and ONGC in a pre-decided ratio. The company offering the highest share to ONGC would get the contract. “Salient features of the ONGC offering (include) complete marketing and pricing freedom to sell oil and gas on arm’s length basis through competitive basis,” the statement said. The contractor will be selected on a revenue sharing basis. “The revenue will be shared on incremental production over and above the baseline production under Business-As-Usual (BAU) scenario,” it said. Contract period will be for 15 years with an option to extend by five years. ONGC invited bids under the production enhancement contract (PEC) from the interested companies who can bring in technology for raising the output. The company will hold a pre-bid meeting on September 17 and bidding will close on December 20, 2019. ONGC had previously experimented with PEC contracts for two fields but has not been able to select a partner because of receiving conditional bids. The latest PEC tender is on more liberal terms. There will be a reduction of 10 per cent in the royalty rate for additional production of natural gas over and above BAU scenario. ONGC said exploration will be permitted during the contract period including the right to explore all kinds of hydrocarbon. “Contractors will not be required to reimburse any expenses already incurred by ONGC,” it said. “Incentives shall be available for achieving production higher than the committed incremental production.” Announcing Notice Inviting Offer (NIO) seeking partners for enhancement of oil and gas production, the company said it intends to maximise recovery from the 64 fields by infusion of new technology.last_img read more

4 Indian crew of Iran oil tanker freed on bail without charge

first_imgLondon: Four Indian nationals arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation into an Iranian oil supertanker seized off the Spanish coast last week have been freed on bail without charge, the Royal Gibraltar Police said on Saturday. The local force for Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, said the investigation was going on and the oil tanker Grace 1 remains in detention. “All four crew members of the Grace 1 arrested by the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP)have been bailed without charge,” an RGP spokesperson said. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi Jinping”The investigation is still ongoing and the Grace 1 continues detained under the provisions of the Sanctions Regulations 2019 which are born out of the Sanctions Act 2019,” the spokesperson said. The Master, or captain, and the Chief Officer of the vessel were arrested on Thursday and two Second Officers were arrested on Friday as a consequence of the investigation into the suspected breach of European Union (EU) sanctions on Syria. All four Indian nationals have now been granted “police bail with conditions”. The local police had earlier said that the crew members had been granted full legal assistance, telephone contact with their families and access to their consular authorities.last_img read more

Maha Protest march in Nashik against lynching incidents

first_imgNashik: Hundreds of people from the Muslim community Monday held a protest march in Nashik in Maharashtra against recent mob-lynching incidents across the country. The march, organised by the Bahujan Muslim Sangharsh Samiti, started from Chowk Mandai area of Old Nashik and culminated at the Idgah Maidan, organisers said. The protesters demanded that such cases be tried in fast-track courts, the guilty be given death or life imprisonment, and the kin of victims be given financial aid of up to Rs 50 lakh. A memorandum was submitted to the district collector after the protest march, one of the organisers said.last_img read more

5 held for duping people on pretext of job offers

first_imgNoida: Noida police have arrested five persons including three women for allegedly duping people on the pretext of offering jobs. Cops said that the gang hack their bank accounts and withdraw money.According to police, the arrested accused have been identified as Amit Verma, native of Laxmi Nagar area in Delhi, Ramit from Dwarka in Delhi and three women. Vineet Jaiswal, Superintendent of Police, Noida said that the gang stole data from online job search websites and approached candidates while posing as job consultants. Also Read – Gurdwara Bangla Sahib bans single use plastic”Upon sustained interrogations, it came to light that the gang used to steal data of job seekers from an online and called them posing as job consultants. The gang members asked the targeted candidate to fill an online form and pay Rs 10 for registration on their job portal- This way they used to fetch the bank and card details of the candidate and later use the information to hack their bank accounts and withdrew money,” said Jaiswal. The officer further said that the gang has duped several people in Delhi NCR region. “We are investigating to find out as how many people they have duped this way. As of now we have found three cases registered against them in Sector 58 and 49 police stations of Noida,” added Jaiswal. Police have recovered one laptop and seven mobile phones from the possession of accused persons.last_img read more

Strong rupee lower GDP likely to tame inflation in India to 41

first_imgNew Delhi: Asian Development Bank (ADB) has lowered the inflation forecast for India during the current financial year to 4.1 per cent, on the back of gain in rupee and cut in the country’s GDP projection.India will be the main driver to lower the inflation for the South Asian region, ADB said in a supplement to Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2019.South Asia’s inflation forecast for 2019, was revised down from 4.7 per cent to 4.5 per cent, mainly reflecting lowered forecasts for India, the ADO supplement said. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe ADO supplement has lowered India’s GDP growth forecast by 0.2 percentage points from April outlook to 7 per cent in 2019-20.”In light of a smaller-than-expected uptick in food inflation, a strengthening Indian rupee since October 2018, and a lower GDP growth forecast, this Supplement revises down inflation forecasts for India by 0.2 percentage points to 4.1 per cent in FY2019 (fiscal ending in March 2020) and 4.4 per cent in FY2020 (ending March 2021),” ADB said. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostAs per the ADO supplement, inflation projections for developing Asia were revised up a notch from 2.5 per cent to 2.6 per cent in both 2019 and 2020, reflecting higher oil prices and several domestic factors.Price fluctuations for brent crude oil continue amid various concerns affecting both supply and demand, it added.Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank in its last monetary policy review in June had raised the retail inflation forecast marginally to 3-3.1 per cent for the first half of the current fiscal citing reasons of uptick in food prices – mainly vegetables, despite expectations of a normal monsoon this season.However, the retail inflation projection for the second half of 2019-20 has been cut to 3.4-3.7 per cent as against RBI’s previous projection of 3.5-3.8 per cent.The RBI will review the monetary policy in its upcoming meeting in early August.last_img read more

Uflex staff shot dead by 2 bikeborne assailants

first_imgNoida: An 28-year-old employee of Uflex company in Sector 60 of Noida was shot dead by two unidentified motorcycle-borne assailants outside his office on Monday early morning.Cops ruled out the possibility of a robbery attempt and are investigating covering a love angle or property dispute to be a reason behind the crime. According to police, the deceased has been identified as Imran Ahmed, a native of Mawana area in Meerut district. “He was killed around 8 am outside Uflex Company where he worked as a project supervisor,” said police officials. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderPeeyush Kumar, Circle Officer-II in Noida said that around 8 am he was going to his home after completing his night shift. “Imran was attacked by two bike-borne assailants outside his office campus. The accused persons opened indiscriminate firing on him and he received bullet injuries in his neck. Police received the information through a PCR call and upon reaching the spot the victim was rushed to a nearby private hospital where doctors declared him brought dead,” said Kumar. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsPolice have ruled out the possibility of a robbery attempt. “Police have got the deceased’s mobile phone and wallet which indicates that it is not a case of robbery. The victim was unmarried and police are investigating the matter covering all possible angles. So far we have not received any inputs about any dispute at work which could have led to the incident.” “However, Preliminary investigations pointed towards a love scene or property dispute to be reason behind the crime. We are further investigating the case and are expecting to make a breakthrough soon,” added Kumar. Meanwhile police have lodged a case under the section of 302 (punishment for murder) of Indian Penal Code (IPC) at sector 58 police station of Noida against two unidentified persons. “Police are trying to trace the culprits by checking the cctv footage of the Uflex company and nearby area. We are also contacting the family of deceased to get some more leads into the case,” the officer further said.last_img read more