Knight do three from three

from the secondary school I began to design ", but then are static website, also can say is a good personal homepage, then use the United Technology of free space, many of the old owners I have such experience, from free space to space charge, to their own servers, large sites your


personal homepage is not down, unless you don’t, because personal homepage not for profit, so I had to give up the good personal homepage, because I think only earn money have greater motivation to do greater things, to have the capital to talk about what the ideal value. If someone in the world says money doesn’t matter to him, it means he won’t try to make money, and he won’t make money. So, I gave up the first homepage.

The first

I do is "love search", then I also published an article called "web site itself can provide the most important value" published shortly, in this article, I have a little regret, although I told them there is truth, but the world is in. The exhibition, in the change, but how can you provide value reflected, if can let more people accept your website, if let more people know your site, if others do not know you exist, how can you succeed? Just like a world only you know yourself, your own understand what they are doing, what the meaning of your success in


I in the IT website published "personal webmaster website development, will be a long road!", this article has proved me through the hard road, but compared to many webmaster, it wasn’t what, so I have to work harder, the future is still a long way.

until later, I gave up to promote the "love search" on this site, but I can’t turn it off, because he can let Baidu and Google other stations to improve my ranking, I took him as a Links, the other station chain in the past, so the search engine can quickly my search to other sites. "Love search" the decline is my own to give up, and I gave up second websites!


third website, I do blog, called IT blog, I this blog not what fame, but a few months traveling thousands of flow, and the increasing number of blog advertising, is not a lot of people, if you insist on, I believe I can drive a lot of people. Certainly can succeed, but the good times don’t last long I added a QQ group, then, is a head of the group, there are some webmaster, then do not know how to talk, I talk to my website URL, email to them, when I made a website, my "IT" blog website the "I’m hacker, ha ha, your site has been hacked!", I was surprised, and asked the group of people, some other person also said his website was hacked, originally in this group, there is a small hacker, the use of dynamic The vulnerability of the network forum has taken the password, and my blog’s password is mobile network theory

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