The Wangzhuan can you make moneyUnder the financial storm struggle to find the most unlucky investor

in the end who is the most miserable stock market in 08 years, tell your story, show your income loss table screenshot, so that the majority of users who comment on the most tragic, most worthy of sympathy. Therefore, the giant financial return for the love and support of all investors, financial giants JR18 with several top media portal and jointly launched the "08 years of my worst stocks contest", then, we welcome you to actively participate, do not miss. "Show your loss, pour out your story", we warmly look forward to your participation, let you become a microcosm of the story of 08 years of the stock market, a symbol, let more people understand the risks of the stock market, the financial giant hurry to participate in "08 years of my worst stock" shaike contest

"08 years of my worst stock" shaike prize contest officially launched

want to discuss Wangzhuan can gain money, first of all we want to know what is your. As I understand, Wangzhuan is actually a kind of industry, those who make money through the Internet, can be called Wangzhuan personal understanding, welcome comments. Someone may ask: if say, the range is not too wide wangzhuan. Yes! Is a very wide range of wangzhuan. Large multinational companies, small to personal blogs, if they can make money, so they should be regarded as a higher. Today’s biggest Internet Wangzhuan winner should be shlf1314, he is the highest market value of Internet Co worldwide, he is a representative of multinational companies. Laoxu blog and you should have heard of it, the Xu Jinglei personal blog, the daily traffic has more than one million, if shlf1314 hung on the advertisement, the daily income is quite considerable

don’t know what the word Wangzhuan is birth, also don’t know where it came from. Where did I first hear the word, even I couldn’t remember it myself?. Today we want to talk about Wangzhuan what can let us earn money.

awards set


at the same time to thank the Internet users vote support, in the course of activities set up lottery links, exquisite gifts waiting for you, quickly participate in it!!!

!Although the scale of

08 years doomed ordinary year, the South snowstorm, Tibet event, glue iron event, Wenchuan earthquake, unpleasant things often staged in the country, the Beijing Olympic Games unprecedented success. Stock and securities markets are also surging forward, surging forward, ups and downs. When I bought the highest point, the lowest point I left, I earned my lost, always be inopportune or inappropriate lose money thing, let me touch, I lost my savings, lost public funds, I lost, I lost a wife, I lost the house, I lost the car, I lost a career….. Who else dares to be worse than me?!!


award of one year, a reward of 5000 yuan, cash


is large and small, they all work on the same platform. This platform is the internet. The Internet has created countless instant riches myth, the myth of the hero of the age, occupation while different, but they have a common feature that is particularly strong ability to persevere.

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saw this person said this paragraph, I suddenly realized, originally I have been groping alone, so always can not keep up with other people’s pace. Now I should find a master who specializes in learning from him. Of course, I have to pay a price this time, just like <

or Wangzhuan. At present, the Internet has a large number of Wangzhuan forum, there are some discussions in Wangzhuan way, no one seems to describe how he is doing, perhaps because I am a novice, understanding ability to keep up, those in the discussion between the master, did not understand to what something useful. What makes me wonder is that a lot of people say on the forums that they can make money with these techniques in a very short period of time, and really become a master from a rookie.

best reward each month, a reward of 2000 yuan, cash

in the end is true or false? At first I mostly suspected, but an inadvertent discovery, so that I have a new change in thinking. One day I saw a post in the forum, so he said: now this Wangzhuan industry has entered the white hot stage, can thoroughly explore the route does not exist, want to make the Internet team, only directly to master learning. Just like learning magic, the magic of this industry is just emerging, many people are to explore their own, but now you want to become a magician with personal exploration, is simply not possible, only to spend money to learn professional magic.

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