6 important factors of website page rank not

360 browser for the love Shanghai search engine also felt the pressure of market competition, with the frequent updates of fluctuation love Shanghai algorithm, stationmaster of a lot of websites accompanied by the website ranking no problem; then on these site is what the problem is and how to solve it. 6 important factors in today’s Hangzhou Shanghai dragon summed up the website page rank no, completely solve the website page rank no problem.

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3. "new website ranking" of the web page rank without

What is the name of the "new"

2. website revision of the web page rank without

. "New website ranking" of the web page rank no we can through the high quality chain.

for the website of the web page rank no revision, we can consider in the replacement of a domain name to the original site to do a 301 orientation to the new site; or open a two level domain name to the content of the original transplant to the two level domain name, and then in the upgrade version of the new page as a new do the new included.

algorithm of the web page rank no error, we refer to the official data of the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform illustrated. November 26th -12 month 2 days a week received a total of 1439 cases of invalid webmaster complaints, complaints accounted for 76%, effective problem 24%. This part of the problem has been analyzed to determine whether it is included and display errors due to the impact caused by the problem of website strategy. Some in-depth analysis to determine for fire has now returned to normal, some of the remaining problems need to be solved by the way of upgrading the retrieval strategy in the near future, will gradually return to their normal state.

algorithm of the web page rank no false friends, you can make a complaint some necessary; if the complaint has no effect of friends can wait for the update to search strategy to solve.

If the

site for revision, will cause the website page rank not, this phenomenon is not the way to see the fresh (such as: URL transform, program replacement, replacement, the core content of website website template replacement).

For For the love of Shanghai

"refers to the website ranking, website ranking had not suddenly have the ranking, over time and no phenomenon. Because of adding 360, strengthen domestic search engine market competition, Shanghai has also spread love, recently also love Shanghai home fast algorithm upgrade, update the fluctuation is faster. This is the love of a new Shanghai algorithm algorithm, which is love Shanghai in order to meet the needs of more customers, it will release some not previously ranked sites, and then see your site has not meet the needs of customers, the user choose, when your rank did not meet the requirements of users that will fall off.

For the love of Shanghai

1. love Shanghai algorithm misjudgment of the resulting website page rank without

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