Jiang Xinpeng love Shanghai algorithm summary keyword segmentation algorithm

, a Chinese participle:

B. then because of love of Shanghai is still in the retrieval method of keyword matching technology, so the user’s search word (the next section will analyze how the word love Shanghai);

1. Chinese

Chinese in word segmentation is better than the noble love sea baby, this is one of the key factors to win Baidu noble baby, Chinese word than English much more complex (and also one of the reasons why the same trouble Chinese participle important language and Japanese, Korean, Russian, it was also the baby cannot win in these areas), Jiang Xinpeng is here because it does not go into details, interested friends can look (in Latin English for example) make the difference and Chinese sentences, Chinese sentences not only many synonyms, word order and constantly changing, too much (adverbs with SVO outside, Interjections and so on).

C. then love Shanghai through the node from the word "


first to explain is: ordinary users to search and do Shanghai dragon or more familiar with the Internet users said search habits are very different, but ordinary users search is the foundation power of love Shanghai search. At the beginning of repeat a point Jiang Xinpeng in order to express its importance for the Chinese word search algorithm in the love of Shanghai. Because, for the love of Shanghai nobility baby such second generation search engine, the search technology is mainly rely on keyword matching, and users to understand and machine program of key words for the comprehension of words is a great distance.

simple example of "love Shanghai" love how ranking how Shanghai is ranked "love Shanghai" love what Shanghai is ranked "ranking" and "love" love Shanghai Shanghai how the ranking "how" qualifying "love Shanghai ranked according to what" "what love Shanghai" love Shanghai search ranking what is the ranking"…… This a few sentences or phrases at least contains a meaning of "love Shanghai, the ranking of search results is what rules (principle)", in addition, every sentence has other meanings, such as these sentences also contain "how to do Shanghai (ranking method to achieve this goal)" and "love for Shanghai is how to search rankings (the process principle)"……

take the above example: when the user input over short sentences (in most cases, ordinary users to love Shanghai as a panacea, so just search Shanghai dragon from search behavior so that do not comply with the rules), love Shanghai to quickly response to the results, the user needs at this time, the core problem facing Shanghai love is:

The difficulty of segmentation analysis of

A. first to know the user is to search what (semantic analysis, see "two");

this article above love Shanghai algorithm summarized in detail please click: Jiang Xinpeng: love Shanghai algorithm summary

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