The weight distribution and how to achieve the perfect proportion of website internal links

finally, for most of our website is the classic tree structure is very common, but you will find our domain name weight is too low, the search engine spiders can’t crawl the site of all regions, then we will do some adjustment, is the category page separation, will be allocated directly to the home page weight the final product page, such as the two level classification page directly back to his superiors page chain. The main purpose of doing so is not linked to the classification of other pages, of course, this method has high requirement to the site technical staff, fix the structure of the site will cause confusion. Not to have the time or do not try to good.

first, the weight is not important, relatively high page links directly canceled, such as user login page, contact us only in the home show. Then try to make these pages are not tracking, no weight transfer. The method is automatically redirected to the page.html page according to the parameters, and then use the robots file from the redirect.php file to crawl. All the sections are all different, so Shanghai Longfeng webmaster to own station at.

no matter what the website will relate to the function and user experience, but some of the page is not the need for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as user login page, company news, delivery information, contact us, etc., but the weight of the search engine will give these pages very high and even the page level almost, second only to the home page. This is a problem, how can we put these drainage, weight adjustment station to important pages? We went straight to the theme:

said that, the general point is also the website structure can be adjusted in a timely manner, the webmaster as long as a good analysis of their own website.

webmaster, when we do the optimization of course structure to the site to site weight considerations on the inside, taking into account the special nature of our site, so the concrete analysis of concrete problems, the author generally only lists some we may encounter.

again, when the home link with NoFollow ban on the search engine to track, and then find the place where add anchor text keywords. Another method is to modify the CSS page, modify the page links in the code, it leads directly to key words, but in the home is at the bottom of the page.

second, the distribution of the anchor text, the most common is the text in a web page in our manually or automatically add links to other pages. So the webmaster, you have noticed the site navigation system but also can add anchor text. For example, the top navigation are using the word "laptop computer" on the left navigation can be written as "computer", because there are few users will pay attention to these nuances, so when the user browsing has no influence on the classification, but the classification page can do add different anchor text, as long as it does not affect the user experience.

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