Shanghai dragon is not what is immutable and frozen

here I don’t discuss the selected site of the core keywords, because of my analysis of long tail keywords more interest. To be honest, in Shanghai Longfeng work so many things which I think one of the most interesting is the long tail keyword analysis, I personally feel that in a sense, to expand the long tail keywords is infinite. Words do not say much, I actually talk about me is how to expand the long tail keywords.


3, brainstorming ask friends, ask friends

2, the search drop-down box and related search

of Shanghai Longfeng technical knowledge, surely we have seen a lot, to be honest, we see nothing but is also the website structure and website content, the chain of some basic points, but the fact is that, the real key is how you do it, since this article also discussed the Shanghai Dragon technology, I it is difficult to avoid mentioning these Shanghai dragon old debate, but may be different with before you see.

site structure should be conducive to the search engine grab and included the site layout, the user experience first. On this point I do not want to say, as the words that do have previous words. I speak a little of my personal experience, if your site is small and medium-sized enterprises, can choose a pure static. Now the search engine for the new assessment is more and more strict, the pure static site in new sites included speed or an absolute advantage in the assessment period. The search engine spiders visit a website of the time there is a certain limit, you need to be reduced to the spider’s work load, in the limited time to let it crawl into your website more pages. Fully included is the foundation of the site optimization, this step to do solid work, later more smoothly.

1, according to the website of their core keywords analysis, expand the long tail keywords

analysis of long tail keywords

4, ask the customer, the customer to find our website through search keywords, we will provide customers consulting he search to our website search through what keywords, and search what keywords, keywords can further ask he can think of might search. Ask the customer (which I think is very important.


site layout

I am sure you will see that the author of this article is a rampant generation of this title, Shanghai dragon is not what people say can fully understand and grasp. I’m not a arrogant people, nor what is arrogant, on the contrary, I am with such questions to discuss with everyone under the Shanghai dragon should learn what? Many friends might say Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a good website structure, adjust the focus on the site content and the chain…… It is for this reason, I decided to be the title of the article is intended to "Shanghai Dragon: what things can be learned".

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