The chain released several forms of written content

like some SNS type sites, such as kaixin001贵族宝贝 and renren贵族宝贝, when you here inside the link, love Shanghai search engines are not included, but the inside is very big, we can use the site, to which the flow. Inside the contents of this release should have the quality to customer needs, or is said to attract customers.


send outside the chain of each article is original, it will certainly make yourself running out of breath. I think the best way is pseudo original, this article does not require high quality how, even readability can be very poor, because our main purpose is to meet the spider, spider at. Most of the time we send the chain, directly copying others article, add a link to your website, does not allow search engines; so we can now put in a lot of pseudo original, false original method, 1, find a few related articles into one, 2, a article at the beginning of the end of a process, plus his words with head and tail are described, 3, can be used as a tool to replace the original, the text of the article, upset the order. 4, can use Google translation tools, such as a English article, directly translated into Chinese, then put on their website to publish links.

chain for the emperor, which has been proved by the thousands on thousands of webmaster friends, has now become the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion, unshakable method. A website without the support of the chain, like a child without a mother’s care; therefore we should always be ready to send the chain, the chain although sometimes feel very boring and tired, but in order to make the site a better ranking, can only give the actual action to respond to the following! We give several forms about the chain publication written, can be roughly divided into the following four types:


this method is many webmaster friends often used, especially in some of the new site, the site itself is not what weight, even if the original article, the search engine will not be included you; can let it be fast way is to go outside the spider. Many of my friends will have such thoughts: an article on your own website, make sure it is included in the search engine, and then go outside, if has not been included in other weight high website to send, can let a search engine that it is original; we can use another idea, purpose is to make the article was included in this article, we can publish their own web sites to other web site, add a link text, refers to their link to the article. This article, regardless of their original, or false original, or even directly copying others, using this method, may let you search engine included immediately.

three, search engine included not only to attract people to click

, with the contents of their site the spider


two, pseudo original spider

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