Network text how to do the best chain

called the anchor text link is a link, its nature and hyperlinks, is to take a key link to other pages made form, this form is called anchor text links.

anchor text refers to anchor text links to wide distribution. It is to have the anchor text multiple web sites to your website, but here also pay attention to the quality problem.

The effect of

we will introduce several effective methods:

1, Links

Links is our anchor text in a simple and direct manner, the effect is very effective, but its cost is relatively low.

4, the anchor text content and links to related pages here but also pay attention to their own content to anchor text and link pages, otherwise will be the love of Shanghai judge cheating as anchor text.

A form of

said what is the anchor text link anchor text and construction matters needing attention, then look at how to make the anchor text link, the construction of the anchor text may use blog forum has very good effect before, but now with the search engine update algorithm, we also want to have new thinking to do anchor text.

The accuracy of

method takes a lot of time and effort, the effect is not very good, but almost do not need what cost.

anchor text outside the chain of how to make

4, the use of manual production of

anchor text need to pay attention to what

The construction method of 2, the purchase of the chain

here is divided into two aspects, in the station anchor text need accuracy, stood outside the anchor text diversity is required.

1, the anchor text and diversity of

2, the anchor textExtensive

3, the station group in the form of

3, the anchor text number to the appropriate


if the number of anchor text too much will affect the user experience, pay attention to the amount of problems to be so when making the anchor text here.

anchor text requires a large amount of money, but the effect is very good. Also, this is the focus of attention of the local search engine.

chain to buy the anchor text is very good, but it is also a certain risk, so the search engines are in the fight against this one, be careful when in use.


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