How to maximize the effect of Shanghai Dragon


2, for the creation of content, it is a very headache problem for most people. Most of US website is with the capture function, through the acquisition of our website in search engine performance will be very poor. Here I also have a personal experience, the acquisition system collects a large amount of content, and is a regular pseudo original acquisition. A search engine may be a little attention, but with the passage of time ranking will slowly decline, the last snapshot is retreated to a date before. When we do content, personal opinions or every original content, content is no longer in, but in the classic and fresh. Fresh content often can arouse the spider’s taste, the frequency will increase, and the snapshot will get the weight increased significantly.

said the old Shanghai dragon we are no longer strange, so how to optimize our website to make our website to play the maximum effect of Shanghai dragon

can real-time grasp is through love love Shanghai Shanghai view of the chain, but the chain domain view Shanghai love to our website to see the results, most likely is not with our website hyperlink text links. But when we do Shanghai dragon also cannot ignore the function of this part, because our website on the web page show rate also determines our website ranking. If there is a moment of the chain query love Shanghai people know, outside the chain of love in Shanghai is changing, the chain of love Shanghai query stability we can easily see the chain of real time. Sometimes we see the first day of the chain number is large, but the second day number is reduced, then we will know that the chain before we made is not very stable, we need to track our chain of view correction. So our chain can steady growth, very regular promotion.

introduced their experience in this field and we refer to the following two factors, we do Shanghai Longfeng most of the attention is about the chain site and content.

many people do Shanghai and Phoenix are the page from the start, the web design is very good, but now many of the open source program has been in the design of Shanghai Longfeng architecture design is very professional, the rest of the content on the site and update site


1, for the chain grasp, sometimes our judgment errors. Many of us check outside the chain of our website is through YAHOO or Google check the chain resources, but in my opinion, these two methods to check the chain there is a big deviation, is difficult to timely tracking our chain. Sometimes the number of our chain has been reduced, but obtained by YAHOO and Google is indeed the results of steady growth. Why did this happen? The chain viewed by YAHOO and Google is outside the chain of a time period of the situation, but the chain of things through YAHOO and Google is not to see.

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