Only three points you can create high quality original articles

, a reference to the article on the network

is very simple, but it is not an easy thing, many people take their articles directly to pseudo original, so the quality is not high, but if Shanghai love technology is more and more strong, the language will directly involve the website credibility, I think this is a stealth bomb, but I cannot use simple software to get directly under pseudo original. I was through with the people in the organization and use my own language to write the article, as the central idea is about the same, this is mainly rely on the ability, as long as the ability is also possible, do not worry about the topic to write, this is my way to write the original article the most important is, I think the best way. It is now a lot of people should use the method. I believe that useful over the people should have achieved certain effect.

as long as the Shanghai dragon I do Xiamen website design including the word, we cannot do without this topic, because of the high quality of the original article is sometimes the key to a website keywords ranking can go up, plays the decisive factor, because of this difficulty, as can be imagined if everyone can easily, do, the ranking no what big influence. High quality original articles and benefits is a new snapshot, included fast, like my own station, write two original articles every day, and now the snapshot basically is the next day, included fast when it is a keyword included, rankings soon, these are also happening in my chain suck the case, so, sometimes the original article is very important.

said so much, then you’ll have questions, the original article is very good, but how to write high quality original articles? This is the difficulty of it, just started to write my own original article is difficult, always half an hour to write a 10 word, but also wrote the brains of no avail. Many, I also found some tips to write original articles, here are summarized in three points.

Two the word

two, in a book to find the original article

many people may wonder, for you can find the original articles in books? The answer is: of course, books on many articles are on the network to search, and since some books, the quality will not be too bad, may be the high quality of the original article, I used to to do so, the books articles get to the network, a little text, a hair, the effect is very good, and that is not found on the network, to ensure excellent quality assurance articles, love Shanghai spider is very love article, with this method, I have a a fairly popular keywords do love Shanghai first, the effect is relatively good. This method is not difficult to believe what, who can go to find books on the original article, then copy down. Of course, reading is very troublesome, little said, I have used a software can scan directly into text to the computer, the software name will not say.

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