The original content on the website why not included

sometimes we spend a long time to write an article that is very high weight of the original article, published on the website of the jubilant waiting for the next moment included, however, to search engine queries, or that is not included. This is why? In fact we forget is one of the key steps, that is at the time of writing, the first check whether there is this kind of article on the network, according to the part of the webmaster test, as long as the similarity of not more than 30% articles belong to the original content.

I believe that many owners have encountered such a problem, your site is obviously have their own original content, but will not be included, and sent to other forums or being reproduced after they are quickly included. What is the reason? The search engine is not love original content? Yourself every day to update the original content website, where the final resistance for others just for the wedding dress. Then the original content for your web site is not included, the author thinks that there are two reasons:

The original content of

. This relationship refers to the relationship with the site, many webmaster will think so, as long as the original content on the line, whether it is what. In fact, I have tested, done before a station is on the table, because at the time of the billiard articles do not understand more, write about basketball, because I thought, anyway, are related with sports, like this, but after a period of time to write their own brain cells are dead hundreds, have not included a page. Every query is just a snapshot of the home page and update it, some signs are not included in the course of time, will give up the update.

two, and the existing articles on the network of high repeat


, the quality is not high, the correlation is not as high as

search engine is not to have this love original content that love, but not all are affected by the original content search engine. For some of the original content, in the search engine’s eyes like rubbish, meaningless.

now the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, and for the optimization, the original content is the best weapon, but not all of the original content is a weapon, some high quality original content, the correlation is not strong but not reach the multiplier effect.

first, quality is not high. How to judge the quality of the original content is high? The author summarized into two points, one is sentence coherence patency. A good article is the most basic requirement is to allow users to read. Correlation between the two and the theme of the article is to focus around the theme, for example Taobao guest article, you can’t the title Taobao customers in the future in the end how to go. The content is from Taobao off one hundred and eight thousand or related with Taobao off topic just a few had too much to write some related content, this content can not allow the user to generate interest in reading, so that the original content into the waste paper.

The correlation between

So when

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