Does pop play affect BADU rankings

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QQ speed K forum is hit, see Aid=86917, decided to re build a station, after a preliminary preparation and investigation, decided to do the traditional characters related to the contents of the station, not many do stand experience, thought the word search volume is high, after their own website the number of hits is better, was not aware of the competition pressure is really great. With the help of my friend, my traditional Chinese character net is finally ready. After 19 days, Baidu is included. read more

5 ways to increase website traffic

do SEOer all know, website traffic is the survival of the site, a web site whether there is flow, whether the site can survive the problem, the webmaster’s idea of the most direct flow, there is income. Enterprise stations also need traffic, after all, the site can not do it yourself, so the growth of the site, in addition to enriching the quality of web content, the most important job is to enhance the site traffic. The following love network on how to improve the site traffic 5 ways.

the first method: additional flow column read more

How to improve your browsing rate

establish the purpose of the website is different, but the small personal homepage, to the world’s leading products manufacturer’s website, all have a common goal – which is to have a large number of people to visit their web site. Commercial websites are carefully considered when they are established, such as: how to facilitate customers to access the new products at any time and place; how to make potential customers easier to find their own websites and so on. China there is an old saying: "wine is also afraid of deep alley, in the sea, as many as hundreds of millions of benzyl Internet tide, how to make your site A new force suddenly rises. how at the lowest cost? Do the biggest effect? Network promotion has been of concern to the industry, one of the most popular topic. read more

nternet operations how to proceed from a macro perspective so that further operations

before the opening, the name of this article is not like the previous Internet articles, from a variety of details and organizational structure to detailed analysis of operational related issues. What is the operation, how to operate, and how to become a successful operator, these are not shared with the theme of this. Then how to define the topic of the topic, you can first use a relatively more image of the metaphor. That is if the history compared to the river, so the river flow is we need to focus on, to study history more deeply, grasp the historical trend, so the history of all things will become inevitable, not the cause. read more

Do stand for three months of feelings and harvest

for the website, I am a layman, ever since that a better understanding of the network, who knows when I entered this kind of kind of feeling confused, I do not know what to do has been accompanied, from this "game playing" website to now has been three months, although the purpose is to earn some pocket but the real money poured in on him that hard work, dedication that still can let your readers not shoot me a brick, ha ha, I walked the road is probably the most new webmaster way.

know the website can make money, also know that the money is small, but I just walked into here, the beginning did not want to put too much effort, but you know, if you do one thing in particular do this thing is like smoking addiction, do you want to and not the same, and time there is no energy plan to vote, because of what? Just because every day you have to look at the statistics, IP statistics, statistics collection, death, because these can prove that what you are doing now is not development, is not growing, like pets, raising children, you have to see him, because you sustenance some hope for him, you hope he have ambition. read more

Market segmentation webmaster’s start up spring

often sees friends on the Internet talking about finding "projects" and doing "websites". It’s not a project that doesn’t work. A recent study found that the development of the industry Web site, industry segments from the spring, like to share with you, please do not Paizhuan master drifting away.

when we are in this ocean of Internet when not traveling, should position themselves about what he could do? What do what? We identified these goals, rather than casually do a forum for half a year only one visit, or their own; but not in the Internet to find a what the so-called "project". But from the market research, to the operation strategy formulation, implementation. read more

How to write an excellent SEO optimization program

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rank is based on search probability ranking

Baidu ranking algorithm, the key point is based on search probability sorting, such as search for "apple" this keyword, must be Apple’s mobile phone page ranking in front. If you do a website about Apple and fruit, and use a lot of high-level resources to support its ranking, it can’t make this page ranked Baidu first. Because of this word, the probability that the user wants to search Apple mobile phone apparently is far greater than the probability that searches apple fruit. Zhengzhou SEO- snow mountain SEO blog pointed out: Baidu ranking algorithm, after all, is the machine, not intelligent, so it can only priority will be high probability of search page, row in front. This is the best ranking solution at the moment. Recommended article: Snow Mountain SEO teach you how to site articles included in seconds read more

Discussion on the main reasons of website profit

when a website to achieve profitability, it is gratifying, but how will this profit scale, enlarge profit, is a more important things, and behind this, most importantly, find out the core hub to achieve, then the multiplier effect, this is a simple path massive profits, and find out the core hub, is composed of the core factors and website profit together, is the priority among priorities website profit analysis work. Only by finding out the main reason for the website profit and summarizing the valuable experience, can we guide the next website operation, and make the website and the market potential be fully released. read more

100 high quality XHTML CSS templates middle

online free Web templates are innumerable, this group of Smashing template is uneven in quality, recommended by Magazine, are all based on XHTML/CSS. In the age of increasing importance of W3C standards, the conscious use of the most standardized code allows your design to stand the test of time. XHTML’s code requirements are more standardized than HTML, and CSS is almost synonymous with modern Web design. The 100 XHTML/CSS templates are presented in three groups. This is the second group. See the first group and the third group for the rest. read more

Copyright notice it is better to guard against the protection of copyright statements

write articles belong to the creator of the copyright, copyright statement writing is a normal thing, but some reproduced does not respect the copyright of the author, the author of the original simple modifications, arbitrary plagiarize articles, copyright tampering of the article, and the webmaster have accused.

remember to read an article in the website operation peak on the website, the author does not respect copyright, tamper with the copyright statement and conduct of the criticism, saying what is the author writing the soft cost a lot of thought it was written out, and plagiarism easily themselves, it is not moral. The author of the article is right, writing a good soft text takes a long time, and write reference to a lot of relevant information, and in practice, the implementation of some of the effective method. Although the article by those who do not respect the copyright of arbitrary tampering and appropriation, really some hateful. read more