The weight distribution and how to achieve the perfect proportion of website internal links

finally, for most of our website is the classic tree structure is very common, but you will find our domain name weight is too low, the search engine spiders can’t crawl the site of all regions, then we will do some adjustment, is the category page separation, will be allocated directly to the home page weight the final product page, such as the two level classification page directly back to his superiors page chain. The main purpose of doing so is not linked to the classification of other pages, of course, this method has high requirement to the site technical staff, fix the structure of the site will cause confusion. Not to have the time or do not try to good. read more

The Shanghai times do break the normal procedure Longfeng workers

second, Shanghai dragon work in all day and.

, our youth learning optimization and promotion of the occasion, all know the complexity of this work: to fierce competition, boring. You should keep calm, study summary. Well, 2012 webmaster industry we have too much too horrible to look at All the world knows., colleagues, pull hair, sacked numb and give up. What is more, business owners have been difficult in: the variability of search engine algorithm, competitive bidding mechanism, Shanghai Dragon technology development is not perfect, uneven, complexity of employees…… read more

Among the best in the nobility baby 13 ways to Shanghai Dragon

1. to establish the Changqing content (travel blog Exile Lifestyle writer Colin Wright life)

I suggest to employ SEO companies.

Association of young entrepreneurs founder Scott Gerber for many years to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, to provide a series of tools and resources for young entrepreneurs, consultants, help the growth and development stages of enterprises. Now, let him counseling young entrepreneurs share 13 skills of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises how to improve search results. read more

From the CCTV economic and law programs on sea love exposure keyword promotion

most bosses are thought to do a website, and then cast a promotion, and then his waiting orders. The result is spent a lot of money to do a so-called very atmosphere of the FLASH website, in the promotion also spent a lot of money, but basically no effect. This is why? The tidal Shanghai dragon talk about some personal views.

recently, CCTV exposure of the economy and the law of love Shanghai phoenix nest auction false website spread, more money can be ranked first. Dongguan Shanghai Longfeng tidal studio did not wish to comment on this. Just a short program, Beijing copper doors and windows company received love Shanghai telephone company, said advertising costs 2000 yuan a day are finished this festival attracted the attention of Shanghai dragon tide. Because their main products are copper, so they will choose the words "bronze". Click on the said 06 years is three or four dollars, to 2010 reached ten dollars for one click; said the original 2000 yuan at least a month before the end of the day by now on the run. read more

Jiang Xinpeng love Shanghai algorithm summary keyword segmentation algorithm

, a Chinese participle:

B. then because of love of Shanghai is still in the retrieval method of keyword matching technology, so the user’s search word (the next section will analyze how the word love Shanghai);

1. Chinese

Chinese in word segmentation is better than the noble love sea baby, this is one of the key factors to win Baidu noble baby, Chinese word than English much more complex (and also one of the reasons why the same trouble Chinese participle important language and Japanese, Korean, Russian, it was also the baby cannot win in these areas), Jiang Xinpeng is here because it does not go into details, interested friends can look (in Latin English for example) make the difference and Chinese sentences, Chinese sentences not only many synonyms, word order and constantly changing, too much (adverbs with SVO outside, Interjections and so on). read more

Wangzhuan how to operate For the still confused noviceAnd blog to get traffic

sixth: if you are a collection of pictures or pictures to reprint your best picture edit, use their own language to edit images with the lure of the text, and it is easy to be included, but also can bring a lot of traffic, and the blog has a boss, you may wish to see how he >

third: circle of friends home better why, friends read your article will return card in your blog, I will also bring you flow in the circle post discuss the problem will also bring you connect with flow;

2, spend 3 days in the conception, learning, access to relevant information, you must have a specific Wangzhuan ideas, and put into action to operate, no effect 5 to 10 days, the third points of reference. read more

6 important factors of website page rank not

360 browser for the love Shanghai search engine also felt the pressure of market competition, with the frequent updates of fluctuation love Shanghai algorithm, stationmaster of a lot of websites accompanied by the website ranking no problem; then on these site is what the problem is and how to solve it. 6 important factors in today’s Hangzhou Shanghai dragon summed up the website page rank no, completely solve the website page rank no problem.

With the

3. "new website ranking" of the web page rank without read more

Five simple analysis allows you to Links more quality

analysis of

a lot of websites to improve their website ranking, to rush into danger through the links to purchase, increase website one-way links. For one-way import links can quickly improve the ranking weight is not what secret. And some new online purchase link, if a large number of import must soon enter assessment period, so I do not recommend a new station on the line to buy links, should be at least one or two months to the normal operation of the. Today I share my analysis of the purchase link if there is a quality of experience, is to make a summary of it: read more

Taobao registration activities should be a concrete analysis of concrete problemsAdvertisement and a


I suggest that at this time to brand development, such as lemon green tea, Korean clothing, homes and other Amoy brand, sales have not been their focus of development, expanding brand influence is the focus. This aspect mainly lies in enhances the brand the exposure rate, this needs the more abundant fund and the plan ability. Registration activities at this stage >


extension refers to the shop to maintain sales volume and flow rate to a certain extent, and reputation in the above 2 drill. In this period, most shops will face a more embarrassing problem, is to make money or to the pursuit of sales and shop sales? Capital operation does not come, the pursuit of profit may lead to impact the reputation and stock is not good. The recommendations focus on customers and shop open culture and old customers, at the same time increase the store coupons, free postage paid card. Increase efforts to increase traffic, increase participation in activities, as much as possible to participate in Juhuasuan, daily specials and other large flow of activities read more

Give the inflatable doll a soul what does the artificial ntelligent Company wantPart time students

said, "the name of deep intelligence" or the use of RNN recurrent neural network to learn the "moral" more than 5000 word content, one of the 7 names automatically generated.

every Friday, Guo Xianghao founder of deep intelligence will organize a small seminar, as the team is full of Polytechnic male, that male hormones are too strong, so they will be at the meeting, please find a doll sits.

explained before, first said that the Wangzhuan novice friends to explain what is Wangzhuan read more

‘m not in the club ‘m playing de poly throws why more attractive to investors than the table club

Du Yue is the first Chinese to win the WSOP gold bracelet, and he is also the former vice president of Renren, Ivy capital partner and Tencent, chief consultant of Dezhou every day.

then began to re design the page as the first video ads before the user can apply for the size of the 255*235 player, but now can only apply for 300*271, although already occupied by the serious place this page, I do not say. It took hours to get back to the new home page and added ads to the first video. I was full of hope for the first video, but today when I went backstage to see it, I suddenly found out that my bank address was wrongly filled. Of course, I didn’t have the right to modify it. I quickly contacted the customer service staff, and they also answered my question for the first time, but the result was very unsatisfactory to me. read more

Try to do Wangzhuan in developing countriesEntertainment sites and other small areas of the future d

from here, the moonlight in his 04 years abroad will earn dollars, do is English website, at that time, he is also very early Oh, now 09 years, many people choose English English Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, in fact easier said than done, you think English understand network master more, do not think so easy website ranking, but also bring a lot of traffic, so hard hard year, can only get less income, like a swarm of bees to do something is not good, so I’m going to do English website to make money project did not think, actually it is not impossible, but in doing need to deepen one, do is the website with its own product line, so that they can earn more money. read more

The actual share entrepreneurship to create enterprise cultureStarting a business is like finding s

I: entrepreneurship is good, but why choose milk tea shop, and why would you like to find me together?

spark the spark of enterprise culture is a very critical step in the beginning of the establishment of entrepreneurial companies. But how to continue the sparks of fire of corporate culture, is a company from the business team to dozens of people and even the very important process of hundreds of thousands of people in the expansion of a daily training work. Up to the leadership office, down to the mail room, as well as offices throughout the country and around the world, corporate culture training is required. read more

n fact in many ways Wangzhuan another may have a new discoveryDon’t use entrepreneurship as an exc

1 freshman. Just entered the university is very fresh, more disciplined, basically can do not skip classes, not late, do not leave early, completed the task assigned by the teacher, even perfunctory.

foreign network project, early flattening the boundaries, such as a GDI project, the simple point that you buy an international domain name in there, and you will have global domain name system, in fact, the Godaddy class can also apply to his agent, but at least a year to pay $99. This domain name is not a lot of stuff which stationmaster ah, Chinese blogging, engage in e-commerce, open shop so much, don’t you think nobody wants? This is a 5 layer distributor system, in fact the direct selling is a really good stuff, or direct sales to US $billions a year? As long as you know how to use the multiplication system, and try to do, the results will make you surprised myself, if you have a direct. read more

Application of Taobao AP in small Taobao guest website35 nternet elephant dance

in early 2003, 35 Internet launched the first set of spam filtering system based on intelligent behavior recognition and artificial intelligence, sounding the war horn to spam, and has since become one of the major manufacturers of domestic anti spam.

business applications demand, security, stability and quality of service has become the focus of the most attention of enterprises. 35, the Internet has formed a variety of online, instant service, telephone service, door-to-door services, such as multi-level, all-round service model. read more

Personally Taobao shopping think of enterprise network marketingDaycare in Sheffield

through communication, send a message to a seller, TA for a long time to reply to the author business really busy right?, and I want to know the specific circumstances of the suit, the seller asked the author to take clothes to work. I want to say: Although photographed clothes can cancel the order, but you need to have this kind of service attitude to deal with your customers? Another seller is relatively good, I quickly replied, and have all the problems, such as: the patient reply to the author of the product quality, delivery and so on, at last I chose this shop. read more

Website brand planning user experience and service are the foundation stoneA little idea of making m

if you want to do, the cost is two hundred yuan is enough, not much money ah! Nothing, to more than a few big station at www.admin5 www.chinaz www.im286 have the opportunity to the next explanation of how to do the right site, this is too complicated! Here is a reminder, don’t listen to that domain name to sell how much money you have go to school. I’m telling you, it’s harder than winning a lottery.

3. website publicity, IT workers! The latter refers to help some stations to do work, earn money. The former is a bit complicated! " read more

Bottlenecks are now dividends ebb tide the content of entrepreneurship breaking the road is whatAm

at present, whole foods the last fiscal year sales of $15 billion 700 million and Amazon accounted for 1.21% of the United States grocery market share and 0.19%, after the merger will become the industry fifth. At the forefront of the WAL-MART, Kroger, accounting for 14.45% of the total market and 7.17%. Amazon’s main rivals are Target and Costco. After the transaction, all of the shares fell below the line.

in the past year, Li Xiang is an entrepreneurial star in China’s content creation market. On June 5, 2016 the premium content products "Li Xiang commercial reference" so far there are 97310 users, sales reached 19 million 360 thousand yuan, Li Xiang from income of nearly ten million. This is regarded as the starting point and typical example of the content paying market. read more

The United States has profit value chain investment company as a tool of capital turnoverWho is resp

first appeared in the mountain community Lj5x:

!The original ! ?

then the first time in video re record information, that does not match, then send the date to submit accurate filing number or net advertising revenue SMS! Want to ask, what is with this??? We record, you have passed, now is the letter of ministry to delete the record data. The first video said it would be fun to deduct advertising revenue. Who is responsible for that? Should it be deducted?

received a short message service first video, said the site record information does not match, the 24 January, before the record, deduct the cost for. Look, there seems to be no problem, but to think about it, the problem is greatly D, read more

The Wangzhuan can you make moneyUnder the financial storm struggle to find the most unlucky investor

in the end who is the most miserable stock market in 08 years, tell your story, show your income loss table screenshot, so that the majority of users who comment on the most tragic, most worthy of sympathy. Therefore, the giant financial return for the love and support of all investors, financial giants JR18 with several top media portal and jointly launched the "08 years of my worst stocks contest", then, we welcome you to actively participate, do not miss. "Show your loss, pour out your story", we warmly look forward to your participation, let you become a microcosm of the story of 08 years of the stock market, a symbol, let more people understand the risks of the stock market, the financial giant hurry to participate in "08 years of my worst stock" shaike contest read more