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to join rebels

contract formally entered into force, the United States and micro is the form of dividends at the end of the feedback "membership card" investors. "At present, member ownership of 6%, and then the United States will take 6% of the annual turnover as dividends." Zhu Jiang said. Zhu Jiang’s goal was to reach 20 million of revenue in 2013, and they began production of the two business, "EasyMBA".

March 2012, Youku and Tudou announced it would merge 100% convertible way; Youku CEO Victor Koo served as the company after the merger Youku potatoes group CEO. read more

Ready for business Look at what Jobs has taught usHow to effectively escape the search doomed bad lu

in fact, we can find that those who always blame others for their failure often fail. Therefore, you must dare to face up and face your failure before you can fly further. And sometimes, when we start a business, we also need to trust our intuition, which will bring us unexpected results.



wisdom four

      4. upset the paging rule of the article; that is, do not follow the source article. Have its own features,

wisdom a

"you have to start with the customer experience and go back to technology, not the other way around." In Jobs’s eyes, understanding the needs of users and their needs and putting customer experience first, will make your entire business process easier. It’s important that you find problems and design a solution for users to observe user behavior rather than trying to assume what people want. read more

The menu will become the two largest delicacy application reason entrepreneurial outletHow many step

had Ali when the acquisition of high moral map, with the hot with faster, see a "Alibaba shares could promote the High German Taobao dream?" the author believes that this time the hand of Ali and High German is in common for a good map O2O dream. Not long after, other concrete follow up in the map investment, also gradually spread out a map of O2O’s PK battlefield. Since the catering O2O is a heavy item in the map O2O, the author’s attention to the map O2O has focused on the catering O2O. read more

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at home, the aunt came from 2012, 2015, 2016, a large number of followers, the main rival original beauty grapefruit has begun to focus on electricity supplier diversion and community operation, achieved gratifying income diversion but it seems that the target direction, the two companies are drifting away. So, more focused on your aunt? In the field of women’s health what kind of new gameplay, new money way?

well, of course, backed by a good shade tree. Everyone is behind the second half because women’s health is really a good area. In Silicon Valley, from 2014 onwards, the female healthcare industry as a whole is becoming to a new outlet — more startups in the family tracking applications, egg freezing, female fertility treatment, clinical care, and even ordered the tampon start layout, according to statistics show that since 2014, the company raised a total of more than $1 billion 100 million. read more

Linktech Zhike network CPL advertisers on line friends30 tips for paying survey sites for money

8., the more opportunities to participate in the questionnaire. However, some companies are not very good, and even suspected of fraud, such as the cumulative to 100 yuan to pay, so I do not know how long to do it, under normal circumstances are 30 yuan to 50>

1. registration paid when survey sites fill in personal information to their own income level raise, and of high consumption of products to interest; if you have less money, can not afford to buy a survey released business products, you will be screened out. Of course, if you 18 years income over 10000 is also difficult to convince registered domestic survey company, the monthly income of 8000-20000 yuan is more reasonable, abroad is higher read more

From the rise and fall of each guest the network cock silk business how to doSina blog Amoy careful

what is the reason? That is, cock wire, even if the heart cock wire, but also do not want to show. In other words, cock wire and then cock wire, do not want to be labeled with cock wire on the body, showing to the outside world. What is the fundamental difference between clothing and other silk games games, beauties, video on demand, etc.? Actually, one is displayed outside, and the other is not. And go further

, this is the funniest place for Miracle. I actually saw a "third quarter of 2010 weight loss products list", but also been reproduced reproduced. Of course, I don’t rule out the same person, unlike Ma Jiafa. Now only a few months? The third quarter rankings come out? Just 2009 simple change 2010 you dare to send? You expect such promotional articles can bring you income? See a lot of new people complaining about how hard to do for a few months every day, but no income. But if you do things, even a little bit of logic > read more

Beyond Adsense alternative ways of earning huge profitsUC Yu Yongfu entrepreneurship to fight

 :     John Chow earned a huge $11702.66 last month, and its Adsense has just contributed more than $1000, and there are many different sources of revenue from his income list,

first, have a common goal, core is the ability of people do not necessarily work, can work with people is like drawn to like. >


  ReviewMe: $4500.00
  Affiliate Sales: $2150.00
  Text; Link Ads: $1352.81
  Direct Ad Sales: $1200.00
  shlf1314 AdSense:; $1077.67
  Kontera: $1000.00
  FeedBurner: $271.44 br />  TTZ Media: $150.74 read more

Rookie Adsense needs technical support

I will not write any soft text, that is to say what the heart just! With the webmaster network platform to say their thanks,

!Here is the site of the

, a lot of rookie, including myself, really a rookie, remember, years ago, I just contact the industry website, rolled up for such a long time, finally touch a little way, is not a piece of code was not breathe in that day stay

!In fact, the development of the industry Web site

speed can be said like psoriasis advertisement, speed, increase the speed of stationmaster also really hard to imagine, when rookie just contact the industry, they need what kind of help? They to webmaster nets or other station owners to see those the Big Brother Big Sister you have a long and minute statement. Is a veteran, you can fully analyze what SEO, what keywords ranking, what CSS stylesheet how to write, what, you all these, for you, is very easy, but just contact the novice website? What they see? Even HTML doesn’t know how to do, suddenly look at the mess code? Those things like in FRONTPAGE there is no? Why not the middle school computer book? Dumbfounded? You call them to see the ASP grammar PHP language, what else can they say? It’s crazy, read more

Will Twitter’s founder the new product Branch be the future of BBS

Twitter founder Evan Williams, Biz Stone Branch new products have open registration, you can use Twitter account login, the direct use of the chain Twitter, reduce the re establishment of user relationship construction cost, focus on the content of the.

That’s what

Biz Stone said in an introduction to Branch,

The service, called Branch, enables a smart new brand of high quality public discourse. Various groups of people are invited to engage around issues of interest them anything really. This service holds, the promise of a new platform for dialogue on the web (a necessary departure from the monologues we have grown so accustomed to reading online). read more

Some thoughts on website Collection

I’m not a good thinker. The initial purpose of my website is to kill time, because it makes me feel empty.

but slowly, with the site of the depth, I also slowly like the webmaster, these lovely crowd, sweet and sour taste. Maybe I say this is a big talk, no matter how you understand, I still want to record some of my sudden thoughts.

on the site included problems, has been the webmaster in the early stage of the most concerned about the problem.

these days, I thought carefully, indeed, learning from the experience of previous generations, really can let us go a lot of detours. Here I recommend blog program to do web site. read more

Talking about the originality and graphic mark of Baidu principles Mars program

currently Baidu principles Mars program is progressing. Recently found that some websites have been included in the article, in front of an original and graphic logo, then why these things, some sites have some sites do not? Then we will analyze:

for the original marking we should know that this website Baidu original articles, such as some portals, news sites are the primary original content, then this type of Web site must be approved by Baidu.

graphic refers to the article is illustrated, and the article is still original degree, the user likes to see the content. So naturally, Baidu loves it too, read more

How to add useful external links to your website or blog

a new station is not included, how can quickly into the search engine vision, and increase the site included:

1, of course, the easiest way is to go to the search engine manually submit their own domain name, but now this seems to have become more and more slow.

2 find the navigation station and send your own domain name. But the new station, it is difficult to some advanced navigation station, can only go to some general navigation station hair, personally think that this kind of Web site over the quality of the chain is not high. read more

How can the enterprise website enhance the propaganda effect through the promotion activity

at present, many websites hold various kinds of online promotions, which arouse their sense of participation and attract more visitors. Such as: online game, questionnaire, sweepstakes, best-selling products for ranking, discount cards and VIP card, the establishment of online club activities, the largest consumer shopping is to buy cheap and good quality goods. The website is also in full accordance with the traditional business philosophy, such as regularly launched every Monday things, monthly activities, to create a shopping atmosphere at preferential prices, to stimulate consumer desire to buy. read more

s it really mourning for the dead

is a 5.12, a whole Chinese cannot forget the day, each big website also are replaced by white gray, Taobao seems to be the first site of grey like last night after zero, today is a lot of portal website, or personal website is also good. Even we are familiar with the A5 and Chinaz are also put on a gray, the entire site for gray is add a short code. The website is grey, no longer so gorgeous, but what does all this represent? How many is not just for one form?


a year later, the dead is dead, alive to survive and continue to move forward, a year later, if they let you immersed in the endless pain and I think that is not necessary, it is not more care about their people can see, NetEase, Sina, QQ and so on. A few sites corresponding to do some special reports and, if no appeal to the media, and how many people remember this once let the dead that tens of thousands of relatives of the pain, it was announced yesterday site pull gray code, just add a pull gray code only, maybe a minute are not… read more

Why is the offline business of dating websites derivative

[I world networks] marriage is an important big business in china. Unfortunately, in the past, apart from guerrilla shops, only a few Internet companies managed to trade in marriage, and most did not make money – until the emergence of the 020 model of the marriage market. Lily net store has opened 120 stores in more than 70 cities throughout the country. Shop service another dating site Jiayuan began to promote the line from 2013 May, also the rapid expansion to more than 40. How did the offline business come from, read more

Hand to teach you how to do the flow

traffic this thing I always think it is not difficult, the key to see how you do it, since we are together every day to do the webmaster, can we have a hobby is is love flow, people will think flow happy not together heart, this is me every step of the way you listen to me say, you want to learn to do traffic? If no traffic is not do business ah, a few days ago, I have been looking at a site of action is because he has been in progress is very good, I will observe it, one does not mind careful let me see a lot of inside the doorway, it should be said that it is very long time, I am a webmaster webmaster. read more

5 elements of webmaster’s success in business

first, to do their own likes, believe, and development, but also the trend of the industry

‘s "trend" industry is a project of great promise in the future. Just like ten years ago, everyone didn’t have a cell phone. If you made mobile phones more than ten years ago, this is a trend industry.

trend industry definition is: now everyone has not yet, but in the future, almost everyone will have. If you can do a trend in the industry, which will give you a lot of help to succeed in business. If you can enter an industry to start it, you ride a horse, the probability of success will have greater confidence. read more

cn normal application for GOOGLE enterprise post office tutorial

always thought that only the international domain name.Com/.net can apply for GOOGLE enterprise post office, now let.Cn also can apply for post office, domain name suffix should be capitalized. The latest test.CC /.asia can also apply for success, this need not case sensitive, but the address to choose the United States, the United States should also use the phone number format: 0000000000 to 0 changed to other digital open URL: www.google.com/a/help/intl/zh-CN/admins/editions_spe.html & quot selection; " standard; read more

A rookie webmaster’s 20 day BBS feeling

I absolutely novice webmaster, I do not know why suddenly had an idea, want to build a can let Sanya like Heilongjiang friends mutual exchanges bbs. The idea is easy, but every step is a new one, a rookie doesn’t understand DZ, PW is what, domain name, space is what friends tell you. What are the content of the forum?. Do it tomorrow. It’s hard to do anything. It’s no use thinking too much. You can do it yourself.

bought the domain name in the morning, originally thought is hrbsy.com, but has already been registered. So instead of www.harbinsanya.com, I prefer the English name of the two cities. Thus, the forum was first established, I think, to have a concise page, change the various styles of templates, did not like, and therefore the forum has been reloaded two times. Finally, on the DZ’s official forum, I found the template, which is mesh, looks good. read more

5 modes of thinking for the growth of users in online communities

tribal is the main trend of the future, Internet sociology will flourish, the traditional sense of the programmer has been unable to control such as Facebook has 1 billion people in the Internet kingdom.

author Tang Xingtong has recently paid close attention to Internet sociology, the construction, evolution and decline of the Internet society. There are many ways of thinking at home and abroad. If we analyze the "network resident" from the point of view of the members of the network community and the composition of the tribe members, we can use the rules in community operations and product promotion. The author has developed enterprise 2, brand community strategy and Implementation for a number of group enterprises, and vision enterprises have embarked on the strategy in this field. The global consultation in this field is also on the rise, and there are few professional consultants at home and abroad. We are looking forward to discussing it with you. read more