Himalaya founder readme a year and a half access to 70 million users of radio stations to subvert th

November 2012, the Himalaya radio website is on the line. In 2013 February, the IOS client was launched.

At the time

team is not optimistic about the audio field under the condition of CO CEO Yu Jianjun restructuring team, and in the network and traditional radio anchor DJ seed user driven, user quantity rapid increase, a year and a half of the total number of users has nearly 70 million, and steady rise in.

A has received 15 million yuan in Angel Group investment in Himalaya, in May this year, SIG, KPCB and other $11 million 500 thousand round of financing. Today, with the rise of all kinds of radio stations, Yu Jianjun said that their advantage lies in the fact that the content is comprehensive and rich and the departments are in close coordination. read more

Where is the fun of website construction


network (www.lewen123.com) station for 30 days, have a good night sleep, is full of articles, materials, information, and let all the webmaster all dream of IP, PV, is very tiring, people always inexplicably want to give up.

through the exchange of experience, learn skills, this is me a few small secretary of the station building in mind, as loss of hardware and software and other expenses, in my ability can withstand the range, do not think too much.

had a friend suggested that I put up an advertisement and then return the proceeds to contributors. To tell the truth, in the case of lack of data, I once wanted to reward for contributors to 2 yuan as the price of the article, can be considered carefully, if I set goals by 10000 articles, at least I will pay 20000 yuan of money, this is not my personal can bear, so vote release back now the plan had been stranded. read more

SEO need to do it carefully and believe in success

of the things I do not much nonsense. Shuduoshu online;

SEO is not a highly technical thing. At least there is no language like C+ and SQL for you to read;

just wanted to say something:

SEO needs to be careful to do the station; instead of thinking of speeding up traffic by SEO means;

whether in station link optimization to keyword analysis, every more you need to take 100% of the mind to study, to specific practice;

the best hypothesis is that when you see a very good when you think of the article, you actually spend 15 minutes to see this article; but afterwards you took 15 days to go to your website optimization; this is the most important; read more

Will the end of the porters come after WeChat is cracking down on plagiarism

The homogenization and plagiarism of content on the Internet has always existed from the Internet,

. In this fall, WeChat public also bear a lot of pressure, with the national copyright management continues to improve, the official WeChat also launched rectification on copyright issues on the largest ever, the first official WeChat in January 22nd for WeChat certified media, pushing out the original function, can be mass with the "original" logo the second, in February 3rd launched the "plagiarism plagiarism punishment rules", and add on the mobile phone infringement report entrance, punishment rules are as follows: read more

Thoughts on website before going on line

now what things are not easy, do a webmaster is not easy, so in a recessionary environment, because the station of low threshold, more and more people to join in to enact the webmaster, want to earn some income through the website, improve the living environment, not know stationmaster is very tired, in fact, it is difficult to feed their families through the site is very difficult, so in an on-line website before, must consider, I would own a website and we discuss from the following aspects:

1, the content of the website: website content must be unique, because when you start doing stand, our ancestors have a lot and you do the same thing, so the content of the website for our new webmaster is particularly important. The establishment of a large and comprehensive portal website can refer to these unrealistic, Sina, NetEase, so we have to use our expertise in some fine things, do a special website, you often more sophisticated, more likely to succeed. read more

Thousand people lecture 42 period network marketing Zhang Hangfeng talk about how to do well website

Thousands of lecture

old K has presided over the forty-second period, the guests Zhang Hangfeng, network marketing consultants, by media professionals to the Internet, worked in China and word-of-mouth network, pre operation in Wholesale District, new network, LED global online business projects, there are insights in Web site operators promotion.

at the end of 2007, launched a well-known network marketing blog www.zhanghangfeng.cn, focus on the analysis of the Internet news comment, share operation view with many webmaster, many webmaster support. read more

Start with the chain promotion SEO what do you want to know

said SEO, many people are nothing more than the quality of the article, the site structure, user experience, the construction of the chain, and so on. These words only need to be known as SEO, but why do some websites do well in optimizing and some websites don’t do well? In fact, many of them are very detailed. SEO giants will be able to see the many details of the problem. That’s the difference.

I’m SEO from outside the chain, and I haven’t started to touch the industry. My friends all say how boring and boring this job is. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s from a separate job. Two weeks later, I began to slowly understand what my job was, and from then on, I felt that the job was something I loved, something that interested me. read more