Only three points you can create high quality original articles

, a reference to the article on the network

is very simple, but it is not an easy thing, many people take their articles directly to pseudo original, so the quality is not high, but if Shanghai love technology is more and more strong, the language will directly involve the website credibility, I think this is a stealth bomb, but I cannot use simple software to get directly under pseudo original. I was through with the people in the organization and use my own language to write the article, as the central idea is about the same, this is mainly rely on the ability, as long as the ability is also possible, do not worry about the topic to write, this is my way to write the original article the most important is, I think the best way. It is now a lot of people should use the method. I believe that useful over the people should have achieved certain effect. read more

Huang Lei’s Huang Xiaochu caught plagiarism storm can not all in stars really fit for entrepreneurs


24 morning, Huang Lei made a response on micro-blog. Huang Xiaochu, he says, is one of many of his work and, in addition to some general direction decisions, he has no energy to participate in the details of the project. He could not tolerate the problem of intellectual property rights. But specific circumstances, but also the need for investigation and understanding. If you are wrong, you must be brave and take responsibility for it and publish it to the public.


doesn’t know if the melons will remember Babel’s response last month. In March 23rd, Babel issued a document on micro-blog responded to its investment in the Harbin branch of the Zhuang Hot pot spicy duck blood by posing as events. In his response, he expressed the same attitude as Huang Lei, that is, to be accused of behavior itself has a deep hatred. read more

How to maximize the effect of Shanghai Dragon

2, for the creation of content, it is a very headache problem for most people. Most of US website is with the capture function, through the acquisition of our website in search engine performance will be very poor. Here I also have a personal experience, the acquisition system collects a large amount of content, and is a regular pseudo original acquisition. A search engine may be a little attention, but with the passage of time ranking will slowly decline, the last snapshot is retreated to a date before. When we do content, personal opinions or every original content, content is no longer in, but in the classic and fresh. Fresh content often can arouse the spider’s taste, the frequency will increase, and the snapshot will get the weight increased significantly. read more

t will affect the site ranking website snapshot

website snapshot ranking on the site has no direct effect.

is unable to open when the site snapshot of a search result, the cached page or open speed is very slow and displayed. The characteristics of love Shanghai snapshot will only temporarily cache the text content of the web page, every page will automatically generate snapshots, and there may be multiple snapshots of text. When the web server is temporarily clapping or network transmission is blocked, users can quickly browse the web snapshot love Shanghai text. The website is a website snapshot based on comprehensive score. There are a lot of website snapshot questions on the network, such as a web site snapshot will affect the site ranking? Below by flying sale personnel to answer in detail: read more

Using the tool selection of the best advertisement market noble baby

global market opportunities

, the search results will appear as follows:

the numerical local monthly search volume is bigger, on behalf of the procurement requirements, this market has more business opportunities for enterprises to obtain more chances, more customers and orders.

noble baby is one of the effective means of marketing advertising the development of overseas markets, professional advertising can enhance the performance of noble baby effectively help foreign trade enterprises, without professional operation in addition to bring a lot of waste of marketing costs, but also cause the enterprise manpower, time, opportunity and other aspects of the waste. read more

Network text how to do the best chain

called the anchor text link is a link, its nature and hyperlinks, is to take a key link to other pages made form, this form is called anchor text links.

anchor text refers to anchor text links to wide distribution. It is to have the anchor text multiple web sites to your website, but here also pay attention to the quality problem.

The effect of

we will introduce several effective methods:

1, Links

Links is our anchor text in a simple and direct manner, the effect is very effective, but its cost is relatively low. read more

Why do you not only adhere to the site can not love Shanghai home

, 3 degrees

search a keyword in love Shanghai, home page 2-3 is the love of Shanghai’s own products in the top row, such as Wikipedia, love love Shanghai Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar love. Since the love of Shanghai can sell their products on the front page, then we can to promote and optimize the effective utilization of these love Shanghai for their own products, so you can make us not much strength and can obtain good returns.

4, Shanghai love taboo

we need to know what Shanghai is like a love hate, favored and illegal things not to do, because the love of Shanghai caught cheating is very strict if caught so you can give up your domain name to the site, we should avoid excessive optimization of Shanghai dragon and black chain, keyword accumulation, acquisition, the virus, Se and so on some love Shanghai very taboo operation. read more

How to use the htaccess custom WordPress page 404

when you see this title, you may have two questions: 1, why should their own definition of a 404 page, WordPress template is not take 404.php to handle not exist page? I want to say is, this 404 page really convenient, but when you do the site in time long, it is likely there will be a large number of 404 pages, for example, used to be a kind of information website, after revision wordpress blog, there will be a large number of 404 pages, and the search engine will continue to access these pages do not exist, thus increasing the burden on the server, and the use of a custom htaccess static page 404, we can solve this problem. 2, the use of htaccess custom WordPress 404 page that is not simple, directly in the htaccess file to add the code ErrorDocument 404 /404.html, then a new 404.html file upload to the root directory on OK. But this method is not feasible, because the default rewrite rules is to make all requests to index.php script, but also does not exist page, if 404 pages directly add common setup code, will not have any effect. Said so much, I believe you have to understand why WordPress is a custom 404 page. Here we describe how to customize the page 404. read more

KMT government do website internal link optimization

site map

pictured above, if " Moutai flying business wine " as a long tail keywords view, to appear in the title, and then in the web site first appeared when the keywords, the keywords and links to the corresponding product pages, the long run, is pointing to the product page the weight will be cumulative, in later reached a certain stage, the product page is sure to get a good ranking.

in the search engine algorithm, is to determine the weights of the web page through the relationship between link level. When it comes to the link, many people first thought is the chain. In fact, when we take leave of to other people’s sites to " " the chain of time, may have thought that their own internal links website is standard read more

What are the recovery site down the right way

over the anchor text

is not difficult to see that the keyword of my choice is not what popular keywords, some even index are not words, but even if this is the case, in September 10th the day the night of my website keywords, the home directly disappeared all over again. This is the site is down right and punish the show is like, you can control your own website, if there is such a situation? If yes, please continue to look down:

but it is a great pity that now the website ranking no, pictured above. read more

After the Mid Autumn Festival how we should conduct a comprehensive analysis for the website optimiz

first, analysis of site keywords ranking. This is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er every day may be necessary to do the job, but after we have to tighten this string, we need to analyze the core word is responsible for their website search engine rankings in various rankings, aided and key words long tail words are to conduct a detailed analysis of the performance of Shanghai and so on in love in the analysis process, you may find the main keywords ranking stability, auxiliary keywords and long tail word ranking drop and so on, the author thinks that these problems may lead to some factors, such as the long tail word because a lot of friends leave the reason for their holiday chain support to reduce the intensity, or continue to update the article did not lead to a decline in the overall weight and the site in the long tail word weight is reduced, and such conditions are reasonable, we adjust the festival Let the site outside the chain and content can be synchronized and before. For a large range of reduced and included rankings decline we have to be based on second performance analysis, then we continue to analyze. read more

Personal website content and how to choose the chain

chain can be divided into many types, such as technology, soft love Shanghai library, search encyclopedia, Search ask, Douding nets, high weight Links platform, e-commerce platform, forum, blog, quiz, soft marketing and so on, these are outside the chain, but not every one is suitable for you the website also likely not all do, so how to choose from


e-commerce platform, forum, blog, marketing soft, e-commerce platform must be made, high weight, high ranking, but also related to product advertising, although registered in some trouble, but the absolute value for money. Forums and blogs have a choice to do some good, the weight of the high. Marketing soft effect is good, but the test of strength, the level is not high, one eye was caught. read more

How do you easily change a new website to 6000P with 1000PMop alliance price announcements

this to everybody stationmaster inconvenience please forgive!

members of the League:

due to the impact of the year Union budget, MOP alliance will start to December 31st the price down to 15 yuan /1000IP from December 27th, January 1, 2007 to restore the price of 30 yuan /1000IP, please continue to support and to spend a happy new year! Hereby notify!

, members of the league,

premise: there is a pop-up around 1000IP sites. The new site is best for the beauty picture network, as well as a site where good traffic can be exchanged. read more

Analysis how to study peer sites through the layout content chain

second: To study the

is the most simple, "Avatar" ordinary users to browse the competitor’s website. For example, we want to do online booking a website, you can fall in love with words related to maritime search and online booking, reservation booking, and then select the top five websites in the browser, of course, do not use Adsense view website, but the website for ordinary users perspective, mainly to see the web interface is not like tone but, to see how the site is placed in each function module page, front page application technology is not in line with the user experience, then the layout of the case record, finally, choose the most suitable as a reference site layout. read more

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how rational allocation of limited resources

of course, very few companies have enough funds, able to use. If your company is a small company, and only going to put a not big budget, so, how to configure more perfect planning, it is very important. Don’t worry, I will tell you how to put the limited budget into the remarkable Shanghai Longfeng work.


, for example, whether you are running a small personal blog, or has become a Jingdong, such as Taobao’s competitors, you can optimize your site with the Shanghai dragon plan. Similarly, basis for the Shanghai Longfeng work is to have enough external links to your page, whether you own manual, or hire a professional organization to help you, can not avoid this point. read more

The chain released several forms of written content

like some SNS type sites, such as kaixin001贵族宝贝 and renren贵族宝贝, when you here inside the link, love Shanghai search engines are not included, but the inside is very big, we can use the site, to which the flow. Inside the contents of this release should have the quality to customer needs, or is said to attract customers.

send outside the chain of each article is original, it will certainly make yourself running out of breath. I think the best way is pseudo original, this article does not require high quality how, even readability can be very poor, because our main purpose is to meet the spider, spider at. Most of the time we send the chain, directly copying others article, add a link to your website, does not allow search engines; so we can now put in a lot of pseudo original, false original method, 1, find a few related articles into one, 2, a article at the beginning of the end of a process, plus his words with head and tail are described, 3, can be used as a tool to replace the original, the text of the article, upset the order. 4, can use Google translation tools, such as a English article, directly translated into Chinese, then put on their website to publish links. read more

QQ marketing SKYCC combination marketing software to detonate another climax


have to say, SKYCC in marketing has done really well, whether it is the previous video marketing, borrow a IT video "grass root confessional" IT entrepreneurs and webmasters attention, or later micro-blog posted to the recent show, QQ marketing, every marketing will bring attention to the SKYCC promotion, product sales promotion seems to be reasonable, but a product sales, in addition to these creative marketing, there are deeper reasons.

now joined the network marketing business a lot, but really understand the network marketing business and not many companies want only through a simple way to achieve the comprehensive network marketing. In fact, in the network platform more and more Internet users access to the Internet today, more and more means of network marketing to achieve good effect, really need long range of network marketing, SKYCC combination marketing software proposed comprehensive network marketing idea, just to meet the needs of enterprises, this is the deeper cause of it by the enterprise favor. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Er to obtain the high quality the chain had to adopt the way

in May 17, 2011, I wrote an article, starting at A5, the title of the article is: a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have a qualified excel table, the original address: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110517/342822.shtml, today (May 19, 2011), we look at the effect:

recently discovered that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people have a rash mentality, the mentality of these Er are from Shanghai Longfeng lack of professional knowledge, they often become holding half, when they came into contact with Shanghai dragon, in various webmaster forum to see related articles, see a few post, began to start their own in disorderly fashion Shanghai Longfeng trip. read more

Shanghai dragon is not what is immutable and frozen

here I don’t discuss the selected site of the core keywords, because of my analysis of long tail keywords more interest. To be honest, in Shanghai Longfeng work so many things which I think one of the most interesting is the long tail keyword analysis, I personally feel that in a sense, to expand the long tail keywords is infinite. Words do not say much, I actually talk about me is how to expand the long tail keywords.


3, brainstorming ask friends, ask friends

2, the search drop-down box and related search read more

Shanghai dragon should have the mentality from the Shanghai dragon WHY

also, remember in Shanghai dragon why, the teacher made a post, suggestions for Shanghai dragon why, we also have good suggestions, such as forums can only be registered with the QQ, increase the contribution function, set up talent pool, and improve the ability of communication, in fact, I think the A5 forum activity is the best, a forum to have vitality must have vitality, so that the Shanghai dragon why ranking changes will make Shanghai dragon why progress continues, when comfort for so long, after a little problem, you will find the original on the altar is to find out the maintenance activities to improve the interaction, is the kingly way, it will also continue to grow, this point is to find problems from party > read more