The two level domain and a domain name to promote easy comparison

is now two level domain name and number of

February 7, 2012 PR reverse understanding love Shanghai

primary domain name and the number of backlinks in February 7, 2012 PR

domain name is a new beginning, for old and new sites are so. Users can find you, but to search engine is a new understanding of the new "you", and then again slowly come to accept you". This time I experienced the website using the old domain (the general sense of a domain name: www ") operation after half a year, in the absence of any case of a jump change into the two level domain (non www"). For half a month’s time, love Shanghai not included new domain name. Web site operators or data speak. The two level domain name than a domain name promotion difficult where? Look at the data. read more

The Shanghai dragon technical staff analysis website six steps

and clear the enemy we can search through the web site keywords core, and compared the content of the site probably determine the effective competition, identify at least 5 more competitive sites next to a link, or on a website can not explain the problem.

understand each website including time, website weight, a snapshot of your own PR value (the same period), domain name age, search engine, search engine home station link chain, the mainstream search engines situation. The search engine can be clearly positioned to fall in love with the sea, many search engines too tired, sometimes lazy under wood is also problematic. read more

The webmaster how much patience to see the wonders of Shanghai Dragon

maybe, I said this sentence is really a bit earlier. The Shanghai dragon effect only half a year, a year to see the real effect. However, I would like to ask, how many people have the patience to see the wonders of Shanghai dragon. More than a month less time? Every day so hard to write articles, do the chain. Study summary. However, the site is included every check point, every day to check the chain is a little more. Why is the name of the web site or search to search their own websites, even the least competitive keywords are not search. Tell the truth。 Shanghai dragon really let me down. More than a month, I did not see what effect, even if the search site name you can search to my site. But, no, what did not. The name of the website to search keywords, so many do not search. Really sad. read more