Contradictory status of a tourist guide in the case of Anita Vukoja

first_img“In the CES, I was guided as a guide by profession. I got an invitation from them – so they offered me a foreign language learning program whose course started in early November 2018, which I accepted and traveled over 70 kilometers every working day for a month and a half to attend lectures. At the beginning of January 2019, I was greeted by a cold shower – I was told that as a tourist guide I was losing all rights and asking for a refund. So, I am put in front of a wall: I am not allowed to continue my education, I lose the right to take exams and all the lectures I have attended so far and all my efforts fall into the water”, Explains Anita Vukoja. “Who will compensate me for a month of regular foreign language attendance and those 70 kilometers that I traveled every working day at my own expense? And now I am required to return the money and pay for the course, which costs eight thousand kunas, and I am an unemployed person.” We have previously written about illogicality and multiple interpretations Of the Law in defining the status of a tourist guide as a self-employed person. As we can see, the inconsistency of this different interpretation of the law within the same institution sounds like a “broken phone” and the story spins in a circle. However, the matter must be taken seriously because these are unemployed people who have been denied the basic rights prescribed by the Labor Market Act. Anita Vukoja contacted us in the editorial office with a similar experience, whose story we are transmitting in its entirety. In the case of Anita Vukoja, the above request for income taxation was not submitted because she is unemployed, ie she does not earn income, but for some reason she is still registered as a person with a free profession and thus does not exercise CES rights. TOURIST GUIDES ARE CONSIDERED A FREE OCCUPATION AND HAVE NO RIGHTS AS UNEMPLOYED PERSONS “I also contacted the ombudswoman and sent letters to 3 ministries, and the CES does not know which ministry is in charge of them. On the one hand I hear that it is the Ministry of Tourism, and on the other hand they say it is the Ministry of Labor. They spin in a circle and tell one and the same story”, Explains Anita. “I do not want anyone to get into the problems I have run into, but I want to protect myself and others and I just want to point out that he does not treat all professions equally”. Having contacted the CES, but also the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides and the Association of Tourist Guides Liburnia, we can conclude that the law is either misinterpreted by the CES or there are contradictions in the rules of self-employment. Article 29, paragraph 2 of the Income Tax Act states that a free profession means an independent activity of tourist workers. However, in order for a tourist guide to be considered independent, Article 39, paragraph 6 of the Act stipulates that a person is obliged to submit a request to change the method of determining and taxing income “at the beginning of income, at the beginning of the activity or by the end of the current year. “. Accordingly, a person who does not perform an activity is not obliged to register a self-employed activity before starting to perform the activity or before starting to generate income. EVERYONE WHO HAS PASSED THE EXAM FOR A TOURIST GUIDE IS CONSIDERED SELF-EMPLOYED? RELATED NEWS: Anita Vukoja In order to get a reasonable explanation of the situation, Anita Vukoja contacted the CES Zadar Regional Office. In its response, the institution refers to the Law on the Provision of Tourism Services, which states that a tourist guide, in order to provide tourist guide services, must be entered in the central register for catering and tourism services. Furthermore, the explanation of the institution points out that according to the Labor Market Act, an unemployed person is, among other things, a person who does not have a registered free profession. However, since tourist guides are entered in the said register, they are not considered unemployed under this law, although they do not have a registered trade, enterprise or freelance occupation.last_img read more

Klose: Africa will win World Cup with more slots

first_imgLegendary Germany striker legend Miroslav Klose says an African country will win the FIFA World Cup if the continent has more slots like their European counterparts.Africa are allocated five out of the 32 slots while World Cup power houses Europe and South America have 13 and five slots respectively.While five countries from Europe have won the World Cup  (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) three from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) have tasted glory on football’s biggest stage.The farthest African teams have been at the World Cup is the quarter-final  (Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana).Co-host of the 2002 World Cup South Korea is the only Asian country that has gotten to the semi-final.And according to Klose, the 2014 World Cup who is also the tournament’s all time leading goalscorer, posited that the five slots allocated to Africa limits the continent’s chances of winning it.“There is no way Africa can win the World cup, unless FIFA brings balance to the number of teams that qualifies to the World cup,” the former Bayern Munich striker said, as cited by Soccer Scenes Africa.“For now it is advantage to Europe and South America. The slot for African teams is very bad. Only five teams in a world cup that has almost 13 European teams. If Black lives really matter, we should show it by actions in every institution not only by kneeling down.“We need to balance everything, no one must be considered superior than the other. Despite all the talent they have, but it would be absolutely impossible to go all the way to reach the World cup final with only five teams in the tournament, meanwhile other continents have more than five,” he added.last_img read more

E-national Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina achieved Qualification for e-EURO 2020

first_imgWhile many sports competitions around the world have been stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, virtual ones have continued to run its course.Thus, the e-national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a great success and achieved qualification for the e-EURO 2020, which is played through the PS4 platform on the game eFootball PES 2020.Feđa “Zeusinjo” Đedovic and Igor “PlantifulBat7” Zečević were more than convincing in the qualifications, finishing in first place in Group C, without a single defeat ahead of Kazakhstan, Moldova, Northern Macedonia and Switzerland.The captain of the team is Feđa Đedović, who says about his career:“I have been playing PES for 23 years, and I have been playing e-sports professionally for 10 years. I have won over 80 local and regional tournaments, I am a nine-time champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and once a runner-up in the PES, and in 2016 I was a champion of Croatia in 2vs2 together with the current PES national team member of Croatia, Marko Gel.”Igor Zečević’s career is no less impressive:“I have been playing PES from the very beginning of the series until today. Mostly it was with friends where we fought for the title of the best PES player in the company. In 2018, I am starting to take all this more seriously, I am applying for my first national PES championship and as a debutant in such a big tournament I meet the best players in the country, win first place and thus take the title of the best PES player in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Among other successes in the period since I have been actively playing this game, I would like to emphasize winning the tournament in Montenegro, third place at the regional tournament in Croatia, and last year’s second place at the national championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the title of the best took my friend and teammate from the national team, Feđa Đedović.”In addition to numerous successes, both of them especially emphasize their qualification for the e-EURO 2020.“At the beginning of the season in September, I immediately set three goals. The first was to become a member of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The second was to qualify with a colleague, who would be with me, for the e-Euro, and I hoped it would be Igor, because any other combination of players in the national team would not ensure our appearance at the e-EURO. The third goal was to qualify for the European Club Championship. Thank God, I achieved all three goals and now, of course, there is a fourth one, and that is to make the best possible result at the e-EURO,” says Đedović.“Qualification for the e-Euro and representation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is my greatest PES achievement. Something we all dream about when we start playing this video game more seriously, and that is playing at the world’s biggest tournaments against the world’s best players. I am very proud that I managed to become a member of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina with my effort and commitment, and that we justified the trust of the people from the FF BH and qualified among the 16 best countries in Europe,” said Igor.They played many important matches in the qualifications, but some were still more important than others, about which Feđa Đedovic says:“My favourite match in the qualifications is Igor’s match against Kazakhstan, because in the return-leg match we really outplayed them both tactically and in every sense. That match decided whether we would go directly to the e-EURO or we would still go to the play-offs. Fortunately for us, we played perfectly and achieved a convincing triumph, which in the end resulted in winning the first place in Group C.”Zečević is a little more indecisive about the most important match:“Honestly, I can’t easily choose my favourite match. We played two very important matches against the national team of Kazakhstan. The first was when Feđa played against them, when he was losing and then scored a very important goal for a tie result, deep in the additional time, and allowed us to enter the return matches calmly, with the same points as Kazakhstan. The second match is that return-leg match against their national team, when I achieved a victory that meant the direct qualification of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the e-EURO 2020.”Our e-national team members believe that they can represent Bosnia and Herzegovina with dignity at the final tournament of the UEFA e- EURO 2020.“It is not very gratifying to have expectations at the e- EURO unless you are one of the 3 or 4 best national teams in the world in PES. I think we have a safe place in the top 8, but considering that we are in the most difficult group at the e- EURO with Spain, Germany and Romania, qualifying to the knockout phase would give us the wind in our backs. I believe that, if we pass the group stage, that we have a great chance to reach the semi-finals and even the finals. Spain is one of the best teams in the world in PES, so they are the absolute favourites in the group, while we can deal with Germany and Romania, despite the fact that the Germans have 3 national team players who also play for Schalke’s e-sports team and belong to a small group of well paid professionals in the world of PES,” says the captain, and Igor Zečević also thinks that the BH team can go through the group stage:“After the qualifiers where we secured the final stage, we set ourselves the goal of the e- EURO semi-finals. However, given that we are in a “death group” with Germany, Spain and Romania, our goal is to go through the group stage first. I can only say that we will do our best to achieve the best possible result and represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the best possible way.”Đedović and Zečević took the preparations for the final tournament seriously:“Our preparations do not differ much from those we had for the qualifications. The FF BH provided us with all the conditions for training, and our preparations are taking place at a top level. We do a couple of hours of online training in 4-5 days a week, in which we play against colleagues from all over Europe, but we also play each other. In most cases, one takes opponents from the group, and the other takes our national team, although we sometimes play B&H vs B&H matches,” said Đedović.“Regarding preparations, I must first praise and thank the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has stood by us since the beginning of the qualifications, and provided us with the best possible equipment and conditions for the game so that we achieve the best possible result,” Zečević added.Feđa and Igor have their own ways when choosing the starting line-up for PES matches:“The best line-ups at PES and live playing are quite different for me. My biggest regret is that we don’t have Begović at PES, but it is what it is. Basically, considering that e- EURO is played in balanced mode, i.e. all players of all national teams are relatively equal in ratings, so some players who might not play in the first team have better opportunities, because they have better marks than some standard first team players. My ideal line-up at PES at the moment is – Šehić on goal, I play with 3 stoppers and a left back, and they are Bičakčić, Šunjić, Memišević and Kolašinac. The last midfielder is Pjanić, in front of him are almost in the same line the central midfielder Krunić and offensive midfielder Gojak, and at the top of the attack I play with 3 centres, Kodro, Džeko and Višća, regardless of the fact that Višća is led as a winger. Later, in most cases, Koljić enters from the bench instead of Višća, Milošević instead of Gojak and Sarić instead of Krunić, although sometimes I decide to transfer Pjanić to the place of Krunić, and introduce Bešić to the position of the last midfielder, while Sarić stays on the bench until the end ,” says Đedović and adds:“In this balanced mode, the line-up is dictated primarily by the formation we choose, and then only for a couple of positions can we choose which player profile suits us best. For wexample, if we play with 2 attackers, Džeko is at the top of the attack for sure, and with him are either Koljić or Kodro, depending on who is more suitable. It is the same for the midfield, for some it is more Sarić, for others Krunić, and for some Pjanić in the central midfield, although “Pjanke” is the best in the back midfield at the moment.”Zečević is guided by a similar logic:“First of all, I have to say that in this tournament we play in a special mode that Konami made for us. All national teams and all players are tied according to the ratings so that everyone has an equal chance of winning the tournament. This means that the other strikers in the national team have the same rating as our best player, Edin Džeko. My ideal 11 in this mode are: Šehić, Kolašinac, Memišević, Šunjić, Bičakčić, Bešić, Pjanić, Krunić, Višća, Džeko and Kodro.We usually choose the first line-up in relation to what formation and tactics we decide to play. I like fast and agile players with whom I can quickly play the opponent in a few moves and make an opportunity. Unlike me, Feđa is calmer and plays slowly, he prefers players who are strong in a duel and can save the ball.”The final of e- EURO 2020 will be held on 23rd and 24th May. BH e-national team members, Feđa Đedović and Igor Zečević, will play friendly matches with the Netherlands tonight at 20:15 h, which you can watch on the YouTube channel Zeusinjo.last_img read more