mprove Baidu weight just four words outside the chain originality

in the forum to see someone asked how to increase the weight of the railway station, is about two days before the new website Baidu big update ranking in severe decline, the conclusion is mostly due to the weight of the new website is not so ranking drop.

how to increase the weight of new sites, etc.? Is a good way, but also a choice of lazy webmaster. It will be nice to wait a while, but how long can I wait until I ask Baidu?. So, diligent webmaster will ask, in addition to wait, is there no other way to increase the weight of the new web site, so that the site can climb up as soon as possible? read more

Local portal community closer to life than traditional media

is one of the true saying in the media: "who occupy your life longer, who is more valuable to the media." This saying yes, 20 years ago, the TV in the Chinese are not popular age, people get information broadcast at leisure is essential equipment, and some people even broadcast from the hand, go to listen to the radio programs, access to the information they want. It is conceivable that broadcasting is the most valuable media besides newspapers in those days. And after 90s, TV gradually into the millions of households, almost every family can receive television programs. Television was replaced by radio, and the combination of sound and painting, a more direct and lively way of communication, was accepted. "Seeing is believing, is" the truth in the television media information embodied in the most incisive. Every night at 7 o’clock, while eating, television broadcast CCTV news broadcast, China’s history of the spread of a unique landscape, even now, the news network ratings are extremely high. This, of course, has a lot to do with local radio broadcasting. Newspapers, radio and television have all served as the main channels for people to obtain information in the history of communication. Adsense nets satisfied that although the three traditional media at present also has very strong vitality, but with the continuous development of the network popularization and the Internet media, the three traditional media’s role has gradually weakened to the lowest point, the Internet has become the people occupied the longest contact time of Internet media, people in the future more and more long, every webmaster should learn to mining the Internet media value, profit from value creation opportunities. read more

Fitter do network when stationmaster three years among the national top 500

personal station, Guo Jijun,

recently, the first "personal webmaster survival Chinese report" issued, the survey shows that 60% of the individual owners (individual operation construction site, not the company website) has been profitable, the profitability of the main way for e-commerce and collect membership service fee. Guo Jijun is the webmaster circle "legend", nicknamed the old arena on his personal website, wide, in a short three years success among the national traffic 500. Under his influence, personal webmaster, this new occupation by a joint Chongqing net, pig Witkey network looking for new launch all sorts of occupations have gradually become more and more, the love of gold. read more

How do use the local second hand network

in May of 08, I began to do the Nanchong local classification information network, there was not a local secondary information website, so I began to do it. June 1st website formally launched, according to the domain name played the name of the network, Nanchong second-hand network.

The beginning of the promotion of

is difficult, especially in the local city to promote a non entertainment station is difficult, there is no pre website information for local newspapers to collect information posted on its Web site, every collection of ten or twenty, to ensure the authenticity of information, not to online collection. This will probably fill up about 200 messages and enrich the content of the site. The website was officially established and began to promote operations. read more

From freezing point to boiling point the success of watercress and cold start

Tencent micro-blog can with 700 million QQ users and borderless of a series of product lines and opened in less than two years time to gain nearly 400 million users.

this super fast growth super crazy expansion game high accumulation is not any Internet Co can play, especially for those who start entrepreneurial enterprises, they are in different extent encountered "cold start" dilemma — neither based user group, and not too much money for marketing, lack of at the same time also face the premium content. read more

Analysis of profit model of exhibition industry website

currently, the domestic e-commerce platform for the Convention and exhibition industry, most of which is based on the B2B WEB platform, almost no can say "pendulum" on the top of the table, not to mention profit.

basically, the websites of the Convention and exhibition industry now copy the traditional B2B website: advertising and fees, membership income in two parts. Some websites also sell accessory products of certain exhibitions, such as exhibitor catalogues, exhibition magazines, exhibition publications and so on. The traditional e-commerce website profit model seems to have been very mature, but can really rely on the resources of the site itself, less profit, not to mention the Convention and exhibition industry is more special. Then, whether the profit way of the traditional B2B website is feasible in the exhibition industry, we simply discuss the profit model of the exhibition industry website. read more

How to achieve a good user experience on a web site

whenever a user heard a website and want to understand it, most users would get the name of the site in the search engine in the query, therefore, this time, the user experience has already begun. When it comes to search results for a company or web site. When there is a lot of negative information, it gives the user a bad experience, so it is important to optimize the public image of the website.

To optimize the monitoring and maintenance of

, each site or company must be responsible for a good public image of the enterprise network, and set up a marketing optimization group, their task is to optimize the site in the public image, users do not visit the web site, give the user a good user experience. read more

Grassroots webmaster how many people can live on the road

someone told me, grassroots Adsense is a no road, entrepreneurship is actually a rescue grassroots webmaster process.

, 5 years ago, the friends in QQ disappeared 2 years ago, and 2 years ago, the friends who lived now didn’t have much to live in, and those sites 5 years ago either docked or closed directly (80% years ago). Left no transformation, most has become a good site. Just to see an article Admin5 after five years of personal websites like pager history?  feeling a lot, sorted out some ideas and ideas. read more

Good website operation should give what the user wants The key is how to give

whether it is website operations, or the so-called search engine optimization, our purpose is to achieve traffic growth, after all, many users come in point, it is possible to increase turnover. This is the drainage in professional terminology, Hefei talent network Xiaobian found that many SEO practitioners work every day is really in the drainage, can flow from there on the site to stay, there is no transformation for our customers as if they are neglected. As a SEO practitioner, Xiao Bian’s idea is the same, as long as I day IP growth, do not look at the so-called conversion rate, in fact, this is wrong. read more

ndividual stationmaster confused when should learn deep analysis oneself begin afresh

don’t tell me not to think about the outcome. Since you don’t value the results, you enjoy the process. Why do you have pain when you enjoy the process?

, don’t tell me it’s not about making money. It’s better to write blogs than to make money for so many garbage stations.

the success of heroes "argument although literati despised, but has become the Chinese people deeply ingrained. Webmasters are hard, are industrious, but many times the results may not be so wishful, Money seems to be not so good to earn, perhaps this time, you confused. read more

Baidu you haven’t given up on me at last

site for more than 2 months, because when buying domain did not pay attention, then did not think so much, thought himself to note a good meter,, mobile phone download, the rice is still good, but did not think that it was the Baidu K, did not know is what to do, I was just expired to note, it may be bad luck, ha ha

said Baidu included faster, at the beginning of the said a few days can be included, such as a week, two weeks, one month, two months, or not included, check the original domain name used to be K, think this rice is not easy to be included, and also have the same a lot of friends, but not willing to change the thought of meters, ah, buy new meters not what was K, who who is unhappy, fortunately this time has been not too busy, insist every day update, though not much, the day is a few dozen resources or resources, but every day I have to update the read more

Being a local community portal requires greater enthusiasm and confidence

today’s Internet era, competition is fierce, generally impetuous, almost all aspects of people do, and if you do not know what type of Web site you do, you might as well look at this article.

everyone to their own position is different, but the key is to find your direction? If you can’t find yourself always dynamic website you may be tired to be tired out, do not feel the interest and just put the site into repeat a mechanical work, finally can only suffer a big even the establishment of the feelings have not been happy. read more

How the WeChat marketing executive Huajing in the electricity industry

students, in the future marketing, there is no need for too many channels, only need your product into the consumer’s mobile phone, that is, the best marketing. Traditional electricity providers and traditional enterprises to enter the mobile Internet costs too high, and WeChat realized the "zero cost" into the mobile internet. Well, here to discuss the students, WeChat marketing in the electricity supplier industry how to implement it?.

, and certainly two-dimensional code, is the line on the bridge under the line, and the public is an interactive space. About positioning, we need to emphasize that, WeChat is definitely not a direct marketing channel is so simple, but efficient customer service, CRM, communication tools. read more

f had to build a website from scratch how would choose

station from June 2009 into this line, it has been nearly 2 years. In the past two years, I have gone through many difficulties and accumulated a lot of experience and lessons. Now think back to the question: what would I do if I had to build a website from scratch? I found that many of the frustrations of the past were avoidable.

wrote this article is mainly to have just entered or prepared as fast as a webmaster for this new look, with their experience and lessons for their mistakes, avoid excessive unnecessary detours. So what should I do if I have to build a website from scratch, read more

Analysis of the two reasons for the decline of Blog websites

these two days, on the blog network layoffs or even shut down news, is a hot topic in the field of IT. From the current text reports, in layoffs dilemma, although not ultimately confirmed, but according to There are no waves without wind. logic, I guess, should be encountered some difficulties, but present difficulties, partly reflects the dilemma of group blog site.

blog network, once a benchmark in the Web2.0 era, banner, for some time led the development of the Internet direction. and the head of Fang Xingdong, is the blog of this concept, the product, a key figure in the domestic Cuishu, in his hands, was full of sound and colour, especially in the raging like a storm, get Web2.0 was the largest single field of risk investment of $10 million, too many people for and blog products the future is full of confidence. However, as a blog in the domestic leader and master, later in development, has repeatedly let the public and investors by surprise, with portals such as Sina launched blog product line, since the media in the field of thriving scene no longer, with as the representative of the domestic blog website the group gradually marginalized, the impact of the capital market has become a horn. In July this year, conducted a layoff, slimming burden, and the business line to do a spin off, trying to stop the decline, but from the current situation, there seems to be no big change, so there is a substantial layoffs rumors again. read more

Level 1 secret How did do PR7 from PR0

in China Station ( dive for a long time, often see everyone write articles, some articles quality is very high. Never sent an article. An empty today, to talk about some views and the idea of me, not written, do not Paizhuan oh. This is my first work.

, let me talk about my personal feelings. Secret under my Chinese export trade network is how to do PR=7, you know, PR=7 is not easy, Baidu PR is equal to 8 oh.

my site is the pseudo static HTML pages, domain name spelling down, looks quite long, I want to buy this corn, contact the foreigner, did not respond to it, will continue to do their own station. My chain is not too much, I rarely find the initiative to find someone else to do connections, most people are looking for me. I do not have too much connection requirements, as long as the past can see. Unlike some people consider themselves PR to others, especially small webmaster indifferent, you can go to my home to see, a lot of station and my station is not equal, including the PR and the world rankings. But I did the same connection as they did. Because of my peace of mind, do not care about these so-called SEO, my PR will be high. read more

By the association to the Olympic Valley

, LENOVO, Lenovo, as long as you want,

ha ha, of course, I am not writing this article for Lenovo computer brand promotion ~

estimates people won’t let me do it,

and I have to do and what they think is the "hundred" and "win in the contest Aogu China" contest, there is currently a remarkable "Olympic Games" competition. ~

first said, "win in China" contest, he for thousands of entrepreneurs in China to guide the way – inspirational light life, entrepreneurship, change destiny, read more

Grassroots thoughts always in the dead of night silent efforts

what do I have to write in the dead of night,


is always in the dead of night, always a person facing the computer. Everyone slept, a dozen people’s dormitory, I was the only one still working. Unconsciously, such a day has been more than a year, think about the days passed, the heart on the acid, very close, but seems to have gone very far, far away……

really, I really want to, too. I want to sleep early and have a good dream. Just imagine the students around me, just talk about QQ, go to school and watch movies…… I have also thought deeply: "when will I be able to have a good, reckless movie and have a good sleep?". But during the day, in the evening can be busy to two points, I do not have the time ah, watching the students around, nothing to play, I really envy. And I always have time to do the computer before, without exception, first find articles…… read more

want to business incubator selected the first batch of Fujian provincial public space

now the country are trying to actively create a series of business platform, in order to provide for people’s entrepreneurial activities in a series of social security at the same time, such a measure now in many city around the country which are actively carry out.

8 6 days, reporters from the "I think business incubator incubator has been informed that the Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology award, becoming the first batch of Fujian provincial public record of space. As a focus on cultivating the mobile Internet industry incubator entrepreneurial projects, the highlight is to the full range of services provided by enjoy incubator project 3% of the shares and priority right to invest in the future investment income as incubator operation support. read more

How do you avoid being considered cheating by search engines

a website to want to register successfully, it should have two requirements at least, one is website itself should have better content and design, the two is the website does not have cheating behavior. The term "cheating" refers to some special and unconventional web design techniques to improve the ranking of websites. How to design a good site, a lot of related information, this article is no nonsense. Here is the main talk about the latter, that is, in improving the site rankings at the same time, how to avoid the search engine as cheating and refused to register. So, it seems in the search engine, what behavior is cheating? Listed here, from which you can see, some people are still regarded as "cheat" things, in fact, has been out of date. read more