nterest in living Benefits live Team work Has the property of SEO changed

SEO nature changed? A few days ago when chatting with a friend, netizens sigh, now do SEO difficult to do ah,.

yes, indeed, SEO is hard to do, and now we all feel that the nature of SEO has changed,.

before, SEO was a hobby, and now, SEO is a living.

SEO is the first contact in June 07, then is completely because of the interest to study, because it has the keyword ranking charm to learn. Then after nearly a year of learning, now has basic knowledge almost. Theoretical knowledge in online learning is less and less. Here I would like to thank the SEO station. read more

Give you a reason to have to use the AB test

product operations require constant attention to the user’s movements, and need to seize all possible opportunities to actively find users to communicate. We understand them, and then change the product and operation strategy, but in the process we will find the user "duplicity".

the above paragraph is small team partners often chat with us, indeed, although the user research is very important, but after the investigation we need to go through layers of screening after another round of testing, which can really restore to the essence of our research, we call the "A /B test". Before writing this article, Mr. head special search wiki, but Wikipedia introduction is not professional, but in reality is not such a test. read more

101 station plan half year summary

in the face of time, sometimes very weak, the past can not be renewed, and only look forward and sum up the past, in order to progress.

before and after April 2008, in touch with the market after the friendship link, and try to take a few chain business, found this new field. According to the website, Baidu included, PR update (increased) experience, developed a 101 station plan at the end of April, with some data of 10 civil servants, 5 movie website before the station and got the first venture capital. Everything was going well because I had been standing before. I try to look for cheap virtual space on Taobao, first for comparison, and two for web sites that aren’t on the same server. read more

How to use the post signature in local forums to lead high conversion rate traffic

for BBS signature, webmaster are not strange, it is the site to do a method of chain, I think every webmaster will do. Today’s forum signature weight is poor, and many large forum also gradually closed the forum signature function, also some websites using the charging method, the signature has become a project operator! So go to the forum to do outside the chain, do a keyword voting has not much meaning. How to make the forum signature play a role? In fact, want to let flowering trees is not difficult, just want to be creative! Can flow into the website directly, now become a new form of forum signature! Here I will analyze how to guide the flow into our website read more

From the network to Academy of Fine Arts and then to perfect webmaster ten years of history

In 1999,

began to contact what all don’t understand the network when a friend’s introduction, a prefecture level city in the only Internet cafe, with a night time, don’t know what to do, when the Internet fee is 20 yuan per hour, I think there are still some broken memories!

2000 really started to contact the computer at the time of the DOS training training class is the huge crowds of people, every little time will have different people to training, this year I learned five pen typing, word and Excel installed, install the system (Win98) and the formation of Novell Network. read more

Local community on line 1 months experience sharing

As a local classification and information network "Dingzhou information network

a few months ago (www.DingZhou123.com), do not feel only local information can be very good to stick to the user, wanted to do a local community, has been to see the Admin5 article, around the successful cases in the domain of thought. A good domain name was registered, see a successful local website called" Beihai 365 ", just check the domain name: www.dingzhou365.com has not been registered, registered quickly down, the community became known as the" Dingzhou 365 ". read more

How to enhance the influence from the media Teach you some tricks

Hello, I’m Form, and I’ve always said that whatever blogs you do, or all of the self media networks, have the ideals of a network entrepreneur. I never thought that the media would be built up and played, and though many people were saying why they started their own blog, they might smile and say, "it’s just fun.". But this one just fun, I do not know how much behind the sweat and sweat.

why do we want to build from the media? After all in the network to establish a reliable basis, like mobile phone signal, one of their base station, if the third party is the sponsor, registered blog, often there will be a risk of sealing, so the establishment of a website of your own or is since the media is also the most reliable of the most simple things. read more

15 days station Baidu included 30 days traffic 3000 PV3 million experience share

built this station before, also slightly read some of the SEO soft text and some webmaster communication experience, below I step by step to say, I built a month is how to reach the day 3000IP, 30 thousand PV process.

the first step: choose a good domain name.

this is very important, a good domain name can not only access to a user and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory effect, search engine friendly key.

, for example, you want to do QQ class web site, the home page domain name of course is in the QQ word, English alphabet began, such as QQtupian, QQpic, QQimage and so on combination. read more

How to improve the flow of website construction

for the first time, Wang Wang and everyone prawns, take care of ~~

I read a lot of websites about how to improve the site traffic rapidly, mostly talk about the site location, take a good name, the keywords selected site, and then determine their own domain name, that is very thorough, about the very place. However, we have done the site, that is because the first step to give an untimely help, we could not again! To have been building a good website, how can we do this? Let me talk a little bit about my own practice, it may be helpful to you read more

How to win an order online

e-commerce is getting closer and closer to the public, online business is getting more and more optimistic, and how to do e-commerce, the author based on practical experience, I think there are a few points:

first, obtain customer confidence.

this is the first problem for e-commerce, because online business is just like offline business. How to obtain customer trust is the key. There are several common techniques for getting customer confidence.


1. page links up addresses, phone calls, and other relevant certificates. Most is only a certain network, because there are too many websites, what is called what network, so only the actual data displayed, in order to obtain customer confidence. read more

Knight do three from three

from the secondary school I began to design ", but then are static website, also can say is a good personal homepage, then use the United Technology of free space, many of the old owners I have such experience, from free space to space charge, to their own servers, large sites your


personal homepage is not down, unless you don’t, because personal homepage not for profit, so I had to give up the good personal homepage, because I think only earn money have greater motivation to do greater things, to have the capital to talk about what the ideal value. If someone in the world says money doesn’t matter to him, it means he won’t try to make money, and he won’t make money. So, I gave up the first homepage. read more

Do station experience 15 days to achieve P jump from 60 to 800

website, say plainly, is to make money, how to make money? This is the majority of webmaster most concerned about the topic.

, let me talk about my method, 15 days to achieve the day IP jump from 60 to 800, in fact, the practice is not too difficult…… As long as we insist, now, I will say I do, master don’t watch it, but I was less than 600 IP on display slight skill before an expert, I can refer to it.

one, even replace popular keywords


keyword must ensure that the click rate is high, if you don’t know what more popular keywords, to Baidu and list them and find out the updated every day, the selected words in general not too much, 4 – 5, and around these keywords in the content of the web site. read more

A little understanding and summary of SEO

everyone is doing a website, there are some hobbies, which is on the site to eat, what is the most important of the 21 world website? How to improve traffic flow!, I now ugly, actually you certainly know more than me. The main thing is to improve traffic is from the site itself to consider, simply speaking, is to own web site for a whole SEO page search engine optimization.

What is the "

SEO"? Simple explanation is that through the adjustment and design of artificial, let your web site in the search engine (mainly based on Google Baidu, because competitive ranking of search results, artificial interference, which is why some people say "Google is doing business, Baidu is doing business." however, as long as your site in Google can get good rankings, so in other search engines will not be too bad. ) the search results ranking, on the benefits of natural needless to say, is to increase the site by clicking on the opportunity, few people love to turn on 10 pages to a web site, of course, patience good time many friends exceptions, either you have a special purpose, such as: help female friends find a very old song, if not, let’s break up ^_^ read more

For large websites please pay the cost first

in fact, doing web sites and entrepreneurship, like cost, road twists and turns. Many webmaster ignore the small things, spend hundreds of pieces to buy a shared 3G or 5G, want to do a famous XX download station, music station, movie station, I wish all the people came to his website. Before I say this, I’d like to write a quotation for a server hosting business in the country:

download music, movies, you can use the following services: the largest broadband 10M exclusive broadband fee: 10000 yuan / year 7000 yuan / year, the largest 20M exclusive broadband fee: 18000 yuan / year 11000 yuan / year, the largest 30M exclusive broadband fee: 26000 yuan / year 15000 yuan / year, 100MB exclusive bandwidth fee: 70000 yuan / year. read more

nterpretation of events online marketing from Baidu is black

yesterday, Baidu has been opened up, think oneself computer has a problem or not on the network, but found that other sites open, see Baidu news later in the Sohu by Iran network reported that in the attack, Baidu was really dark. Yesterday a lot of my colleagues are talking about this thing, others said, how Baidu can not go up, how do I search something, some say, Baidu can not do so, how I work, there are a lot of friends through QQ sent messages over, said, Baidu is black, how to do, can be seen from these. Most people have the first Chinese on Baidu search engine has the incomparable sense of dependence. read more

The most important thing to do is to impetuous

some stationmaster "look at the top of the mountain, East West a hammer, hammer made a point of doing things tasted, proud, face setbacks on the negative, day and night dream, fantasy flourishes, or get some software acquisition intention mining all over the world for me, a lot of garbage sites on the Internet, do not want to do concentrate from a little trivial, quiet heart to think seriously about the direction of development, their quiet heart to study the system of knowledge, keen on SEO, ignoring the site’s overall development planning… read more

WeChat public number operation from user communication and service

out of business, public demand orientation, I often think, as a media of enterprise users face products, the public, the gorgeous packaging in attracting users at the same time, the public how WeChat operation more convenient to do the communication with customers, accurately grasp the demand of silk powder, how the user personal service? Is not only the need of output, can get user feedback and the implementation of the corresponding service


products need to stand on the user’s point of view, the operation is the essence of the transfer value of products, positioning the number of public should understand to grasp the needs of users, the most efficient means of minimum cost to the maximum value of product communication with each user is very important. The WeChat public as a unique group, not only to push information more perfect, as far as possible between the use of communication with the fans to get instant feedback optimization of WeChat public number and the corresponding read more

Webmaster sentiment do local station the most bitter the most tired

these two days, the mood is not very good, the website server has been attacked, and now is still not good, think about it, feel really poor. I finally get a boss’s support, let me set up a team, began to promote the scheme of the first large-scale event marketing, and now the site was attacked, now my propaganda port to half, the first time we prepare to open the site will think: a break site, play are not open. When I think about it, I’m very dark. I’m afraid, how can I afford my membership? How can I afford the money my boss spent?. Just yesterday, I felt sorry for the teachers at the Shuyang satellite kindergarten. They help me to collect Shuyang million people face leaflets to students, call friends to take home to their parents, their parents can not open the website, what would the teacher, is estimated there will be a lot of people call or send their children to the school to ask the teacher: why let them open like a garbage site " also not open. read more

The road for a disabled man

high, because a serious illness, I drop out of school at home, every day I face is to take medicine, treatment, waiting. After eight or nine years of treatment and rehabilitation, it is now basically normal. Although my leg was able to walk, I was left with a disability certificate. Because the beginning can not go, so I spend most of my time at home, watch TV, in a daze, and their own dialogue, amuse myself, make yourself look happy, and imagine for a better future.

later walked his legs and stayed at mom’s shop. I’ll go online if I buy the change left by the medicine. A man stays alone for a long time, and what he most desires is to communicate with others. So I was chatting online, looking for a beautiful girl to talk about my heart and comfort my lonely heart. Unfortunately, I am introverted, not good at words, and separated from the outside world for too long. The ability to communicate has been lost. Talking for a while, other people felt bored and stopped talking to me, and then I stopped talking. read more

Web Analytics are our data accurate

[introduction] in the long history of

website analysis, asked the most is the problem of "your data accurate?" the website analysis data is accurate or not, how to treat the deviation data analysis of potential sites, this paper will give the answer.


is accurate and accurate in Chinese. It’s a synonym. We can mix it in spoken English. So is English. Accurate and precise are also casual and blurt out. However, since there are two words in existence, but not in the process of evolution of the text of one of the dying, it shows that they are still subtle differences. In fact, accurate and precise is definitely not the same concept, they are in engineering, statistics and many other sciences are distinguished strictly for the website analyzed this emerging discipline, so completely. read more