The road for a disabled man

high, because a serious illness, I drop out of school at home, every day I face is to take medicine, treatment, waiting. After eight or nine years of treatment and rehabilitation, it is now basically normal. Although my leg was able to walk, I was left with a disability certificate. Because the beginning can not go, so I spend most of my time at home, watch TV, in a daze, and their own dialogue, amuse myself, make yourself look happy, and imagine for a better future.

later walked his legs and stayed at mom’s shop. I’ll go online if I buy the change left by the medicine. A man stays alone for a long time, and what he most desires is to communicate with others. So I was chatting online, looking for a beautiful girl to talk about my heart and comfort my lonely heart. Unfortunately, I am introverted, not good at words, and separated from the outside world for too long. The ability to communicate has been lost. Talking for a while, other people felt bored and stopped talking to me, and then I stopped talking. read more

Web Analytics are our data accurate

[introduction] in the long history of

website analysis, asked the most is the problem of "your data accurate?" the website analysis data is accurate or not, how to treat the deviation data analysis of potential sites, this paper will give the answer.


is accurate and accurate in Chinese. It’s a synonym. We can mix it in spoken English. So is English. Accurate and precise are also casual and blurt out. However, since there are two words in existence, but not in the process of evolution of the text of one of the dying, it shows that they are still subtle differences. In fact, accurate and precise is definitely not the same concept, they are in engineering, statistics and many other sciences are distinguished strictly for the website analyzed this emerging discipline, so completely. read more

t is not enough to build a famous blog just by adhering to it

recently happened to see Lu Songsong’s article "to create a Hot Blog need how long", he cited a number of blogs, known as the Moonlight blog, the 7 year operation time; mouchangqing blog, 4; ZAC, 6; Lu Songsong, 3 years. He finally came to the conclusion that the success of these blogs was based on hard work and perseverance. Yes, it takes a long time to build a successful independent blog, but it’s not enough to keep it up. You have to be unique and interactive,


I think a successful blog can not be imitated, like Chinese out of a Alibaba, there is not second, if you want to imitate, can only imitate to the surface of things, the essence is not to be imitated. So now there are so many independent blogs, many of them are some SEO blogs. If you don’t have one of your own features, it’s hard to succeed. read more

A zero touch with the pearl beauty house

pearl beauty house pearl powder industry as a leader of the B2C industry, regardless of the cost of their products and customer experience are very humane and innovative, this pearl powder cosmetic encyclopedia network have the chance to start with pearl beauty houses to zero distance communication, to uncover the secret behind the success of the "below. The reporter’s question and answer pearl beauty house finishing.

A: can talk about why you chose to do pearl powder industry,


Q: in fact, this is a chance, when my girlfriend wants to help him to find some whitening and whitening products on the Internet, a special pearl powder forum found accidentally see customers reflect the pearl powder mask whitening effect is very good, decided to buy a try. The results are surprisingly good, even when the brand electricity supplier manager is hiring Mr. Binghan product agent, did not think would join, then only offer a try idea to do, but highly more and more customers and friends attention to increase the confidence of B2C I do pearl powder. read more

Discussion on American virtual hosting business in Chinese market

China Internet has experienced a winter attack, and can not stop the domestic Adsense site of interest, increase the site needs, it also makes Chinese hosting market booms, virtual host market, not only the domestic virtual host, there is no shortage of virtual host in Hongkong, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other places. In the foreign host market many, especially in the United States hosting the most prominent, here we talk about the United States, the virtual host that China melee in the market. read more

About’s so called Baidu K station recovery included understanding

evening saw sysceo classmate published two articles, said it was done test, disable space later recovery included, but reduce weight. In the next, I would like to share some personal summary of experience and express some immature understanding, if there is no place, but also look at your master, don’t throw rotten eggs.

Baidu K station, will K to your page left, you have a page left there, prove that you have not blacklisted. In other words, change the content, change a template, change a title, relatively easy to do up. And you can restore the weight, read more

Do 6 years in short and the webmaster to share

but now, from the first station started, there have been more than 6 years. During this period, there are too many things to study, to do, to work, and to do. I don’t want to make long speeches here. Just want to experience as a webmaster for clues, a few years to do a simple review, as a summary of life, or as a reflection of China’s Internet worth mentioning, want to say a few words.

should say, probably from 04 years ago during that time, for people who are in China’s Internet, is happy. Whether as a netizen in Pudong or as a station owner, it is a free and open world. Do not you ask for the record, as users, will not be because you surf the Internet at home watching porn in the depth of night break into your house to catch you. Of course, for the first few years, I’ve just been immersed in the enjoyment of being a netizen, enjoying the tremendous physical and mental feelings of the internet. Chat rooms, QQ, CS, online movies, and even later BT, video chat, and so on. At that time, there is nothing to be found, nothing to be afraid of. Only unexpected, can not be found. read more

Five aspects of online shop attention

now shop online has become a trend, more and more people choose to shop online, in fact, is a kind of trend, with the popularity of the network and improve the safety of payment, online shop is the best way to solve the problem of unemployment, it Chinese authority website information station expert Chinese shop statistics, as of December 2007, more than China occupation network 1 million, this number can be said to a great extent, the formation of a new group:


one, climate

The first university of read more

How to plan and write a complete website operation promotion plan

is not engaged in the website operation novice friends, or have several years of working experience in website operation buddies, promotion plan how to plan a complete system, the most important is the website operation promotion plan to satisfy the boss is always a headache, QQ and WeChat, more than a friend asked what Yang: the boss asked me to write a website operation scheme, can not write, do not know where to start? In fact, he Yang buddies can understand the operation difficulty, I am also a person, feel the operation scheme is very difficult to write, mainly because the head is not a complete operational thinking, the second is to work in the daily operations manager "role commander" is not very clear. In order to help these operations, small partners quickly grasp how to plan a complete operational plan, he Yang here to share with you I have planned website operation plan ideas, we can refer to! read more

Entrepreneurs must quickly find a group of people who are willing to support you

this evening with a few friends to chat, then I let them hang up our money online advertising slogan "Internet account with money online in QQ/MSN signature:  ". Asked to be friends, a friend immediately help hang up, another friend in my 2 supplications, reluctantly hung up, and finally a friend refused to hang up. At that time, feel a bit depressed, why so little, friends refused to help? Is it not a friend? At least their friends do everything at the same time, the friend always said I venture now understand that persistent, she is to join me blind. read more

2008 new version of SEO reverse link four principles

L2 – the rational and rich link is a second bit element. Reasonable and effective internal links are as important as rich external links, while highly relevant Pr pages are highly important in external links. Here are four key principles of reverse linking:

, definition of reverse link

reverse link English is: BackLinks, or Back-Links, also known as import links (incoming links). Backlinks are actually statements within the target document. In other words, regular links indicate "pointing to document B" in document A, while reverse chaining requires "B" to point to document "A" in document". The reverse link is the second element of SEO, the importance of which is beyond doubt. The network has spread a lot of 10 ways to increase the reverse link, 66 methods, 101 methods, but also a lot of group building, mass of "black hat" software in circulation, here do not discuss too much. read more

Discussion on CRM management of marketing website operation

The entire core of the

CRM management system is user data management. We can view the user database as a data center, so that for the marketing website, you can easily record all the activities in the entire market and sales process and the user. And the website can also track the status of various activities, establish statistical models of all kinds of data for later analysis and decision support.

for CRM management system, many webmaster are not very understanding, and for its use and function are ignorant, the following, the author will for you webmaster brief analysis of CRM management system. read more

Four years Wangzhuan network history

network to make money, probably from 2004, I began to contact! At that time the domestic only rarely a number of people have this concept! (I may be, but I was around with very limited knowledge and scanty information) does not have people doing this, the students heard that money when seemed inconceivable. I remember in 2004 when there is such a loophole in vent, is that we can use the payment page does not stop the advance back to brush qq COINS, it is the first time I make money, but also earn most of the time, I do not say the specific figures in two years later, I have no pocket money home to find read more

Do we understand Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat eight

[core tip] rarely listen to Zhang Xiaolong in WeChat open class Pro version of his more than 10 minutes of his own ideas, but his future direction of WeChat’s expression, still need to carefully consider the next.

Zhang Peng | paper

Vice president of Tencent, WeChat Group CEO Zhang Xiaolong

almost never appear in public, in December 11th, WeChat and WeChat jointly sponsored by the geeks park open class PRO version of the conference, by way of video breath to speak for more than 10 minutes on the WeChat eight thinking, then, a lot of people circle of friends is the "eight" Zhang Xiaolong WeChat Shuabing nearly an hour. read more

Customer service window a small user experience lose greatly

open the target website, did not see the specific content, will play a few seconds service small window, "Hello, excuse me, what can do for you?" here is the active greeting customer service visit, eye-catching phone, such as WeChat’s contact, which is the general routine. What’s more, after closing the pop-up, it automatically pops up in a few seconds. Such small details we may not, but I want to say: a small bomb service window, the user experience greatly lose a.

first look at the two case page: read more

From Google Adsense localization talk about personal site profit model

is pleased to see such a legendary Google Internet giant also began to value the China personal Adsense market, and began to close the majority of small owners, we Anhui in Hefei this is the rise of the Internet market in Anhui held a Anhui is the first stage of GOOGLE elite salon owners. I do for the Anhui Internet Alliance organizers and company of Anhui IDC professional operators Yanhuang network for GOOGLE China the Organizing Committee and attend the salon of the webmaster friends to express my heartfelt thanks, I believe in strong support of everyone, Anhui tomorrow will be even better in the internet. read more

Beauty webmaster founded gynecological forum mentality course

being a woman is not easy. This sentence is not false at all. Especially when you are deprived of your right to health, no one can think of that helplessness. When I remember what I don’t understand, the memory of a soap opera line is so deep: "I can’t allow myself to have gynecological diseases."". Think about all funny, once thought gynecological disease is a kind of life from how far away things. Until college, seeing the girls to love at all what dedication, accustomed to their own consequences and suffered the cold and high doctor medicine trouble. At that time, lying in bed most of the girls talk to mature women how to cure infection of gynecological diseases, so the thing, fear of being despised more brazen chicanery "virgin will get disease of Department of gynaecology" at that time to accompany the students to go to the doctor, small private hospitals are crowded with queuing abortion girl. They looked at the faint from the operation room, in addition to being scared at a loss boys, the man behind the many girls have not appeared. How many girls at the age of 22, is under the oppression of gynecological diseases quietly spent?. Everyone is forced to accept maturity. Women are used to stubbornly thinking that this is his fault, and now think about it, only women will not cherish themselves. Sex is not wrong, it’s wrong. We don’t know how to be healthy. read more

First video the history of the most black cattle B league

, the first video of this alliance, has been held up for a long time.

first video, the history of the most black cattle B League!


, the first video money most NB’s words: abnormal data

the first video clip, you money has always been only one sentence: data anomalies.

their managers had about his pass, do not move in, move to kill.

even if you look for countless evidence to prove how authentic your website traffic is, how authentic the data is.

Whatever you put in the

page how to meet the requirements, it has only one sentence: abnormal data, so after deducting all your commission. read more

Evaluate the effectiveness of bidding advertising from the perspective of advertising conversion rat

bidding advertisement is a new type of network advertisement which is carried out by users and managed independently and paid in accordance with the advertising effect. Compared with other types of Internet advertising, advertising for the search of the search engine, has been shown to have great value, otherwise the Google and Baidu will not become a world-class well-known companies earning large quantities of gold each day, which are built in advertising for the identity based on the high correlation of search advertising. If advertisers do not earn money, they will certainly not invest in such high advertising costs. read more

am T practitioners not to QQ group promotion kicked kicked share

An important channel for the promotion of the

network is the QQ group, every promotion personnel will be kicked out of the group QQ group administrator or group leader experience, QQ group promotion effect is immediate, it is for love. For the network popularization personnel have the perseverance and determination to never yield in spite of reverses is not enough, also need to pay attention to some details, although I can do is to play the IT practitioner but not. What is the effect of the number of QQ group promotion, QQ group ranging from dozens of people, more than 500 people, received the same message in the QQ group of products or services for several times, QQ group members will construct a psychological concept of intangible products, so as to achieve the effect of marketing force. Like "melatonin" TV ads, no matter in which channel can see high frequency, when you need to buy gifts, do not know what to buy, think of this year’s holiday gifts." This sentence。 read more