Analysis of the two reasons for the decline of Blog websites

these two days, on the blog network layoffs or even shut down news, is a hot topic in the field of IT. From the current text reports, in layoffs dilemma, although not ultimately confirmed, but according to There are no waves without wind. logic, I guess, should be encountered some difficulties, but present difficulties, partly reflects the dilemma of group blog site.

blog network, once a benchmark in the Web2.0 era, banner, for some time led the development of the Internet direction. and the head of Fang Xingdong, is the blog of this concept, the product, a key figure in the domestic Cuishu, in his hands, was full of sound and colour, especially in the raging like a storm, get Web2.0 was the largest single field of risk investment of $10 million, too many people for and blog products the future is full of confidence. However, as a blog in the domestic leader and master, later in development, has repeatedly let the public and investors by surprise, with portals such as Sina launched blog product line, since the media in the field of thriving scene no longer, with as the representative of the domestic blog website the group gradually marginalized, the impact of the capital market has become a horn. In July this year, conducted a layoff, slimming burden, and the business line to do a spin off, trying to stop the decline, but from the current situation, there seems to be no big change, so there is a substantial layoffs rumors again. read more

Level 1 secret How did do PR7 from PR0

in China Station ( dive for a long time, often see everyone write articles, some articles quality is very high. Never sent an article. An empty today, to talk about some views and the idea of me, not written, do not Paizhuan oh. This is my first work.

, let me talk about my personal feelings. Secret under my Chinese export trade network is how to do PR=7, you know, PR=7 is not easy, Baidu PR is equal to 8 oh.

my site is the pseudo static HTML pages, domain name spelling down, looks quite long, I want to buy this corn, contact the foreigner, did not respond to it, will continue to do their own station. My chain is not too much, I rarely find the initiative to find someone else to do connections, most people are looking for me. I do not have too much connection requirements, as long as the past can see. Unlike some people consider themselves PR to others, especially small webmaster indifferent, you can go to my home to see, a lot of station and my station is not equal, including the PR and the world rankings. But I did the same connection as they did. Because of my peace of mind, do not care about these so-called SEO, my PR will be high. read more

By the association to the Olympic Valley

, LENOVO, Lenovo, as long as you want,

ha ha, of course, I am not writing this article for Lenovo computer brand promotion ~

estimates people won’t let me do it,

and I have to do and what they think is the "hundred" and "win in the contest Aogu China" contest, there is currently a remarkable "Olympic Games" competition. ~

first said, "win in China" contest, he for thousands of entrepreneurs in China to guide the way – inspirational light life, entrepreneurship, change destiny, read more

Grassroots thoughts always in the dead of night silent efforts

what do I have to write in the dead of night,


is always in the dead of night, always a person facing the computer. Everyone slept, a dozen people’s dormitory, I was the only one still working. Unconsciously, such a day has been more than a year, think about the days passed, the heart on the acid, very close, but seems to have gone very far, far away……

really, I really want to, too. I want to sleep early and have a good dream. Just imagine the students around me, just talk about QQ, go to school and watch movies…… I have also thought deeply: "when will I be able to have a good, reckless movie and have a good sleep?". But during the day, in the evening can be busy to two points, I do not have the time ah, watching the students around, nothing to play, I really envy. And I always have time to do the computer before, without exception, first find articles…… read more

want to business incubator selected the first batch of Fujian provincial public space

now the country are trying to actively create a series of business platform, in order to provide for people’s entrepreneurial activities in a series of social security at the same time, such a measure now in many city around the country which are actively carry out.

8 6 days, reporters from the "I think business incubator incubator has been informed that the Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology award, becoming the first batch of Fujian provincial public record of space. As a focus on cultivating the mobile Internet industry incubator entrepreneurial projects, the highlight is to the full range of services provided by enjoy incubator project 3% of the shares and priority right to invest in the future investment income as incubator operation support. read more

How do you avoid being considered cheating by search engines

a website to want to register successfully, it should have two requirements at least, one is website itself should have better content and design, the two is the website does not have cheating behavior. The term "cheating" refers to some special and unconventional web design techniques to improve the ranking of websites. How to design a good site, a lot of related information, this article is no nonsense. Here is the main talk about the latter, that is, in improving the site rankings at the same time, how to avoid the search engine as cheating and refused to register. So, it seems in the search engine, what behavior is cheating? Listed here, from which you can see, some people are still regarded as "cheat" things, in fact, has been out of date. read more

Local station see OK believe in the masses

Hello, I is the 809 generation, from an article on local stations to profit you ready "has been released for 4 days, because of the recent busy, the last mentioned in is to make a profit on the requirements for personal Webmaster Station local webmaster, to the requirements determined by the local station the basic requirements to achieve business success. The second is also very important to the local station project choice, because not all projects to do will make money, so now my actual operation of local station since some experience to talk about some of my personal opinions. This article Adsense network first, reproduced please indicate the source "webmaster net" read more

Business about 11 of Taobao’s share double off without money dry cargo integrity

: a review article is dry cargo, manipulation is also suitable for individual groups, written in 11 after the double to more stable long-term income, as a pair of 11 by the outbreak! It can be said that most of the current through the Taobao money off method, it is not difficult to get started. Some people are so dry, as the title says: no integrity.

was the first to write this article in the double 11 after some without integrity, don’t scold me, no integrity is a certain reason, please have patience to see down with read more

Cock wire developers single handedly only 4 years to make a iOS game Tiny Wings revenue broke tens

GameLook reported in /2011, called a "Tiny Wings" of the Mobile Games recommended by Apple as the best iPhone game, the Mobile Games market has the understanding of the students will agree with the "Tiny Wings" is well-known in the world over the past few years after the "angry birds" "Flappy Bird" "bird shaped Mobile Games".

GameLook understood that the game at the end of September 2014 revenue has tens of millions of dollars, and 100% in the game by German developer Andreas Illiger a person to complete, after the release of the game had the highest summit of the 109 country iPhone download list. read more

Grassroots evolution three the sense of belonging and ownership of the user do you do it


product in the process of doing, to better retain users, the most important point is to allow users to have enough sense of belonging and sense of ownership, cool grassroots through analysis that this is exactly what we grassroots entrepreneurs generally lack the following grassroots and everyone brother analysis user these two unique psychological we see, how to find the breakthrough point of the grassroots.

as an example, most of the webmaster do stand in the process of, most traffic is caused by search engines, but these brought by the search engine users only browse the search results corresponding to the page, and then gone for ever, therefore, our website is just a process flow can leave, the user is almost zero. In our grass-roots entrepreneurs, there are SEO and absolute master master promotion, through the powerful means of promotion, website traffic we definitely very impressive, but such as keep users, website traffic will stop with our promotion and then fell to the bottom, or even zero. read more

A5 can not be a garbage link factory

today in A5 sent a soft Wen, unexpectedly is not released, this situation makes me feel a little happy.

Why is



do stand since my first exposure to A5 this station, it is from the A5 here, I know SEO, know that the so-called "soft", from here to study the experience summary and experiences of many others, to do their own station are of great help. Although my small station ( is an independent blog, but the sparrow is small, the five internal organs are complete, and many do standing SEO Dafa, for improving the quality of the small station are very helpful. So, soon liked the station such as A5. But for a long time, I found that A5 as an influential station, there are many places need to improve, if the station does not take active measures, will seriously affect the sustainable development of the site, the most outstanding performance is: A5 has become a garbage link factory. read more

How did he earn millions of years through a post

as China’s most popular Tianya forum, has countless popularity, but also has countless opportunities for you to make money. A lot of friends thought it was just a place to complain and chat about life. You may not know yet, in fact, many people make a lot of money on top of it, earning less than one thousand dollars a month, earning more than one hundred million dollars a year.

you might think I was joking, but after you read my whole article, you’ll see.

on the Tianya forum, there are plates, called entrepreneurial homes. Which is dedicated to providing Internet users to start business exchanges, the development of entrepreneurial experience, as well as talk about entrepreneurship projects, sharing the story of entrepreneurship and so forth. Because the popularity of Tianya forum is very good, so many people will go to see the post, especially those who want to start the crowd. read more

From DZ Archiver Baidu and GG are discriminating against originality

himself has just stepped into the temple of SEO. He has read SEO books for several weeks, and has soaked all the forums. So far, he has just made a daily IP1600 forum. Even the entrance doesn’t count, and there are any questions. Please give directions, one or two.

made a keyword some time ago, and GG Baidu came to the top at the same time (don’t ask me how to do it, just a very unpopular keyword). From this post, I found the difference between Baidu and GG in judging the original content: read more

Clever use of title party to add to the article leisure forum webmaster nets "about how much you know the title of the party" article, I didn’t know anything about "the title of the party" this thing. The article said that the title of the party is a specialized to attract attention with some exaggeration, conspicuous, bluffing, strange title, the temptation to readers to click, click into the results browse the article found in the title and content of the article is a deceived The name falls short of the reality., even fooled feeling. The title of the party does not have any permanent members, nor is it a tight knit organization. To put it simply, the title party attracts readers with exaggerated headlines. read more

How to develop the flow of forum tomorrow

today is the first talk about the forum for publicity, when it comes to propaganda, we see that the text is too much, people are cattle predecessors N wrote many articles, there are so many methods, the first method simply predecessors mentioned, also we have been in the use of the method, see you didn’t use it, it might as well try,

below, is to see the method summarized before, may have modified the original suspect, forgive me:


has a powerful domain name, such as and so on, convenient people seeing familiar, unfamiliar domain name, or a good memory of the domain name, will let you flow the sustained growth of an important reason. Many stations have a very beautiful, very good memory or domain name, except for Yahoo, Google used the money to flow out of the shop is relatively small, in fact, you may wish to use this domain name do ** forum, why? There are not a lot of good domain name, CVCV domain name basically is thousands or tens of thousands, BBS the forum is the word, have him, people see that this is a forum, easy to remember, in fact in minon eyes is not worth the money, but the terminal why use this domain name, the domain name has a personality of his own good memory and make your traffic doubled, why forum, or pat forum, without my website domain name. (this problem will be introduced later) read more

As the webmaster after 08 we should go from here

            in 2007 December, my first contact with what is higher, when I realized that there is such a group of grassroots webmaster, in fact, until now I have for our webmaster group is proud, because you think carefully, we will find that the original. These groups, and promote the Internet participation and promote a positive atmosphere can be seen, we are not weak groups, also played a big role, but for those of us children most of it and how many can get a real return, according to the statistics of 45% grassroots webmaster, income is 0, how terrible figures hard, one year, two years, or three years at the end of the day, what is the course does not rule out those who are not really paying owners. Now the station has lost value, won’t get much use, because it is now, not in 2000, it can be said that the effect can be big, it will create a large income for you, and now the social change rapidly, especially the development of the Internet is rapidly transform rapidly, even more so therefore, we, as the 08 owners to go, Wangzhuan direction how to choose read more

Analysis of four kinds of mentality required by SEOer under high pressure

believe that most of the SEOer are likely to encounter this situation, whether it is going to work for the enterprise, or mixed with a good point to someone else to do SEO consultant, the other side always want immediate, can not wait to start work as soon as we see the results. This boss is terrible because he doesn’t know how to optimize, optimize and not see as much in the short run as other projects do. Otherwise, I still need to work for you? I believe that everyone is afraid to encounter this boss, the boss once encountered, we will have a feeling of the author on tenterhooks, does not rule out you will use some black hat means to make a station, the requirements of the boss, but I believe it does not achieve the long-term benefits. You may also be the introduction of more trouble. read more

Do not give up do not abandon the QQ space station to make a year summary

I when the station is two years, the beginning is always to see the station, the station are followed, most stations are done, the picture download station, station, station music, movie station, space station QQ player, basically no one can live through the station a month, the domain name note a lot of space, rent ten eight, are empty with waste, selfless support of the space industry, then all manually add content, feel do is so tired, every night, a month to see a few times the sun, let alone door bubble MM. read more

Economics and Web Operations e commerce development under pride and Prejudice

James · · McGill Buchanan; James Mcgill Buchanan

in 1986, Buchanan was awarded the Nobel prize in economics for his contribution to the development of the economic and positive theory of contracts and the foundation of the legal system.

– the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences bulletin

"market economy" is a concept known as a noun, which is since China’s reform and opening up has been put forward by the government, its exact meaning refers to the market to play a basic role in regulating the economic operation mode of resource allocation. read more

How money can earn Mobile nternet profit model exploration


mobile Internet products profit model is the Internet Co constantly for a long time to explore the problem of how the mobile Internet experience to the characteristics of the product, at the expense of valuable user cost profit is a problem worth considering.

LinkedIn first introduced mobile advertising, and its profit model has gradually become clear. The mobile Internet products, profit model is a Internet Co constantly for a long time to explore the problem of how the mobile Internet experience to the characteristics of the product, at the expense of valuable user cost profit is a problem worth considering. In the face of today’s several common profit models, mobile Internet Co really no other choice, read more