The chain released several forms of written content

like some SNS type sites, such as kaixin001贵族宝贝 and renren贵族宝贝, when you here inside the link, love Shanghai search engines are not included, but the inside is very big, we can use the site, to which the flow. Inside the contents of this release should have the quality to customer needs, or is said to attract customers.

send outside the chain of each article is original, it will certainly make yourself running out of breath. I think the best way is pseudo original, this article does not require high quality how, even readability can be very poor, because our main purpose is to meet the spider, spider at. Most of the time we send the chain, directly copying others article, add a link to your website, does not allow search engines; so we can now put in a lot of pseudo original, false original method, 1, find a few related articles into one, 2, a article at the beginning of the end of a process, plus his words with head and tail are described, 3, can be used as a tool to replace the original, the text of the article, upset the order. 4, can use Google translation tools, such as a English article, directly translated into Chinese, then put on their website to publish links. read more

QQ marketing SKYCC combination marketing software to detonate another climax


have to say, SKYCC in marketing has done really well, whether it is the previous video marketing, borrow a IT video "grass root confessional" IT entrepreneurs and webmasters attention, or later micro-blog posted to the recent show, QQ marketing, every marketing will bring attention to the SKYCC promotion, product sales promotion seems to be reasonable, but a product sales, in addition to these creative marketing, there are deeper reasons.

now joined the network marketing business a lot, but really understand the network marketing business and not many companies want only through a simple way to achieve the comprehensive network marketing. In fact, in the network platform more and more Internet users access to the Internet today, more and more means of network marketing to achieve good effect, really need long range of network marketing, SKYCC combination marketing software proposed comprehensive network marketing idea, just to meet the needs of enterprises, this is the deeper cause of it by the enterprise favor. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Er to obtain the high quality the chain had to adopt the way

in May 17, 2011, I wrote an article, starting at A5, the title of the article is: a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have a qualified excel table, the original address: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110517/342822.shtml, today (May 19, 2011), we look at the effect:

recently discovered that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people have a rash mentality, the mentality of these Er are from Shanghai Longfeng lack of professional knowledge, they often become holding half, when they came into contact with Shanghai dragon, in various webmaster forum to see related articles, see a few post, began to start their own in disorderly fashion Shanghai Longfeng trip. read more

Shanghai dragon is not what is immutable and frozen

here I don’t discuss the selected site of the core keywords, because of my analysis of long tail keywords more interest. To be honest, in Shanghai Longfeng work so many things which I think one of the most interesting is the long tail keyword analysis, I personally feel that in a sense, to expand the long tail keywords is infinite. Words do not say much, I actually talk about me is how to expand the long tail keywords.


3, brainstorming ask friends, ask friends

2, the search drop-down box and related search read more

Shanghai dragon should have the mentality from the Shanghai dragon WHY

also, remember in Shanghai dragon why, the teacher made a post, suggestions for Shanghai dragon why, we also have good suggestions, such as forums can only be registered with the QQ, increase the contribution function, set up talent pool, and improve the ability of communication, in fact, I think the A5 forum activity is the best, a forum to have vitality must have vitality, so that the Shanghai dragon why ranking changes will make Shanghai dragon why progress continues, when comfort for so long, after a little problem, you will find the original on the altar is to find out the maintenance activities to improve the interaction, is the kingly way, it will also continue to grow, this point is to find problems from party > read more

WeChat public platform promotion

on the Internet, we always want to promote their faster and more simple way, so whenever a new platform form began to study how to use it as a platform for their own promotion service. For example, WeChat promotion for many boring lonely men and women may be about gun artifact, and for the Internet that is a powerful marketing tool, a lot of people are using it to marketing their products and even the man himself. However, through the various actions of Tencent to see that WeChat does not want to let his mother son become a garbage dump, so all kinds of policies to limit WeChat’s marketing activities. Such as restrictions on sending information times and more than a long time can not take the initiative to the attention of the fans to send information, in addition to the recent hit forwarding courtesy activities etc.. read more

Through the love Shanghai review period let you rank all the way

site into the review period obviously performance is the key word no ranking, no matter how you do outside of the chain and update of high quality original articles still is the case, general nobility baby sand box of about 2-3 months, love Shanghai audit period relatively fast, the basic -1 a month or so you can jump out of 2 weeks the review period.

new sites into the review period, through the analysis of site log obviously can be found, love Shanghai spider to web site still very diligent, but love Shanghai snapshots and included and did not change obviously, but at this stage the site keyword ranking is very poor, in any case operation are feeling useless. In fact, this is not so, what we do is not used, but now I love Shanghai in the observation site of the trend, so we at this time, do not use black hat or a large amount of the purchase of the chain, it will lead to increase the number of sites outside the chain in a short time and drop right, serious even when the K read more

How to evaluate the search engine ranking for web content

search engine rankings? A website on the Internet, you need to have a good quality ", in order to be more users to browse. How the web search engine is that good, to meet the needs of users, users believe that good? The search engine and users have their own standard of evaluation ". The following were introduced.

How to evaluate web content to

or the user wants to download the software, but is required to pay for. These restrictions, need to check the resources is not.

two, user evaluation web content read more

How to make B2C business website included effective fly

included? We can use reverse thinking to consider this issue, first consider what kind of page can bring the conversion rate, and then consider how to layout as much as possible the conversion rate of the page, in order to increase included.

Using these parameters ?The

the number of Web sites included, search engine is a feedback on your site content and site structure, so everyone will want your website more better. But in my opinion, for the website included, should not only focus on quantity, quality should also be valued, especially the B2C website, the website included the number if you dally up, but did not bring traffic, no orders, that are the clouds. It is so, when do collection strategy, we have to think, these included pages can increase website traffic, and the traffic is the conversion rate. read more

How to do a good website user experience

"on the user experience for the website development action" I said next to share how well the user experience of the website, read this article the friend must know the user experience for the future development of the site is important, since there is such a big role, how do we do website user experience is a pendulum in front of the problem, that today is simple to share how to do website user experience.

, a web site to determine the target user

In an article on the

is the first two are ready to work with the previous work, the third step is done, to adjust the color according to the user’s habits, so that the target users love color. Reasonable layout, the first time the user wants to see things in front of. Perfect function, users are not a simple love, love the kind of complex operation, the function of the website is to cooperate with this, try to make use of simple operation. The content of the demands, why do I not to say that the original content, in fact, for the user, not the original content is not original, is the main content of these he needs, and then compare the contents of the whole. He can learn to understand through the website, I believe he will remember your site, then need this information directly to your website. read more