US hails courageous decision by Syrian opposition to attend GenevaII

first_imgWASHINGTON- “By voting to go to Geneva II with a mission to negotiate an end to the war, the opposition has chosen a path that will ultimately lead to a better future for all Syrians,” says top US diplomat.US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday hailed the decision by an umbrella Syrian opposition group to participate in next week’s peace conference in the Swiss city, Geneva.“This is a courageous vote in the interests of all the Syrian people who have suffered so horribly under the brutality of the Assad regime and a civil war without end,” he said in a written statement. An international conference, the so-called “Geneva-II”, to find a political solution to the longstanding conflict in Syria is scheduled to begin Wednesday in Montreux, Switzerland.Brokered by the US and Russia, the conference is set to bring both sides of the major conflict together, as the main opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition, agreed to attend on Saturday after months of reluctance to commit.“By voting to go to Geneva II with a mission to negotiate an end to the war, the opposition has chosen a path that will ultimately lead to a better future for all Syrians,” Kerry said.Reiterating US’ support to the Syrian opposition, Kerry demanded “an end to the regime’s SCUD missiles, barrel bombs, and horrific weapons used against civilians.”More than 100,000 people have been killed in three years of conflict which also internally displaced more than 6.5 million people. Over two million are now registered as refugees in neighboring countries, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.last_img read more

Casablanca Mohamed V International Airport Ranked First in Africa

Rabat- Airports Council International (ACI), an entity that self-describes as “The voice of the world’s airports”, and in charge of monitoring and evaluating airports’ performances in satisfying customers at the global level, has recently unveiled its list of the world best airports.And Casablanca’s Mohamed V International has made it to the global top, thus jumping to the coveted place of number one in Africa, and also establishing or securing a reputation of a customer-friendly atmosphere, especially regarding comfort, security, and traffic.In the global ranking published on its website, ACI, which also gives prominence to restaurants and lounges in its overall assessment, said: “ASQ is the only worldwide program to survey passengers at the airport on their day of travel. The program measures passengers’ views of 34 key performance indicators. 74% of the world’s top 100 busiest airports are part of the ASQ network which delivers 600,000 individual surveys per year in 42 languages in 84 countries. The program served 343 airports in 2017,” adding that Casablanca is “Africa’s grand winner”, followed by Mauritius and Durban airports. ACI further noted that this year’s list of countries that made the cut was characterized by an “unprecedented”, “challenging”, and “increasingly competitive airport industry operating environment, where continuous service improvement is a key ingredient in business performance”, which would then suggest that Casablanca’s Mohamed V International, fulfilling the above criteria, reflects the considerable efforts that Moroccan airports-linked authorities have been deploying to drastically improve the country’s aviation business, especially as the Kingdom is very keen on further keeping or capitalizing on its long-standing and undisputed stature  of  “touristic hub.”But while the Kingdom’s can pride itself on its airports, the country’s national airlines (Royal Air Maroc) did not unfortunately make it to aviation companies’ ‘La cour des grands.’ In that category, considering some other criteria, essentially travel cost (low cost with good quality), the best African airlines are said to be, respectively, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Egypt Air, and Fast Jet (Tanzania), among others.The improving image of Africa-based airlines has prompted many observes to argue that the African Union’s recent Single African Market Initiative, a project aiming to submit African air travel practititioners to the “same regulatory framework”,  is perhaps the principal but ‘invisible’ incubator of this emerging image of trustworthy and reliable “African” aviation companies.While that observation has considerable legitimacy, recent indications that Africa’s airports traffics will almost triple in the next two decades, reaching the impressive figure of 303 million passengers per year, is another indicator that the continents authorities still have a lot on their plates, if, anyways, they are in the mindset ok maintaining this nascent favorable view of the continent’s business sector. read more

Keystone XL mishandled by Harper governments megaphone diplomacy Justin Trudeau

CALGARY — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau used a speech to oil executives Wednesday to blame the federal government’s “megaphone diplomacy” for delays in a U.S. decision on the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.[np_storybar title=”Stephen Harper ‘won’t take no for an answer’ from U.S. on Keystone XL pipeline” link=”″%5DCanada “won’t take no for an answer” from the U.S. when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday as he sharpened his sales pitch for the controversial cross-border energy proposal.Continue reading. [/np_storybar]Trudeau told the Calgary Petroleum Club that Stephen Harper’s government has failed to come up with a “sensible” national strategy on greenhouse gases and that is damaging Canada’s reputation.“After eight years here is what the so-called friendliest government the Canadian energy industry has ever had has accomplished: We are further than ever from a sensible policy to reduce carbon pollution and the oil sands have become the international poster child for climate change,” Trudeau told the well-heeled crowd.“The government has failed to move the yardsticks on one of the most important infrastructure projects of our generation — the XL pipeline. They have needlessly antagonized our closest friend and most important market and they have failed to gain access to the growing markets of the Asia-Pacific region.”Trudeau was critical of Harper’s suggestion that the project was a “no brainer” for President Barack Obama to approve.“You don’t have to be (former Liberal prime minister) Lester Pearson to know bad diplomacy when you see it,” said Trudeau. “The prime minister has been far, far more concerned with making headlines than making progress.”Trudeau said Canadians have never been bullies, despite having vast petroleum reserves.“We have the second-largest petroleum reserves in the world that the world is very interested in purchasing. But that doesn’t give us the power to push anyone around because people know our economy depends on actually creating markets for those resources.”Trudeau said if Canada isn’t able to convince the world that it is strong environmentally, it will lose market access for its natural resources.TransCanada’s Keystone XL project would carry 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta across six U.S. states to the Texas Gulf Coast.Obama is expected to issue a final decision later this year or in 2014 on whether to allow the $7-billion pipeline to proceed through the U.S.Trudeau said he supports Keystone because it is in the public interest.But he said he doesn’t believe that the case for the Northern Gateway pipeline proposed by Calgary-based Enbridge has been made.That project would deliver 525,000 barrels of petroleum a day from Alberta to a tanker terminal in Kitimat, on the B.C. coast.“There’s no question we need to get our energy resources to the Pacific. I’ve looked at the facts. I’ve looked at the resistance to it. I’ve looked at the politicization of it and I just don’t see Northern Gateway as it stands being a viable proposal,” Trudeau said.“I wish I could say something else, but that’s not my case to make. That’s up to the government. That’s up to the proponents and that case just has not been made.”The Canadian Press read more

UN expert committee against torture to open first 2003 session

The Committee against Torture will open the first of its two regular annual sessions Monday at the Palais Wilson in Geneva, and through 16 May, is expected to review measures adopted by Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Turkey, Slovenia, Belgium and the Republic of Moldova to prevent and punish acts of torture.Representatives of the seven countries are expected to come before the Committee to defend their records in implementing the rights enshrined in the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.The Convention, adopted unanimously by the UN General Assembly in 1984, entered into force on 26 June 1987 and has since been ratified by 132 States. Those parties are required to outlaw torture and are explicitly prohibited from using “higher orders” or “exceptional circumstances” as excuses for acts of torture. The Committee was established in 1987 to monitor compliance with the Convention and assist States parties in implementing its provisions.The Convention introduced two significant new elements to the UN fight against torture. First, it specifies that alleged torturers may be tried in any State party or they may be extradited to face trial in the State party where their crimes were committed. Second, it uniquely confers upon the Committee broad powers of examination and investigation of reliable reports of torture, including visits to the State party concerned, with its agreement, if reliable information is received which appears to contain well-founded indications that torture is being systematically practiced in the territory of a State party.During the upcoming session, the Committee’s 10 independent Experts will study, in closed-door meetings, information appearing to contain well-founded indications that such acts are being practiced in a State party. In addition, they will examine complaints from individuals claiming to be victims of a violation by a State party of the provisions of the Convention. read more

Dell board committee stands behind 244 billion sale to CEO despite shareholder

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Michael Liedtke, The Associated Press Posted Mar 6, 2013 2:36 pm MDT Dell board committee stands behind $24.4 billion sale to CEO despite shareholder unrest SAN FRANCISCO – The Dell Inc. committee that negotiated the slumping PC maker’s $24.4 billion buyout is standing behind the deal despite the misgivings of major shareholders who believe the price is too low.In a four-paragraph statement released Wednesday, the four directors who oversaw the discussions to sell Dell provided their most extensive defence of the deal since it was announced a month ago.CEO Michael Dell, backed by other investors led by investment firm Silver Lake, is trying to buy out the company he founded for $13.65 per share.Much of the information in the statement had already been disclosed. The directors’ decision to publicly reiterate their rationale for agreeing to the deal currently on the table suggests that they aren’t having second thoughts. It comes as Dell’s largest independent shareholder prepares to lead a possible mutiny.Southeastern Asset Management, the investment firm that owns an 8.4 per cent stake in Dell Inc., has demanded the names of other shareholders. That information could be used to rally opposition to the deal. Mutual fund manager T. Rowe Price, which owns a nearly 5 per cent stake in Dell, also is lobbying against the deal.Those critics may soon be joined by another nettlesome investor, billionaire Carl Icahn. He specializes in buying out-of-favour stocks and then pressuring corporate boards to make deals or other moves to boost the share price.Citing unidentified sources, financial news channel CNBC reported Wednesday that Icahn has been accumulating up to 100 million shares of Dell stock — an amount that would give him a roughly 6 per cent stake in the company. Icahn didn’t immediately return phone messages Wednesday.CNBC’s sources said Icahn wants Dell to pursue other options besides a sale, including paying a special one-time dividend to current shareholders.That’s one of the alternatives that Dell’s special committee said it already considered during a “rigorous” five-month review. That analysis culminated in an agreement to sell the company to Michael Dell and the investment group for the $13.65-per-share price.That’s 37 per cent above the shares’ average trading price during the 90-day period before word of the buyout negotiations leaked out in mid-January. But the stock stood $10 higher, at about $24 per share, when Michael Dell returned for a second stint as CEO in 2007. That’s the price Southeastern contends Dell is worth.Many investors are betting the pot will have to be sweetened to get a deal done. Dell’s stock rose 25 cents, or nearly 2 per cent, to close Wednesday at $14.32. The shares have been trading above the current buyout offer for the past three weeks.Before accepting the $13.65-per-share offer, the special committee said it considered a variety of other options. Besides a one-time dividend, these alternatives included revising the company’s plan to diversity beyond PCs and breaking up the company so its operations could be sold in parts. The committee said it reached its decision in consultation with experts that included investment bankers from JP Morgan.Shareholder Forum, a group that seeks to protect shareholder interests, wants access to the same information that influenced Dell’s special committee to sell at $13.65 per share. The information would be used by experts to perform an independent evaluation of the proposed sale to help shareholders understand if it’s the best choice, according to a Tuesday letter sent to Michael Dell by Gary Lutin, a former investment banker who runs the Shareholder Forum.The group is acting as a delegate of an unidentified Dell shareholder, who Lutin says is not Southeastern Asset Management.If second-guessing of the Dell deal continues, the spotlight on the board’s special committee is likely to intensify. The committee is chaired by Alex Mandl, a former telecommunications executive. The three other committee members are Laura Conigliaro, a former computer industry analyst for Goldman Sachs; Ken Duberstein, who was President Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff before starting his own consulting firm; and Janet Clark, the chief financial officer of Marathon Oil Corp.The special committee was formed last August after Michael Dell notified the Round Rock, Texas, company that he was exploring a buyout bid in partnership with other investors. Michael Dell has agreed to contribute 273 million of the company stock that he controls and $750 million in cash to help finance the buyout, which rely primarily on loans from PC software maker Microsoft Corp. and an assortment of banks.Michael Dell is trying to reduce the company’s dependence on PCs, which are becoming tougher to sell as more people switch over to smartphones and tablet computers. He believes the company can thrive again by expanding into business software, data analytics and storage and other more profitable niches in technology — a transition that Michael Dell believes will be easier without having to worry about the short-term financial interests of Wall Street. If the current agreement is approved, Dell will end its 25-year history as a publicly traded company.In an attempt to avoid allegations that it was biased toward Michael Dell’s offer, the special committee has left open the door for a higher bid. The committee said it has provided financial incentives for investment banker Evercore Partners to find a better deal by March 22. If another enticing proposal surfaces, the special committee said it will negotiate past the March 22 deadline.The special committee said that it “has worked hard, and continues to work hard to produce the best outcome for Dell’s shareholders.” read more

Nestlé bannit les arômes artificiels de ses confiseries au RoyaumeUni

first_imgNestlé bannit les arômes artificiels de ses confiseries au Royaume-Uni Nestlé a annoncé qu’il supprimait tous les arômes artificiels de ses produits de confiseries vendus au Royaume-Uni par des alternatives naturelles. Ceci afin de répondre à une demande des consommateurs.C’est une initiative a salué que vient tout juste de prendre Nestlé, l’un des principaux acteurs de l’agroalimentaire dans le monde. Celui-ci a décidé de supprimer tous les arômes artificiels présents dans ses produits de confiserie vendus au Royaume-Uni. Selon un communiqué de la société, cette décision concerne 79 produits parmi lesquels les Smarties ou encore les Rolo, et répond à une demande des consommateurs. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Des solutions alternatives et plus naturelles ont ainsi été trouvées pour remplacer les arômes artificiels : des produits à base de carotte, d’hibiscus, de citron entre autres. Selon des associations de consommateurs britanniques, 75% des Britanniques achèteraient en effet en priorité des produits dépourvus d’arôme artificiels. Une volonté qui a poussé la firme à lancer des recherches pour parvenir à éliminer définitivement les arômes artificiels. Néanmoins, il a fallu pas moins de sept années de recherches pour remplacer les 80 produits artificiels de sa confiserie par des produits naturels.Cette initiative n’est toutefois pas la première puisque Nestlé a déjà supprimé les produits artificiels dans toutes ses boissons au Royaume-Uni, y compris dans le Nesquik, une boisson chocolatée. En outre, des recherches similaires sont également en cours au Canada et dans quelques autres pays européens, a indiqué Nestlé.Le 2 mars 2012 à 17:49 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Mayor Steve Vaus of Poway comments on yesterdays shooting at Chabad of

first_img Vashti Moore Mayor Steve Vaus of Poway comments on yesterday’s shooting at Chabad of Poway April 28, 2019 Posted: April 28, 2019 Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, Trending FacebookTwittercenter_img Vashti Moore, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- Poway Mayor Steve Vaus is calling yesterday’s shooting a hate crime. He joined us this morning to talk more about the incident. Updated: 8:06 AMlast_img read more

Several challengers looking to unseat Washougal council incumbents

first_imgThe city of Washougal has three city council primaries on the same ballot for the first time in nearly four decades, Clark County officials said.Council incumbents Rodney Morris, Jennifer McDaniel and Molly Coston each face challenges from two or more opponents in their quest for another four-year term. Washougal voters have 10 candidates to choose from during the Aug. 16 primary election. The city has a dozen candidates overall seeking four council spots, counting the Nov. 8 general election. Councilman Michael Delavar, who has only one opponent, will face Joyce Lindsay in the general election.“This is the only (Washougal) primary we’ve had since 1973 where we’ve had three offices appear on a primary ballot,” said Tim Likness, Clark County’s elections department supervisor.Clark County started overseeing Washougal’s elections in 1973. Since then, Washougal has had larger candidate pools, but those included competitors in general elections.In 2001, the city had 14 candidates compete for six positions, Likness said. A total of 13 candidates sought seven positions in 1981.The primary council elections include Ward 2, 5 and 7.Ward 2 Councilman Rodney Morris faces the most challengers — three. Morris, 56, has been on the Washougal council nearly 19 years and has served as a volunteer firefighter for more than 30 years. Among his chief objectives are working on the Camas-Washougal Economic Development Association, balancing the city’s budget and maintaining EMS services.last_img read more

Portland boy 11 pleads guilty to robbery charge

first_imgAn 11-year-old boy who attempted a carjacking in December in Portland pleaded guilty to a robbery charge in juvenile court and was sentenced to probation for the rest of the year.Deputy Trial Court Administrator Neal Japport told KATU the boy also pleaded guilty to harassment. Under terms of a plea agreement, the boy is not allowed to have any weapons or ride in any cars that contain weapons.The boy and two siblings were placed in foster care in January.Police say the boy and a 7-year-old accomplice used his dad’s .22-caliber Derringer on Dec. 8 to threaten a woman in a church parking lot. She refused to give up her truck and wallet, drove away and called police.last_img read more

68 of US managers think student loan assistance would improve employee morale

first_imgMore than two-thirds (68%) of US manager respondents think that offering student loan assistance as part of an employee benefits package would improve employee morale, according to research by IonTuition.Its Employers’ perspective survey 2016: student loans and higher education benefits report, which polled 400 middle managers in the US, also found that 71% of respondents believe student loan assistance would improve employee retention.The research also found:79% of respondents believe that student loan repayment assistance would support recruitment.61% of respondents believe employees are somewhat satisfied with their benefits package and that there is room for improvement.62% think that fewer employees contribute to their 401(k) retirement savings because of their student loans, and 73% believe that staff contribute less money to their 401(k) because of student loans.Balaji Rajan, chief executive officer at IonTuition, said: “Student loan debt connects employers and employees in a very meaningful fashion. Just like healthcare and retirement plans, student debt repayment assistance is applicable to more employees than tuition reimbursements in today’s context. It is great to see so many employers step up and become early adopters.”last_img read more

An iPhone XS Face IDlike selfie camera is headed to the LG

first_img • See It 18 Photos Walmart See All Post a comment Mobile World Congress 2019 reading • An iPhone XS Face ID-like selfie camera is headed to the LG G8 ThinQ $379 Preview • LG G7 ThinQ: A notch, a Google button and more Review • LG G7 ThinQ review: Bets on AI, but there’s no bite $349 $480 Sprint An exploded view of the G8’s front-facing camera lens. LG LG just introduced its LG G8 ThinQ. The high-end phone, which includes face unlock technology, is the successor to last year’s LG G7 ThinQ, and will likely make its physical debut at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Spain at the end of the month. LG posted its announcement online and while it didn’t include any specs or images of the phone, we do learn more about its front-facing camera. The phone features time-of-flight technology, which enables cameras to measure distance using infrared light and scan 3D objects. For the user, that means the G8 will have facial recognition, similar to FaceID that’s featured on Apple iPhones.LG also reported that the new camera technology will have applications in AR and VR platforms, so we may expect more AR/VR features on the G8 that’ll incorporate digital graphics overlaid onto real-world images.Little else is known about the marquee handset, but if it iterates the G7, we can expect top-tier specs at a price that’s slightly less than Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10. During my time reviewing it, I liked the G7’s AI-powered camera and the fact that it had a headphone jack (which is a rarity in top handsets these days). But its battery life was pretty average and the phone overall failed to distinguish itself in the crowded phone market.CNET will be on the ground reporting from MWC, so check back for more information about the LG G8 ThinQ. CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Tags Mobile World Congress 2019 See It See it Jun 1 • The Nubia Alpha looks like either a house arrest bracelet or Batman’s phone LG G7 ThinQ: A seriously detailed look Jun 29 • Galaxy S10 5G, OnePlus 7 Pro LG V50 ThinQ 5G: Why you shouldn’t rush to buy a 5G phone LG G7 ThinQ May 13 • Galaxy S10E vs. iPhone XR: Every spec compared 0 Mentioned Above LG G7 ThinQ (64GB, platinum gray) Share your voice Jul 9 • Killer cameras and battery life might meet their match in the Note 10 Phones LG Samsung Applelast_img read more

Meet the Kashmiri doctor who cycled 65km to protest against JammuSrinagar highway

first_imgA young doctor from Kashmir decided to cycle 65 kilometres stretch to reach his hospital in order to protest J&K Highway banTwitterOn Sunday, when the ban on civilian vehicular movement on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway was implemented for the first time, a urologist preferred to cycle his way to work to defy the government order.Dr Umar is posted in J&K’s Sopore district, which is 65km away from his residence in Srinagar. He ditched the ambulance services which were provided to medical and para-medical staff on Sunday.I wanted to use the cycle so that I can feel the pain of the people, what they are going through due to this order. I will not get into arguments with anyone if I am stopped and will change my route,” Omar told PTI.He added that the roads are the lifeline of any place and shutting them down for civilian movement is shutting down that particular region.Immensely proud of my brother, @UroDocOmar, a urologist who decided to protest the inhumane highway ban in his unique way. Cycling to work in a small north kashmir village 65 km away…— Othman Salim (@othman_salim) April 7, 2019On the day of the implementation of the government directive, routine life came to a halt in Srinagar and adjoining places as many patients couldn’t travel to hospitals. Tourists were also stuck in Srinagar and could not move due to the ban. The District Magistrate, Anantnag, also issued a special order to allow a marriage party to visit his bride’s home in Doda district. This is what we have been reduced to to use our own roads. A family had to run from pillar to post to get this permission slip to use the highway so they could travel to Doda for a wedding ceremony. What will people face tomorrow? Order courtesy @asifsuhaf — Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) April 6, 2019The J&K government had recently issued a directive prohibiting civilian vehicular movement for two days every week on the nearly 280km-long Jammu-Srinagar National Highway for smooth movement and security of para-military troopers who travel on those designated days. The ban will remain in place till May 31. The order came after Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced a string of measures to ensure security to the CRPF and armed forces personnel in the wake of Pulwama terror attack.However, the order has met with a lot of resistance from the masses and political leadership in the valley who described it as a violation of the basic human rights.Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti defied the government order and took her vehicle on the highway in Srinagar along with the party members of Peoples Democratic Party. She said that such orders will further distance people of Kashmir from the rest of the country and cannot be effective.Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah questioned the logic behind banning the vehicular movement. If it is safe for SF convoys to move on Monday WITHOUT closing the highway to civilian traffic why is it not safe on Wednesdays & Sundays? Nothing proves the mindlessness of the order more than army movement on “unsafe” days. This road is part of the highway by the way.— Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) April 8, 2019last_img read more

Ripon Tabith 3 others collect BNP nomination forms

first_imgAsaduzzaman Ripon and Tabith AwalFive aspirants, including Asaduzzaman Ripon and Tabith, collected nomination forms of Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Sunday for contesting the by-polls to Dhaka North City Corporation mayor polls with the party ticket, reports UNB.The nomination seekers bought the forms at Tk 10,000 at different times from BNP’s Naya Paltan central office.The three other nomination aspirants are BNP assistant publication affairs secretary Shakil Wahed, its Dhaka north city unit president MA Quayum, and ex-member of parliament Akhtaruzzaman.Tabith contested the DNCC polls held on 28 April, 2015 with BNP ticket and boycotted the voting halfway through bringing various allegations, including widespread vote rigging and obstruction to voters.Earlier, the party started selling its nomination from at 11:00am and it continued until 4:00pm.On Saturday night, BNP standing committee members at a meeting decided to sell nomination forms among people willing to contest the upcoming by-polls to the DNCC with the party ticket.BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said the nomination seekers will have to submit the forms to the BNP office with Tk 25,000 security money by 4:00pm on Monday.Later, he said the party nomination board, comprising BNP standing committee member, headed by its chairperson will interview the aspirants on Monday night at the party chairperson’s Gulshan office.The BNP leader said the nomination board will pick one of the nomination seekers as the party candidate for the by-polls.He hoped that the name of the party-nominated candidate will be announced on Monday night.As per the schedule declared by the Election Commission, the by-polls to the DNCC mayoral post will be held on 26 February.The DNCC mayoral post fell vacant with the death of Annisul Huq on 30 November last year.last_img read more

Police foil quota reform rally of concerned guardians teachers

first_imgA huge contingent of police surrounds teachers, guardians and citizens who attempt to stage a demonstration under the banner of ‘Concerned Guardians and Civil Society’ in protest against attacks on quota protesters by ruling party’s student wing BCL, in front of the National Press Club on Tuesday. Photo: Focus BanglaThe police on Tuesday dispersed university teachers, guardians and activists of different left-leaning political parties as they tried to stage a demonstration in front of the National Press Club, protesting against the attacks on quota reform activists by BCL men across the country, reports UNB.The law enforcers also picked up professor Rahnuma Ahmed of Jagangirnagar University and former Bangladesh Chhatra Union president Baki Billah at that time. They were, however, released later on undertakings.Witnesses said around 100 demonstrators, including teachers of different universities, under the banner of ‘Concerned Guardians and Citizens’ tried to gather in front of the National Press Club since afternoon to begin their scheduled rally at 4:00pm.However, police dispersed them, saying they had no permission for holding the programme which led to a scuffle between the law enforcers and demonstrators.At that time, police allegedly assaulted Dhaka University teacher professor Fahmidul Haq and Ganasanghati Andolon convener Zunayed Saki.They also picked up professore Rahnuma Ahmed and Baki Billah from the spot. They were released in the evening.A member of police takes away the banner of the concerned guardians, teachers, and citizens who attempt to stage a demonstration under the banner of ‘Concerned Guardians and Civil Society’ in protest against attacks on quota protesters by ruling party’s student wing BCL,, in front of the National Press Club on Tuesday. Photo: Focus Bangla”Police misbehaved with me even after knowing my identity. I and Rahnuma Ahmed got on the van after police arrested Baki Billah and wanted to talk to the police officer. The officer accused me of damaging the police vehicle and tried to arrest me, too. But the other demonstrators resisted their attempt,” said Fahmidul Haq.On Monday, several activists of the Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhan Parishad, the platform which has been waging a campaign for reform in the quota system in the public service, were injured in attacks allegedly by Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activists and police when they tried to stage their scheduled programme in different universities.BCL is the student wing of ruling Bangladesh Awami League aka AL. On Saturday, at least six leaders of the platform were injured in an attack allegedly by the BCL activists on the Dhaka University campus.Protesting at the attack, the platform called an indefinite boycott of classes and examinations in all the universities and colleges across the country from Sunday.Dhaka University teacher professor Fahmidul Haq and Jagangirnagar University professor Rahnuma Ahmed got into police van when the cops pick up Bangladesh Chhatra Union’s former president Baki Billah during a protest against attacks on quota protesters by ruling party’s student wing BCL, in front of the National Press Club on Tuesday. Photo: Focus BanglaOn Sunday, detectives arrested Rashed Khan, joint convener of the platform, from Bhasantek in the city. Another joint convener Faruk Hassan was also shown arrested in a case.In April, students of public and private universities across the country waged a strong movement demanding reforms in the quota system.In the face of student agitations, AL president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina announced in parliament on 11 April abolition of all types of quotas in public jobs.As no gazette notification has so far been issued regarding the abolishment of the quota system as per the PM’s declaration, the leaders of the platform gathered in front of DU central library on Saturday to hold a scheduled press conference to announce their fresh programme. But, BCL activists allegedly carried out attacks on them around 10:50am.last_img read more

MCA to decide on Ankeet letter

first_imgMCA has received a formal request from banned cricketer Ankeet Chavan to be allowed to resume his cricket career and the state association will decide on the matter at its managing committee meeting on August 2.“We have received a formal request from Chavan that he be allowed to play again. We will put it before our President Shri Sharad Pawar and other managing committee members at our meeting on Sunday,” said Mumbai Cricket Association’s joint secretary Dr P V Shetty on Wednesday. Shetty said whatever be the decision of the managing committee on the issue, the final authority is the Cricket Board. Also Read – Khel Ratna for Deepa and Bajrang, Arjuna for Jadeja“We may decide to forward his letter along with our own decision to the BCCI. But we will abide by whatever the BCCI says, “ he added. Chavan has been cleared of spot fixing charges levied by the Delhi police by a trial court. However the BCCI which had conducted it’s own enquiry on the charges relating to the 2013 edition of IPL has said that the ban would not be lifted.last_img read more

Musical Twist Jimi Hendrix and Joe Pesci Once Played in the Same

first_imgBefore they became a famous actor and rock star respectively, Joe Pesci and Jimi Hendrix were in a house band called Joey Dee and the Starliters. They played at a venue called The Peppermint Lounge in Manhattan. Led by Dee on vocals, their song Peppermint Twist (Part 1) hit the top spot in 1962. Hendrix (then known as Jimmy James) didn’t join the group till later but Pesci was strumming along for the ride. Both were young men, just entering their 20s.Hendrix on stage in 1967Peppermint Twist drew on the Twist dance craze, described on Dee’s website as “the liberation of the dance floor,” which excited teenagers and started “a media thunderstorm.”“Doctors warned of back injuries, religious figures cluck-clucked over the moral implications, and dancers such as Fred Astaire looked down their nose at the vulgarity of it all.”AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsJoey and the Twisters performing at the Peppermint Lounge in Manhattan, c. 1962Chubby Checker’s legendary track announced the dance to the world, but The Peppermint Lounge is credited with turning it into a national pastime. It was “the Studio 54 of its day” according to a 2018 Stereogum article. Celebrities could be seen sipping drinks and twisting the night away, including Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Truman Capote and Judy Garland.Pesci and Hendrix were just passing through in the overall scheme of things. Nevertheless, they were part of something big. The Peppermint Twist’s status as a hall of famer is disputed, with Stereogum saying it was “a song made for a very specific cultural context, and once that context disappeared, so, for the most part, did the song.”Joey Dee, 1962However, Dee believes the result was more than worthwhile. In an interview for the Classic Bands site he commented, “The Peppermint Lounge without the publicity would not have engendered The Peppermint Twist, and without The Peppermint Twist I don’t think the Peppermint Lounge would have had the longevity it achieved.”Hendrix kept playing the guitar and when things went electric he turned into a phenomenon of his own. “I had him come out to my garage and audition. After the first five minutes I knew he was the guy for my band,” said Dee. “He was a wonderful team player, a fine guitarist, similar to Curtis Mayfield… I have nothing but good thoughts about Jimi.”The Experience in 1968Pesci moved into acting, something he’d been urged to do by his father Angelo. In interviews, he has mentioned it not being his choice. Having trod the boards since childhood, his interest ran out in the mid-Seventies after he failed to crack Hollywood.Luckily he’d made a low budget crime flick in 1976 which caught the attention of Scorcese. He was working as a restaurant manager when Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese got in touch. They wanted to cast him in Raging Bull (1980) based on his performance. Noisey referred to him as “the Shakespeare of unrelenting anger.” Pesci built a reputation for inhabiting mercurial personalities, most notably Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas (1990), though he is also a respected character actor who played comedy and drama.The Starliters certainly weren’t the be and end all of Pesci’s journey as a recording artist. The former lounge singer has always had music in his blood — to date he’s released two albums, 1968’s Little Joe Sure Can Sing! and Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You in 1998, named after his character from My Cousin Vinny (1992).Joe Pesci in a promotional photo for Scorcese’s ‘Goodfellas’. Photo by Getty ImagesThe latter release featured a hilarious rap track titled “Wise Guy”, which was critically-derided. Noisey said, “the essence of the track and video shines through the fog like a pair of nauseatingly well-lit headlights.” Though he has been praised for his musical talent, this was seen as a misstep.Before his break from acting in 1999, he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (for Goodfellas). Lethal Weapon’s fast-talking Leo Getz and Home Alone’s burglar Harry Lyme were his most popular roles. He is about to be seen in Scorsese’s The Irishman.Read another story from us: Final Days of Jimi Hendrix – Theories Surrounding the Early Demise of a Rock LegendThey went on to entertain in their own unique ways. But for a heady period in the Sixties, Joe Pesci and Jimi Hendrix were at the epicenter of a great American cultural revolution.last_img read more

Aeromexico plane hit by lightening in La Paz

first_imgLa Paz, Baja California Sur — An Aeromexico plane landing at the La Paz International Airport Saturday in Baja California Sur was struck by lightening.Jesús Castillo Reyes of the First Division of Civil Aeronautics, said the aircraft was hit by lightning as it prepared to land at La Paz International Airport. He said the plane was carrying 97 passengers, none of whom were injured from the strike.The plane, however, did suffer some damage. Castillo Reyes reported the some of the plane’s instruments were damaged from the strike of lightening.“It was landing at La Paz airport. Apparently in its final phase it suffered a lightning strike, which happens. Some of the instruments on the aircraft suffered some damage, but it did not appear to be major.“Nevertheless, the aircraft had to undergo a review and maintenance,” explained Castillo Reyes.The plane was hit during the passing of Tropical Storm Bud, where in total, only two flights were cancelled at La Paz. In Los Cabos, a total of 14 flights were cancelled due to passing storms.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

agentsRail Expert Training Program trainingRail P

first_imgagentsRail Expert Training Program. trainingRail Pus Over 300 travel agents across Australia and New Zealand have graduated with flying colours from this year’s Rail Expert training program, with an elite group of consultants also securing themselves spots on an unforgettable rail famil across Europe.The 2017 Rail Expert program required travel agents to complete a total of 10 modules, the majority of which focused on some of Europe’s most popular rail networks, including TGV France, Swiss Travel System and Eurail. For the first time, the training initiative was supported by all of Rail Europe’s Australian distribution partners – Infinity Rail, Rail Tickets and Rail Plus.The top two graduates from four regions across Australia won places on the European famil, with this year’s winners including:· VIC/TAS – Garrath Ridd (Helloworld) and James Hughes (Flight Centre)· NSW/ACT – Lela Hopkins (Helloworld) and Telisha Kelso (Flight Centre)· QLD/NT– Brenda Simon (Helloworld) and Brad Sward (Flight Centre)· SA/WA – Caitlin Byrne (Flight Centre) and Katrina Miragliotta (Helloworld)The top scorer for each of the 10 training modules also won a $100 VISA gift card, while every travel agent who qualified received a certificate and an ‘I’m a Rail Expert’ banner for their email signature.Rail Plus Commercial Director Ingrid Kocijan says that the number of graduates emerging from this year’s program shows that consultants understand the benefits that flow from ongoing training and education.“Knowledge provides a commercial edge on competitors and is the key to delivering outstanding customer service. This is particularly true when it comes to areas such as rail, where networks and products are continually evolving.“As with all quality training initiatives, this year’s Rail Expert program required focus and skill to complete, so well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to all of this year’s worthy graduates.”Agents are reminded that Rail Europe tickets are distributed via Rail Plus, Rail Tickets and Infinity Rail in Australia (Rail Plus in New Zealand). See for more details.IMAGE: Off on an exclusive European rail famil: Rail Expert graduate Brenda Simon with Rail Plus’ Brisbane-based Account Manager Larry Burrows.last_img read more

Canadian kids show Snapshots wins International

first_imgCanadian kids’ show “Snapshots” wins International Emmy CANNES, France – The kids’ series “Snapshots” by Toronto-based Forte Entertainment won an International Emmy Award Tuesday night in the best non-scripted entertainment category.The photography competition show, which is aimed at six- to 12-year-olds, premiered on CBC in September 2016 with a six-episode run.Forte has sold the rights to the show’s concept to be developed in the U.K. and New Zealand.The awards were handed out at the MIPTV conference in Cannes. by The Canadian Press Posted Apr 11, 2018 11:09 am PDT Last Updated Apr 11, 2018 at 11:41 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more