Economics and Web Operations e commerce development under pride and Prejudice


James · · McGill Buchanan; James Mcgill Buchanan

in 1986, Buchanan was awarded the Nobel prize in economics for his contribution to the development of the economic and positive theory of contracts and the foundation of the legal system.

– the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences bulletin


"market economy" is a concept known as a noun, which is since China’s reform and opening up has been put forward by the government, its exact meaning refers to the market to play a basic role in regulating the economic operation mode of resource allocation.

in the early development of western market economy, the high evaluation of the role of people on the market, Adams Smith’s "invisible hand" is the best interpretation of the market economic regulation, the prevailing view is that the smallest government is best, the best government is the least government intervention.

glad China development of the network, is spent in the "invisible hand" under the guidance of the first few years, bred from the initial to the rapid development of market economy, the initial capital has been accompanied by and about China Internet accumulation, now, even now is for "SP SMS virus marketing fraud", at the time the site is also a lot of important fortune capital base, after all, in front of the capital, no one is clean.


is the "clean" capital, can make the development of Chinese network fast, even beyond or close to the United States in the total number and capital, it can not be said to be a China miracle, and create a miracle, it is a China Internet business to pay for the young people.

to now, the rise of Baidu, successfully resisted the invasion of Google, Taobao, eBay China almost out of the market, the success of the Alibaba that small and medium-sized enterprises begin to realize the Internet and benefit from the network tide, sina Sohu will YAHOO in a corner, the leader of these enterprises China network, lead more in small Internet Co, creating a China network economic miracle.

but history is strikingly similar. Since the outbreak of the first economic crisis in Britain in 1825, the drawbacks of market failure or mere market regulation have gradually come to light. Especially after the capitalist world has experienced the depression of 1929~1933 years of the most serious, the government intervention theory gradually prevailed, advocating intervention through reverse economic wind acting "macroeconomic policy has also become the Keynes doctrine after World War II, the mainstream theory of modern economics.

unfortunately, as far as the basic network policy of the Chinese government is concerned, the tendency of Keynes doctrine is obvious: excessive government intervention

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