As the webmaster after 08 we should go from here

            in 2007 December, my first contact with what is higher, when I realized that there is such a group of grassroots webmaster, in fact, until now I have for our webmaster group is proud, because you think carefully, we will find that the original. These groups, and promote the Internet participation and promote a positive atmosphere can be seen, we are not weak groups, also played a big role, but for those of us children most of it and how many can get a real return, according to the statistics of 45% grassroots webmaster, income is 0, how terrible figures hard, one year, two years, or three years at the end of the day, what is the course does not rule out those who are not really paying owners. Now the station has lost value, won’t get much use, because it is now, not in 2000, it can be said that the effect can be big, it will create a large income for you, and now the social change rapidly, especially the development of the Internet is rapidly transform rapidly, even more so therefore, we, as the 08 owners to go, Wangzhuan direction how to choose


08 years, which is now obvious, I can feel that this group is reduced or higher, as active as last year, mainly from the two aspects of the phenomenon can see:

, Wangzhuan project, last year’s time, no matter what the project is training or pull off the assembly line, pull the head, bidding… Anyway.. advertising everywhere, and is not part of the hair, can be said that advertising serious flooding, whether in the QQ group or in the forum are so in look at this year, the project did not see a few new, old and no one made, can be said to have expired, the end.

two, atmosphere, number of post last year basically are in general Wangzhuan forum now hundreds of thousands, and dozens of QQ group, I nearly 200 higher taxa, information can be called a few minutes before the stop time every boot of the computer configuration, you can put the top of a poor black blue screen now. 80% of the group with almost dead, 35 days later, you can also see this a few days ago, still stands, that is to say no one behind AC or AD what, so very depressed people are dead like


so I wonder where were these people, why are, give up, switch on, the market is not good to have quit?? maybe, no wonder, not to earn money, who will stay on top of support, the number of stay can earn. So I used the following words generally summarized:

08 after the stationmaster, what our generation: when Wangzhuan first arrive, a fool to make money; when we envy Xing hurried to dive in, we have become a fool; when they sell a creative project, I >

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