How to develop the flow of forum tomorrow

today is the first talk about the forum for publicity, when it comes to propaganda, we see that the text is too much, people are cattle predecessors N wrote many articles, there are so many methods, the first method simply predecessors mentioned, also we have been in the use of the method, see you didn’t use it, it might as well try,

below, is to see the method summarized before, may have modified the original suspect, forgive me:


has a powerful domain name, such as and so on, convenient people seeing familiar, unfamiliar domain name, or a good memory of the domain name, will let you flow the sustained growth of an important reason. Many stations have a very beautiful, very good memory or domain name, except for Yahoo, Google used the money to flow out of the shop is relatively small, in fact, you may wish to use this domain name do ** forum, why? There are not a lot of good domain name, CVCV domain name basically is thousands or tens of thousands, BBS the forum is the word, have him, people see that this is a forum, easy to remember, in fact in minon eyes is not worth the money, but the terminal why use this domain name, the domain name has a personality of his own good memory and make your traffic doubled, why forum, or pat forum, without my website domain name. (this problem will be introduced later)


joined the search engine this natural needless to say, you do, the first thing is to think of ways to make the major search engines, and even people in the Forum opened a special forum to discuss how to make the site faster is included, the natural number Wang Tong; even the engine that rape I believe, outdated brothers will first think of Lin. How fast to join the search engines? One way to see two days ago, you may wish to try: two. To do the railway station, the first to use a domain name has been included, the engine will give priority to second level domain included to have included URL, etc. included later to use or wrong turn to your new address.

3, friends and colleagues at this point, it should be wave eldest brother said. I will go to see the signature dish refresh wave brother update now, but from the nineteenth day has stopped updating, even subsequent articles are not, originally also excitedly to learn, this bird moving again. @*@ subject, continue to. On your first day of the station, of course, there aren’t any visitors. What should I do? Tell your dearest people, and let them all visit. Father, mother, brother, sister, brother, sister, schoolmate, schoolmate, QQ friend and so on. (this is "copy".) the amount of traffic they cause doesn’t really amount to much, but at least you update your stats, especially the statistics of the forums

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