How did he earn millions of years through a post

as China’s most popular Tianya forum, has countless popularity, but also has countless opportunities for you to make money. A lot of friends thought it was just a place to complain and chat about life. You may not know yet, in fact, many people make a lot of money on top of it, earning less than one thousand dollars a month, earning more than one hundred million dollars a year.

you might think I was joking, but after you read my whole article, you’ll see.

on the Tianya forum, there are plates, called entrepreneurial homes. Which is dedicated to providing Internet users to start business exchanges, the development of entrepreneurial experience, as well as talk about entrepreneurship projects, sharing the story of entrepreneurship and so forth. Because the popularity of Tianya forum is very good, so many people will go to see the post, especially those who want to start the crowd.

pioneer homes screenshot:


is down by about 200000 a month, and has 1 to more than 40 thousand hits in general,

many posts here are some of the contents of entrepreneurial experience and the like Wangzhuan tutorial. In fact, these tutorials just want you to spend money, most of them are some useless tutorials.

, but what kind of people do you have in this world? Don’t look down on these tutorials. Hits from 2 to 30 thousand a month. Only the conversion rate of 1/1000, there will be 20 to 30 single, and that there are at least more than 10000, 2, in case of a month. Send a post what has to be done, can a monthly income of 20 thousand, this is more comfortable. In fact, on the horizon like do the marketing to make money a lot of people, they through the description of the temptation to sell them a step by step tutorial, finally put some worthless or download something to sell to others.

such as these, what a single 500 yuan network project, what the auction money, if it is really how good project, these why not send them to some professional network owners to sell above, here is not the object of the sale of more? Because they can only be and what you don’t know what the people. It’s something that doesn’t have much value. And for some at home, nothing to do, and nothing to do. Or looking for someone to do part-time jobs is a big temptation.

(here to remind you, if it is in Taobao or what a mess place to see these what website tutorials and so on, 99% is not feasible. The real tutorial or program must be in the formal webmaster class, there is the official website of the place to buy.


but I’m not talking about these shrimps today. I’m going to talk about a million dollars in online marketing that made millions of dollars every year.

said he sold through a post he produced hundreds of thousands of copies of the recipe Lucai, earned millions.

so how did this person go through a post year?

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