Grassroots evolution three the sense of belonging and ownership of the user do you do it


product in the process of doing, to better retain users, the most important point is to allow users to have enough sense of belonging and sense of ownership, cool grassroots through analysis that this is exactly what we grassroots entrepreneurs generally lack the following grassroots and everyone brother analysis user these two unique psychological we see, how to find the breakthrough point of the grassroots.

as an example, most of the webmaster do stand in the process of, most traffic is caused by search engines, but these brought by the search engine users only browse the search results corresponding to the page, and then gone for ever, therefore, our website is just a process flow can leave, the user is almost zero. In our grass-roots entrepreneurs, there are SEO and absolute master master promotion, through the powerful means of promotion, website traffic we definitely very impressive, but such as keep users, website traffic will stop with our promotion and then fell to the bottom, or even zero.

sense of belonging: do you belong to the user?

grassroots brother has mentioned in the foregoing, the user’s sense of belonging and sense of possession is to retain the user focus, god horse, children’s shoes, you do not believe grassroots brother, okay, grassroots brother to point specific. QQ and QQ are used in the space must have shoes? Well, it is every Internet shoes essential things, QQ has gradually become the necessary number of Internet users number, the goods component as mobile phone number is also enough, many netizens can be very frequent replacement of mobile phone number, but the number is almost not changed in QQ. But for the QQ space, seemingly has become a record user mood process tools, any dissatisfaction, or some of the more fun the children are willing to share in the QQ space, grassroots brother just contact QQ remember the original space, found it very fresh, when the day she went up the hair or some feeling is everyone realize the truth, embarrassed.

analysis shows that the combination of cool grass, from a certain extent QQ and QQ space has become an indispensable part of life in the vast majority of Internet users, QQ has become the necessary communication with friends and even strangers, its weight in the netizens’ no less mobile phone number, we can understand it to have a sense of space, and QQ it is a record of the passions of the "heart" of space users, we can be understood as a sense of belonging, belonging to the heart. We can see: Renren hot again, Sina, micro-blog reproduction fierce, and can not shake the QQ space social network status.

may have children will question: grassroots Tencent do good brother, none of our business, we are with the grass, the Tencent heroes is not our food, is not pull away? Well, no matter how far we are from Tencent, but he does have many of our study areas, we should long division of Tencent system in the Tencent. Why can QQ and QQ protect their social network dominance in the surging Internet? The most important thing is to make the user feel