Cock wire developers single handedly only 4 years to make a iOS game Tiny Wings revenue broke tens

GameLook reported in /2011, called a "Tiny Wings" of the Mobile Games recommended by Apple as the best iPhone game, the Mobile Games market has the understanding of the students will agree with the "Tiny Wings" is well-known in the world over the past few years after the "angry birds" "Flappy Bird" "bird shaped Mobile Games".

GameLook understood that the game at the end of September 2014 revenue has tens of millions of dollars, and 100% in the game by German developer Andreas Illiger a person to complete, after the release of the game had the highest summit of the 109 country iPhone download list.


more interesting is that in four years Illiger has been doing the same game, and never consider the transplant to other platforms, the introverted and quiet love, the developers insist on their own development pace, four years for "Tiny Wings" had 3 big update, and update bug repair no more than 10 times, and all the launch to the free form. Here’s a detailed report from GameLook:



income breaking millions of leisure puzzle hand travel


published since February 18, 2011, "Tiny Wings" peaked at 109 in the download list iPhone champion, who in 2011 2 consecutive weeks to occupy the United States income charts, and more than 10 months of continuous stability in the United States iPhone download a list of the top ten, and in 2011 the Apple Corp was selected as the best iPhone games, won 916 times iTunes recommended, according to the developers revealed that the game is downloaded in 2011 6 million 800 thousand.

as of September 2014, Apple Corp GameCenter data statistics show that the game’s iPhone downloads 10 million 500 thousand, iPad downloads more than 1 million 800 thousand times. Statistical data from App Annie show that the game was in between July 7, 2013 to 14 days a week limit free, but the download ranking is not high, so the data of the water should not, "Tiny Wings iPhone" sold for 99 cents, $2.99 iPad, a conservative estimate of the game revenues of more than $10 million.

gameplay introduction

Tiny Wings is a casual puzzle game, because it’s too early to release, so for the time being, it’s not very special