Business about 11 of Taobao’s share double off without money dry cargo integrity

: a review article is dry cargo, manipulation is also suitable for individual groups, written in 11 after the double to more stable long-term income, as a pair of 11 by the outbreak! It can be said that most of the current through the Taobao money off method, it is not difficult to get started. Some people are so dry, as the title says: no integrity.

was the first to write this article in the double 11 after some without integrity, don’t scold me, no integrity is a certain reason, please have patience to see down with

!A pair of Taobao

11 turnover of 35 billion 19 million, the number and the most independent, BOSS is Taobao, Tmall is the protagonist, supporting the C shop, walk on Taobao customers to promote

C shop, a lot of people shouting "double 11 garbage", nothing to deal with. Sometimes, a simple action will play a key role, as far as I know most of the shop baby adjusted to double 11 when the world frame C shop, soup and drink well, a friend of a small C shop daily 200 single, double 11 day more than 800 single, just adjust the upper and lower frame. Don’t cut up some price. Please don’t make the double 11 so complicated. Do I have to lower the price? Do I need this one? I don’t want that one. Pro, you want to be complicated,


have a walk on Taobao passenger may also secretly robbed the show? I don’t love only love to listen to the sales profit! Double 11 day Taobao money off, players have to earn thousands of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and earn 1 million of the absolute level of some platform play a lot, we are here my body is not good not what energy play, there is no any advertising play, about 20 thousand small, no advertising spending is pure… For those who have the resources of the big game player worth mentioning, my model is not some explosive is a long-term, relatively stable around tens of thousands per month, I’m not a professional play Taobao customers, but I write some experience, it should be useful to you




double 11 this day, if you casually send some Taobao customer links out, there is a certain amount of circumstances, basically come up with a click, worth 1 yuan

Taobao customers make money, there are many ways to play, there are long-term, there are short-term, first talk about short-term: (ps:qunfa, this word is not harmonious, replaced by Mass)

1. Mass Mass daily mail, mail every day tens of thousands of letters to 100 thousand can be achieved, now basically is Mass mail QQ mail, 2013 double 11 for Taobao mail Mass games is a tragedy, pony brother with his actions expressed the attitude of Taobao double 11, double the 11 period cannot be sent with the Taobao or Taobao mail link, basically this.