Level 1 secret How did do PR7 from PR0

in China Station (admin5.com) dive for a long time, often see everyone write articles, some articles quality is very high. Never sent an article. An empty today, to talk about some views and the idea of me, not written, do not Paizhuan oh. This is my first work.

, let me talk about my personal feelings. Secret under my Chinese export trade network is how to do PR=7, you know, PR=7 is not easy, Baidu PR is equal to 8 oh.

my site is the pseudo static HTML pages, www.chukou.com.cn domain name spelling down, looks quite long, I want to buy chukou.com this corn, contact the foreigner, did not respond to it, will continue to do their own station. My chain is not too much, I rarely find the initiative to find someone else to do connections, most people are looking for me. I do not have too much connection requirements, as long as the past can see. Unlike some people consider themselves PR to others, especially small webmaster indifferent, you can go to my home to see, a lot of station and my station is not equal, including the PR and the world rankings. But I did the same connection as they did. Because of my peace of mind, do not care about these so-called SEO, my PR will be high.

peace of mind can do things dependably, you can not go to think about how many pages Baidu and Google included, and today how many IP, not tens of minutes to see a statistical system. Those are false, in my experience, as long as you do the practical, diligent, keep a calm heart, often for users to consider, to experience their feelings, to deal with a lot of details, your web site traffic, PR natural high. Not many more than the chain, and more than a few PR high station connection is to go up flow, go up PR.

besides, the news and information about my China export trade network are very rare. They are all COPY, but I insist on updating every day and never stop. Before the station saw an interview text, a webmaster said Thursday that Baidu will update, so he thinks that on Tuesday and Wednesday to update information, other time can not update, he believes that this is a shortcut to go, also think is a secret — actually this understanding completely wrong (not attack Oh, thank you for the sake of discussion,). The real knowledgeable webmaster, is updated every day, do not take the so-called shortcuts and tricks, no skills to make a success of the station, there is practical spirit, the mentality of removing impulsive deception. Then again, my station is updated every day, Google and Baidu also every day to update my site information, sometimes customers just in Chinese export trade network released an exhibition information, immediately be included in Baidu, after a few minutes, in fact, these search engines every day in a new. If you want to go the so-called shortcut, only to quickly update in Baidu big update, it is wrong. A big mistake.

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