How the WeChat marketing executive Huajing in the electricity industry

students, in the future marketing, there is no need for too many channels, only need your product into the consumer’s mobile phone, that is, the best marketing. Traditional electricity providers and traditional enterprises to enter the mobile Internet costs too high, and WeChat realized the "zero cost" into the mobile internet. Well, here to discuss the students, WeChat marketing in the electricity supplier industry how to implement it?.

, and certainly two-dimensional code, is the line on the bridge under the line, and the public is an interactive space. About positioning, we need to emphasize that, WeChat is definitely not a direct marketing channel is so simple, but efficient customer service, CRM, communication tools.


one, electricity providers to do WeChat how to position


electricity supplier customer service tools used to answer users in the purchase of products, the use of product or service in the process, the various problems encountered; CRM tool, the member in accordance with the geographical, gender, height, skin, source, buy the product attributes such as classification, regular directional push precise matching of the products and services, to achieve precision marketing; the conventional communication tool used to stimulate users to buy again, improve customer relationship, improve the user viscosity communication tool.

two, WeChat operations team to build and assess

ideal construction model, core point: service orientation, high-level promotion, middle-level leadership, full cooperation with the implementation.

implementation method:

1. market special maintenance, editing content, planning activities, the integration of enterprise marketing, dynamic demand and information;

2. and micro-blog operation, network promotion content synchronization;

3. customer service department to provide WeChat customer service communication support; managers regularly conduct data collection and analysis; high-level support and coordination of resources to provide support to improve operational efficiency.

proper WeChat operators must have the trait:

1., WeChat heavy users, good at content planning, can shift thinking, do not reflect on their own millions of Internet users;

2. careful and patient;

3. has the entire network thinking, has the market smell, is proficient in the social media, leaned over with the Internet user to communicate, the mentality is good.

how much is the standard?

1., information arrival rate of more than 40% for qualified, backstepping whether users understand enough, whether the timing is accurate;

2. reading rate is more than 30% for qualified, whether the content editor is in place; the participation rate of active fans is over 20%; whether the reverse motion attracts fans;

3. promotion period, fan compound growth rate of more than 20% is reasonable, if the new WeChat users active rate is not high, users feel disgusted with this kind of marketing.

three, WeChat marketing operations elements

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