ndividual stationmaster confused when should learn deep analysis oneself begin afresh

don’t tell me not to think about the outcome. Since you don’t value the results, you enjoy the process. Why do you have pain when you enjoy the process?

, don’t tell me it’s not about making money. It’s better to write blogs than to make money for so many garbage stations.

the success of heroes "argument although literati despised, but has become the Chinese people deeply ingrained. Webmasters are hard, are industrious, but many times the results may not be so wishful, Money seems to be not so good to earn, perhaps this time, you confused.

never mind, this time you should deeply analyze yourself, leave the mess in front of you and start all over again.


reading, the teacher once told us occupation planning, do not know what is the occupation planning friends may wish to go online to check, webmaster friends also have a plan, many webmaster friends target is very dim, ask what is his goal, say, big station, make a lot of money. But I do not know the station?. The same in daily life, doing the same thing, find the link, promote hair stick, a month later, two months later, perhaps because Baidu included, website traffic up, GG has dozens of knives, the site because of the traffic in the A5 forum to sell a few thousand dollars, but this may by chance. For a long time, and no progress, PR also dropped, the link is also sold out, Baidu station K, and no traffic, nor on the GG revenue and sale of the site.

then, confused. In the long time can not break to give up easily, this stage is very painful, every night the spirit of excitement and sleepless nights fall into a reverie, the second day morning, everything remains the same, always feel that time flies faster, do less and less.

in fact many of us may enter a vicious circle, after the same must have the same effect, sometimes actually know what station train of thought is wrong, but the habit is not willing to change it, always thought that way in the corner, but also know that the corner is a bigger angle.

The positioning of the

website determines the direction of the website, and the operation and promotion of the website determine the development depth of the website, and the profit model of the website determines the income of the website. The first time to do the station is to do a computer forum, do, do, replaced by the mobile phone forum, after a period of promotion, I think there is a problem positioning, and replaced by the entertainment forum. For their love of the forum, users typically use a "bubble", can not see the CCTV every day, but every day must love their bubble forum, but even myself in denial of their own position, then the user naturally do not know what is the forum, is not to mention the love is not "bubble" the. Change the forum in the N, after positioning, or no improvement, gave up. Re build CMS portal, the first thought is to do county-level classification information, and later think the county is too small, replaced by the city, and then replaced by the province……