How to achieve a good user experience on a web site

whenever a user heard a website and want to understand it, most users would get the name of the site in the search engine in the query, therefore, this time, the user experience has already begun. When it comes to search results for a company or web site. When there is a lot of negative information, it gives the user a bad experience, so it is important to optimize the public image of the website.

To optimize the monitoring and maintenance of

, each site or company must be responsible for a good public image of the enterprise network, and set up a marketing optimization group, their task is to optimize the site in the public image, users do not visit the web site, give the user a good user experience.

their job responsibilities:

1, every day through search engines, search, direct access and other forms, monitoring enterprise related keywords search results, the community, forums, network media related comments.

2, for malicious slander class, there is no evidence and cause bad influence on the corporate image, promptly contact the website leader to delete.

3, complaints for the user reaction of quality problems, should feedback to the relevant departments website operation, and accountability, clear investigation is not treated well in which part, causing the user through the external channels of complaints. For the complaints of the user response problems, timely project, strive for fundamentally resolved in a timely manner, to prevent complaints of similar problems. At the same time, strengthen services, strictly eliminate the user’s problems, because the site can not get a reasonable solution or interpretation of communication, and complaints outside the site.

data show that, given a good solution for the customer complaints, customer retention rate will reach 70%, become loyal users of the site, the customer complaint is once again we give users a good experience, restore client opportunities, if can not handle customer complaints, customer resentment and revenge will likely lead to enterprises the image has been seriously damaged.

so, should stand in the open channels for complaints, encouraging customer complaints, promptly solve user complaints mechanism by complaint handling, through the operation optimization mechanism optimization solutions and make long-term implementation fundamentally, the dissatisfied users into user satisfaction.

4, due to the user on the website of the misunderstanding of the complaint, should in fact be reasonably resolved in station user complaints, if there was no solution caused by some forum, community or consumer protection website user complaints to the outside, the staff should first contact the user himself, to solve the problem timely and properly good for the user, delete this post or delete the official website, if not removed, be sure to stand behind the thread, in the maintenance of website image point of view, the problem is clear, is conducive to enterprise image to guide the direction of network public opinion.

5, and more release some positive, to the company keyword for the title of the article, post, through the SEO make it in search >