Analysis of profit model of exhibition industry website

currently, the domestic e-commerce platform for the Convention and exhibition industry, most of which is based on the B2B WEB platform, almost no can say "pendulum" on the top of the table, not to mention profit.

basically, the websites of the Convention and exhibition industry now copy the traditional B2B website: advertising and fees, membership income in two parts. Some websites also sell accessory products of certain exhibitions, such as exhibitor catalogues, exhibition magazines, exhibition publications and so on. The traditional e-commerce website profit model seems to have been very mature, but can really rely on the resources of the site itself, less profit, not to mention the Convention and exhibition industry is more special. Then, whether the profit way of the traditional B2B website is feasible in the exhibition industry, we simply discuss the profit model of the exhibition industry website.

advertising earnings: all e-commerce sites are inseparable from advertising revenue, do promotion, cited traffic, enhance website reputation, build website brand, and finally attract advertisers. However, we can find that the e-commerce industry in the exhibition industry has done little to attract advertisers. Most of the ads on these sites are for the promotion of a show. Most of these ads are free of charge, and the purpose is to increase the click through rate. Why web exhibition industry to attract enterprises to the website to advertise in it, which shows the stickiness and the brand effect website is not enough, companies that advertise on the website that bring their own lack of higher visibility and interest. But in the final analysis, the website itself and the content of the overall planning problems, and can not attract the exhibition industry related enterprises. In this regard, the recent on-line exhibition industry website: bump exhibition nets soon in the advertisement operation to make good results, the website advertising will soon be in the exhibition industry leading enterprises (enterprises) sign advertising. Later, let’s briefly analyze the success of this network in this respect.

charging members: in the B2B industry website, the most important is the toll members, the website can profit is how many members of the charge. The vast majority of the exhibition industry website can not be profitable, because it did not do this part of the work. In this, we have to mention the bump exhibition network, and there has been a steady membership to join the toll members.

analysis of how the concave and convex exhibition network can be profitable on-line soon, there are only a few points:

1, website positioning is clear, open the home page will see website positioning: China exhibition economy marketing service providers. The so-called Convention and exhibition economy means the economic form of economic development by holding meetings, exhibitions and exhibitions. Bump exhibition network is located in all activities of the exhibition and enterprises to provide a variety of marketing services.

2, the website user structure is clear, and the structure of the positioning users is: exhibition venues, organizers, exhibition service providers, exhibitors. For different types of users, to provide intimate service, so that they can enjoy the service at the same time produce benefits.

3, website planning and design in place >