From freezing point to boiling point the success of watercress and cold start


Tencent micro-blog can with 700 million QQ users and borderless of a series of product lines and opened in less than two years time to gain nearly 400 million users.

this super fast growth super crazy expansion game high accumulation is not any Internet Co can play, especially for those who start entrepreneurial enterprises, they are in different extent encountered "cold start" dilemma — neither based user group, and not too much money for marketing, lack of at the same time also face the premium content.

all roads lead to Rome, but for them the road to success is covered with thorns and frustrations. Well, in this crowded and crowded market, how do they attract the original "seed user"? Watercress and its case may help us.


60 million watercress Kingdom

in March 2005, watercress officially opened registration, until one year later, it has only second employees outside the North Pacific bean, and the early 5 employees all from watercress 2500 former registered users.

so how did the early watercress solve the "cold start" problem,


when most emerging web crawler to crawl the content on the Arab North has clearly realized that the only original content to attract users, in this process, the bean from first to last played a just simple platform provider role.

early watercress on earnings and not too much expected, but more energy into optimization and enhance user experience and content. Without any marketing, just rely on word of mouth early joined the user, just by users in the field of audio book three pieces of self generated and share content, to November of that year, watercress have their own fifth million users.

Personal character and temperament of a North

deeply influences the development of early Douban, he does not want the company capital early intervention into the bean and so did not accept Chen Yizhou to 1000 rubber group as the main body of investment involved, even now, he admits did not find a suitable profit model of watercress future.

even though all kinds of group topics are the most active ingredients in today’s bean soup, the content generated by the users is still the most commendable and the most valuable part.

now has more than 60 million users, and Alexa’s domestic website ranks 23, completing the third round of the $50 million C round of financing last year.


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