Fitter do network when stationmaster three years among the national top 500


personal station, Guo Jijun,

recently, the first "personal webmaster survival Chinese report" issued, the survey shows that 60% of the individual owners (individual operation construction site, not the company website) has been profitable, the profitability of the main way for e-commerce and collect membership service fee. Guo Jijun is the webmaster circle "legend", nicknamed the old arena on his personal website, wide, in a short three years success among the national traffic 500. Under his influence, personal webmaster, this new occupation by a joint Chongqing net, pig Witkey network looking for new launch all sorts of occupations have gradually become more and more, the love of gold.

built websites scouring for the first pot of gold

Guo Jijun is a native of Sichuan, Leshan. He graduated from a technical school. He used to work as a locksmith and a street vendor. He is a grass root". In 1997, he worked in Chongqing, accidentally exposed to the computer will be out of hand. Later, fascinated by computers, he got a job as a computer shop. A few years later, while working to learn he mastered the basic knowledge of application software. In 2002, Guo Jijun applied for a personal website, according to his name "gJj", he named the site "Czech home"". Just three years, "Czech Republic home" will be successfully ranked among the country’s 500 visiting traffic, and now the daily traffic remained at around 100 thousand. Guo Jijun is famous for setting up websites and stations, and in the early days of the rise of wireless value-added services, she got the first pot of gold worth several hundred million yuan.

website, pay attention to user experience,

then, Guo Jijun created the webmaster SNS website,, and, a web site for writing tools. Open the fast allusion net, simple page, idioms Daquan, calligraphy dictionary, Cangtou poem software, vertical classical and traditional characters, Pinyin tagging, encoding conversion, query, kushu riddle ceremony, super search, fast code forum, fast code space, it is not difficult to see that almost all the sections of the industry have been fast allusion net people think it is impossible for short-term profits or invisible earnings point of the project. Faced with this question, Guo said: "not to say, do stand in order to make money, in order to profit, I just want to do such a can facilitate the station of Internet users."." Guo Jijun believes that a good website, "user experience" is the most important part, "as long as the user to bring substantial things, I think even if no returns, do not regret it."."

sends cards to strangers through propaganda

it is learnt that Guo Jijun’s 4 Web site technology to do their own, the artists do their own, promotion is also done by themselves. The site’s revenue comes mainly from advertising and alliances, Guo Jijun said. "There are about five figures in a month."." "In fact, this piece of advertising I did not seriously do, advertising more than one user experience will decline."." The site mainly relies on external publicity, except >