Local portal community closer to life than traditional media

is one of the true saying in the media: "who occupy your life longer, who is more valuable to the media." This saying yes, 20 years ago, the TV in the Chinese are not popular age, people get information broadcast at leisure is essential equipment, and some people even broadcast from the hand, go to listen to the radio programs, access to the information they want. It is conceivable that broadcasting is the most valuable media besides newspapers in those days. And after 90s, TV gradually into the millions of households, almost every family can receive television programs. Television was replaced by radio, and the combination of sound and painting, a more direct and lively way of communication, was accepted. "Seeing is believing, is" the truth in the television media information embodied in the most incisive. Every night at 7 o’clock, while eating, television broadcast CCTV news broadcast, China’s history of the spread of a unique landscape, even now, the news network ratings are extremely high. This, of course, has a lot to do with local radio broadcasting. Newspapers, radio and television have all served as the main channels for people to obtain information in the history of communication. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied that although the three traditional media at present also has very strong vitality, but with the continuous development of the network popularization and the Internet media, the three traditional media’s role has gradually weakened to the lowest point, the Internet has become the people occupied the longest contact time of Internet media, people in the future more and more long, every webmaster should learn to mining the Internet media value, profit from value creation opportunities.

vertical segmentation of the Internet industry and the increasing demand for local information by Internet users have accelerated the process of localization of Internet information. Internet users browse Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other major portals to obtain information more and more time is short, close to her life, can let you know the local news website gradually by the local local customs and practices of Internet users favorite. Users to browse large integrated portal, is often superficial, is also very difficult to keep on a website loyalty. The local site close to life, there are more Internet users interested in side and their closely related information, so the local community portal operating a successful integrated portal with large advantages in user stickiness. Today, large numbers of web users visit local communities more often than they do on large integrated portals. The local portal community has become the most important and valuable media for local netizens.

take Changzhou Hualong lane and for Jiangsu province Xicihutong, although their different user location, one is for the city of Changzhou, a city in Jiangsu province is facing all, even the radiation surrounding cities. But the two community portals are local, providing localized information for their own starting point. Especially the long lane, the user location is mainly for young people around the age of 25, this part of Internet users the most dynamic, on the understanding of network are the most abundant, marriage, work, learning, is to buy a car.