Do standing for two months experience

Two months

station, in November 20 the opening of the site is normal, busy for more than a month, IP has reached about 4000, not very dependent on search and search to a few IP, now a key summary.

1. pre planning website, do not do on their own are not familiar with the industry, must determine the two issues before deciding what to do, what website: website can have a certain market, try to find the market gap, don’t look too much to avoid large sites monopoly market or do play website the short board, the best choice in several directions to spare. After you have decided a few, choose one of your favorite industries. It’s important to like what you like. It is important to know what to do and to choose what you like.

2. on a business model, don’t rely on advertising revenue, advertising revenue is to make a supplementary income, and advertising must consider the user’s experience, don’t like quizzes to deceive users message of money advertising, the reason to choose their own love or familiar with the industry is mainly in exploring the business model has certain advantages.

3. Can be collected to query search engines such as Baidu, but not too much focus on the search, they love how included how included don’t care too much, not to do what SEO, always believe that a bit site needs its own life, and not need to search website gives vitality. Remember, for some, some for these two levels, we just want to do something not to, and do not deliberately go to curry favor with search engines.

4. from the user’s point of view, remove all the bad experience, don’t kill the goose, do not hurt the user experience, do pop, floating, let the user unhappy, not instant success, remember: the biggest achievement of wealth accumulation to.


site to do the following points: the content and function of user experience, business model, publicity, the importance of the website according to this ranking, the most important is the content and function, the content must be new, the function must be strong, but strong at the same time must be streamlined, there must be the main item. The first thing about the user experience is that it’s easy to operate and remember to be flashy because the user’s favorite thing is to click on the mouse to see what he wants. Business models must be integrated with reality or themes, and don’t make video and SNS errors right now. After the completion of all of the above can only be considered a matter of publicity, publicity is the most taboo is scattered, for example, is expected to 1W the cost of publicity, rather than a month 5000 publicity for two months, not a month 1000 publicity for 1 years.

always remembers the primary and secondary relationships of the website: content and function, user experience, business model, and publicity. When these are done, you can consider what you can do with seo.