From Cool 6 nets listing talk about the way out of Web2 0 entrepreneurship

Web2.0 two years ago when a lot of concepts like a raging fire, Web2.0, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the birth, such as blog sites, video sites, SNS sites, Witkey websites, which are many, we once thought that Web2.0 is an Internet entrepreneur boy. Now two or three years later, after a look back at the original mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, aspiring Web2.0 business website put up a pageantry, survive not much, live well even less, live moisten hope listed is very rare, and has been listed on the current seems to be only a cool 6 network, which belongs to the field of network video field.

gem has launched more than a month, when many Web2.0 entrepreneurs just after two or three years of development, the gem to catch up with the train, now, the gem "time and again come out, but Web2.0 startups are scanty, speculation component Web2.0 is enough, so that everyone was considered to be born as a portal, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent the size of company Web2.0, but why a few years down the Web2.0 business has been difficult to pick up? If shopping websites into Web2.0 in, and how the project is testing results, please look forward to.

one, the maturity of profit model

first need to consider the maturity and the size of the profit model, in which several models, video website profit model is mature, because he is taking the road of new media, its profit model is advertising, this is a kind of profit model is recognized, but also can borrow a cool 6 listed "an important reason. Of course, if you don’t believe it, you can go to cool 6 on such video sites to see its advertising distribution, he faces advertisers have infiltrated all sectors of the leading enterprises.

blog class website profit model and video site in fact, almost, but by the portal type website squeeze, its living space is limited, it is difficult to realize scale profit. SNS is the fire, but the profit model is not clear enough, the same may be the portal pressure of competition, but the SNS has enough, visible SNS although popular, but it is still difficult to achieve profitability and market goals. Witkey website is a new business model, e-commerce portals, search engines and other giants are not involved, this is his biggest problem, which suggests that a prophetic vision of the Internet giant are not optimistic about the Witkey mode can become bigger and stronger, at present several Witkey websites only seemed to barely survive.

two, convergence of business models,

Web2.0 website itself is very difficult to make, so when necessary, may consider selling, the sale of the object is to include portals, online game companies, e-commerce companies, and so on. Only sold to this kind of considerable strength of the company in order to get a bright future, but to be giants phase, in addition to their own needs in a way, the fusion model is also very important. Acquisitions are often the first step