English basic knowledge of the station perhaps you can avoid detours

in the face of increasingly severe form, the domestic webmaster to English station slowly, if to do English station? Here to talk about the basic steps, each specific link is complex, here is not to introduce more, only said:


1. directions: consider foreigners and our way of life and way of thinking and purchasing power are very different, they pay more attention to leisure and convenience, we can consider the direction of the time to close it, visit the English website, more along the way to.

2. to buy space: space to use foreign space, domain name to register foreign service providers, the purpose is to foreigners browsing speed, on the space here is not recommended, we can search for.

3. program: the use of open source PHP, domestic CMS less than the foreign program, you can use the utf8 encoding, can also be considered foreign open source cms and blog program (English to read), copyright consciousness of foreigners is very high, in their minds, and infringement in the street robbery of a property.

4.: the advertising advertising code in place, do not affect beautiful pages, foreign old love fresh, about the advertising alliance for much to do here is introduced (because more complex), you can go to the relevant reference website.

5. search engine promotion: Needless to say, this is the basic, here is how to apply for the foreign forum, foreign blog, mainly to the reverse link, foreigners pay more attention to the PR, GG and Yahoo are commonly used in their search engine. There are a lot of promotion methods, we can study together,