s there a short cut to a successful stop

station is really a shortcut? Certainly not a station, if you start thinking about how to make money, how to get traffic? I can tell you that to work! A few days ago in the group chat inside to see some friends said a month through advertising to earn 5K…… Wait……

so I also want to use the station to make money, immediately apply for GG account, very smooth…… Start advertising! Two months later, GG is only $6.XX, $0.0X a day to rise, I am actually used the station to make money is not easy, so I began to suspect that the inside of the netizen said, if he can get a station to do a month earn 5K if that person is not in the group of complacency, and you have seen ADMIN5 webmaster, refused to fish swimming in the group with netizens said how much money a month?

a few days ago to see a CCTV-2 to help you to do the program, the purpose is to help you a self entrepreneurship of graduates program, this program I read after feeling excited, learned a lot, this show they invited some predecessors very cattle, the deepest impression is "Fantong" founder and he talked about his entrepreneurial journey! I think he and Ma, Ma Huateng and some other expert have many similarities, for example they are classmates after graduation to find their main business, have a bitter time hydropower, rent, service charges are not fast even faster, but they have a normal state of mind, that is, for all, all for my


when they start their business, the first thing they think of is not how to make money, but how to help others, how to bring convenience to others, and they succeed,


Fantong was injected 1 million, operation to tenth months to reach a balance between! When watched the show he has repeatedly stressed that "for all, all for me"! To the user, the user to the station after you see is all the information he wants to learn and to extend to know to the user, this is the user experience! A station like this, do not want to beef up…… Recently concerned about the knight Webmaster Station, really good, there is no beautiful page, but to the user’s experience is really good, all around the new station webmaster launched


now like some webmaster copycat like us blindly imitate others, see this station good, next source, start acquisition, while he found himself what have learned, over time, to see the station is good, change program began collecting…… It is destined that we always walk behind others,


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