Copyright notice it is better to guard against the protection of copyright statements

write articles belong to the creator of the copyright, copyright statement writing is a normal thing, but some reproduced does not respect the copyright of the author, the author of the original simple modifications, arbitrary plagiarize articles, copyright tampering of the article, and the webmaster have accused.

remember to read an article in the website operation peak on the website, the author does not respect copyright, tamper with the copyright statement and conduct of the criticism, saying what is the author writing the soft cost a lot of thought it was written out, and plagiarism easily themselves, it is not moral. The author of the article is right, writing a good soft text takes a long time, and write reference to a lot of relevant information, and in practice, the implementation of some of the effective method. Although the article by those who do not respect the copyright of arbitrary tampering and appropriation, really some hateful.

once read the Analects of Confucius, I wonder if I could notice Confucius’s understanding of women being raped. The main idea of the article is that women are raped by men because of the temptation of women, and they are a result of interaction. Careful analysis is indeed the case, you want to be a fashionable girl, wearing a very revealing, the temptation is very strong, but also in a remote unknown environment, rape is not strange miles! It is a human weakness, who are not saints. The same reason, because the soft Wen on the site promotion of the huge role, and in the absence of what can be bound, the text also has nothing to guard against, can not happen copyright rape,

?Someone may say that "

is really standing without pain, and no tampering with your article, of course you would say that!", "misty rain" of the original article also often been reproduced tampered with, but "misty rain" and did not blame, because "misty rain" know, did not prevent the very easily reproduced by some "reproduced". You can read these two articles:


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this is "misty rain" in the peak online writing articles, was just written successfully, have not yet had time to do not fit the promotion site, it was reproduced!

!In fact,

internet infringement is a common phenomenon, it is the world all copy, so the universal navigation nets webmaster, it is better to blame for this behavior to try to protect their copyright more honest.

This is not

for infringement of exculpatory, universal navigation nets webmaster said, "the statement does not respect copyright infringement, we blame as guard!", "misty rain" here to remind the article researchers to countermeasures, from the promotion of the network environment.