Discussion on the main reasons of website profit

when a website to achieve profitability, it is gratifying, but how will this profit scale, enlarge profit, is a more important things, and behind this, most importantly, find out the core hub to achieve, then the multiplier effect, this is a simple path massive profits, and find out the core hub, is composed of the core factors and website profit together, is the priority among priorities website profit analysis work. Only by finding out the main reason for the website profit and summarizing the valuable experience, can we guide the next website operation, and make the website and the market potential be fully released.

1 market environment factors and website profit

when a site has never been profitable, to profit, to more profit, perhaps operation amount has not increased much, but profits are on the rise, here, we can not fail to mention the role of market factors, if before the intervention of a potential market mature, but as the market continues to mature, profitability indicators should also rise.

believes that ladder friends in website planning, will consider the market factors, market research, market analysis, good market positioning, some of the websites I know, some three years earlier, for two years in advance in the market, slowly gathering strength in the market continues to mature gradually by the strength of the trend pushed to the peak of the waves.

The secret of success is not

and horses, but on horseback, so you don’t have to run the horse, the horse will take you to the successful place, is the market trend. I believe a lot of ladder network friends heard of this parable. Therefore, keen to capture and grasp a good trend, as the external market environment is getting better and better, the website will naturally become more and more profitable.

said above is the external environment, and in our actual work site operations, internal factors, ecology, web site operators website mentality, is playing the vital and decisive role.

two ecology and mentality are the double wings of website profit taking off

has a small professional website, once daily income of more than 6000, but this is like a wave of the same, after reaching this value, and the rapid decline, ladder network planning team and his common causes, the fundamental reason of high and low profit finally summed up in four words: "ecology and psychology"

ecology is the foundation and mentality is the auxiliary

first of all, the benign ecology of the website will greatly enhance customer conversion rate and enhance the profitability of the website


website is the embodiment of ecological comprehensive web site operation, including a lot of content, as the ecological ecological site, very healthy, healthy, sub healthy and morbid, regarded as hopeless. different, and now many sites are sick, some sites have been sick.

, for example, we analyze from the website operating mechanism >