How to write an excellent SEO optimization program

The core of

one and SEO work is

rank is based on search probability ranking

Baidu ranking algorithm, the key point is based on search probability sorting, such as search for "apple" this keyword, must be Apple’s mobile phone page ranking in front. If you do a website about Apple and fruit, and use a lot of high-level resources to support its ranking, it can’t make this page ranked Baidu first. Because of this word, the probability that the user wants to search Apple mobile phone apparently is far greater than the probability that searches apple fruit. Zhengzhou SEO- snow mountain SEO blog pointed out: Baidu ranking algorithm, after all, is the machine, not intelligent, so it can only priority will be high probability of search page, row in front. This is the best ranking solution at the moment. Recommended article: Snow Mountain SEO teach you how to site articles included in seconds


and SEO flow formula

SEO traffic = search demand coverage + + + + click through rate. Search demand coverage is simple, that is, there are user needs in Baidu search index words, the first three add up is the web keywords, thesaurus ranking, about the thesaurus behind specific SEO operations will be mentioned in detail. Click through rate is the embodiment of web operation data, such as page stay time, page PV, page bounce rate and other data. Good execution of this SEO traffic formula can, of course, bring considerable SEO optimization results.

two, SEO optimization of the specific operation plan

1. website foundation SEO details optimization

in view of the many details of SEO optimization, gynecological station has not opened the reason, here only lists some of the more critical SEO details.

, 205 gynecological home page, column page, topic page, three major labels.

, home page sovereignty, keyword layout, keyword density settings. As for the rationality of the home page module layout, it is hard to change once the front page programmer has designed it. Can run late to the site, and then slowly adjust..

, the structure of the site, using dedcms to do the station, basically no problem, flat, tree structure is consistent.

, link weight transfer settings for breadcrumbs navigation and sub navigation.

The use of

tags and H1 tags.

Use the ALT tag,


and nofollow tag page, centralized settings.

, the weight of the chain transfer set. For example, the article page below the relevant reading, module settings, etc..

9, URL is standard set. 301 centralization of powers, etc..

, the 404 page settings, set the

robots.txt file

end of work: within one week after the site is online