Do stand for three months of feelings and harvest

for the website, I am a layman, ever since that a better understanding of the network, who knows when I entered this kind of kind of feeling confused, I do not know what to do has been accompanied, from this "game playing" website to now has been three months, although the purpose is to earn some pocket but the real money poured in on him that hard work, dedication that still can let your readers not shoot me a brick, ha ha, I walked the road is probably the most new webmaster way.

know the website can make money, also know that the money is small, but I just walked into here, the beginning did not want to put too much effort, but you know, if you do one thing in particular do this thing is like smoking addiction, do you want to and not the same, and time there is no energy plan to vote, because of what? Just because every day you have to look at the statistics, IP statistics, statistics collection, death, because these can prove that what you are doing now is not development, is not growing, like pets, raising children, you have to see him, because you sustenance some hope for him, you hope he have ambition.

IP when I reached 100 when I wrote an article on the Ad5 as a souvenir, called "little game site 1 and a half months exceeded 100 IP, when the IP reaches 200, and issued an article celebrating the" small game website 2 months IP exceeded 200, IP today issued Congratulations "exceeded 2000. I do not know 3 months to do this is not normal, I do not want to talk about this document to celebrate, but in the process of feeling, also want to record this website is not good to the development. For the construction of websites I don’t make comments on what, because bigwigs do a lot of things for us, I just want to make my process of doing a simple summary: 1. website architecture design reasonable 2. website content enrich 3. website content update 4. patient do connect 5. patient do promotion 6. to actually do link beginning is very difficult, very easy to eat cold-shoulder treatment, then you can buy two connection, after the patient do online, ready to help a lot of people, but even if not too wide, they also need to know the network station is at what moment, when there is pr do the connection is relatively easy to do, but also make many good friends, this is also a harvest. Sincerely hope that my site can be a good development, but also sincerely hope that you can have their own harvest.