5 ways to increase website traffic

do SEOer all know, website traffic is the survival of the site, a web site whether there is flow, whether the site can survive the problem, the webmaster’s idea of the most direct flow, there is income. Enterprise stations also need traffic, after all, the site can not do it yourself, so the growth of the site, in addition to enriching the quality of web content, the most important job is to enhance the site traffic. The following love network on how to improve the site traffic 5 ways.

the first method: additional flow column

is the first to analyze site features, see the website which is the core section, that is the flow column, if you find the website all column is the core of your column, then add a relevant flow column, how to optimize the core columns here do not say first, this focus is to do flow.

flow column how to locate? It is actually very simple, look at the relationship, such as you do is women’s fashion station, then you will flow around the column positioning if women to write, write women love what is the best entertainment. Women like gossip, stars, emotions, movies, characters and so on. Understanding

these are easy to do, adding a column is called hot entertainment.

The next step is to write the

is good, the flow of this paper can go to Baidu search or micro-blog watch, entertainment forum, take a look at what is in the Internet chat, that what you write, you can pay attention to analysis of the long tail, long tail positioning more accurate, more easy to get traffic.

second ways: blog, BBS, promotion,

analyzes what resources you have can share with others, if you don’t follow the first method to see Baidu Search Ranking, look at what you are doing online, you can do can do things recorded, written posts to the forum, blog popular related leave your website it is also the link, can quickly improve site traffic. Here mention, post writing ideas, is what users want to information you write what information, such as the new Adsense are eager to know how fast to flow, then you can write "how to post in 1 days brought to the site 20 thousand IP" experience sharing, leave a link, novice

will naturally click in to see, but do not exaggerate, there must be some truth, deceptive content, Internet users will not believe you later, the site does not have anything to grow up.

The second is the implementation of

, with the above ideas, the resources, the remaining time to post, but must be certified to read the forum posting rules, not recklessly, not the moderator to delete the post to discuss with you the. There is a saying: convenient to others is to promote their own convenience, in other forums, just do not have advertising, provide some useful resources, rich resources help others, others you can harvest.

third methods: build >